First Contact by Jimmy Blanchette

Jimmy Blanchette and David Sereda have been sending radio signals to outer space and claim to be receiving messages in response. Seems likely radio would not be practical for interstellar communication because the long delay times as radio signal can only travel as fast as the speed of light and radio signals fade over long distances. Whomever they claim to be communicating with must be local in this solar system. Sereda and Blanchette teamed up with Richard C. Hoagland to send a transmission to Oumuamua.

David Sereda and Jimmy Blanchette were guests on Richard C. Hoagland's show on December 4.

Did not witness the show as not a member, so cannot say more about it. David Sereda and Jimmy Blanchette were guests during the second half of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory late at night on December 6/early in the morning on December 7.

Jimmy Blanchette addressed the transmissions to the Andromeda Council, and The Galactic Federation of Worlds, and all friendly civilizations. but anybody with a receiver tuned to the particular frequencies could receive the transmissions.


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