Alien Type: Dries

Happy New Year! I have shared the URL to this video here many times before, but now seems like an appropriate time to share it again.

The video starts with a New Year's greeting. This year seems like an especially appropriate time to view the video again because the second race described in the video, Dries, are supposed to reveal themselves to humans in 2022. The part about Dries begins at 1:50. Here is an image of the page about Dries in the book on which the video is based.

Here is a summary.

Here is a pin with a slightly different picture.

That is all the book and video say about Dries. Those pictures are from the science fiction television series Stargate: Universe.

Here are the original images with watermarks showing that they are property of MGM Studios Incorporated.

The fact that many of the pictures in the book and video are from fiction franchises led many to ask Dante Santori about some of the illustrations. Dante and his late Ukrainian friend Petro asked themselves the same thing, as they recognized some of the illustrations too. Suspicious?

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