Earth Religions accepting Extraterrestrial Existence

The acceptance of extraterrestrial existence has resistance for many of strong religious persuasion. Whether or not it's the strong religious indoctrination from early child hood or just the fact that other races roam the universe as being an unfathomable concept, it is unclear.

The thought of many wasted years of teaching could be enough to dismiss the fact that other beings exist, and that fitting into a historical teachings could be hard to achieve. Hopefully this section will look to bridge that gap.


  • It is a tricky one to navigate, due to the success of religious indoctrination over the centuries. It is testament to the fact I suppose that humanity wants to believe in something.

    If one were to take a step back and observe the numerous religions humanity has chosen to follow, it seems more likely that you would to pose more questions than answers, due to the content of various ancient scriptures, many of which are conflicting. So who is the one to say which Religion is right and which one is wrong? Of course this subject is probably the one of the greatest protagonists for human conflict over the centuries.

    I do recall the Pattie Bracket video ( which has now been taken down) that suggests our DNA has been significantly tweaked from time to time by forces (I vaguely remember it was the Anunnaki some 200,000 years ago), and that experiments have continued to perfect the structure of humanity and its building blocks, rather than some type of a natural evolutionary process. There have been many that suggest that significant unexplainable gaps exist in the argument supporting natural evolution.

    Perhaps Eric Von Daniken is on the right track by suggesting there is a greater being, but it does not stop other species of life, co existing in a galaxy?

  • Unsurprisingly, belief varies widely. This article about a book by astronomy professor David Weintraub was posted by David Salisbury in 2014.

    Quote: "Asian religions would have the least difficulty in accepting the discovery of extraterrestrial life, Weintraub concludes. Some Hindu thinkers have speculated that humans may be reincarnated as aliens, and vice versa, while Buddhist cosmology includes thousands of inhabited worlds."

    This article by Robbie Gonzalez asks about religions accepting extraterrestrial existence.

    Astronomer David Weintraub said, "There is a clear belief in Mormonism in extraterrestrial life."

    Three days ago, a curious Reddit user asked about how many ex-Mormons believe in aliens.

    Over twelve years ago, a survey asked the same questions.

  • Some would argue that the Catholic Church has the greatest evidence of extraterrestrial existence in the Vatican. I suppose a survey to establish which religion stands to loose the most through confirmation of extraterrestrial existence, could be reflected on their income streams to maintain their religious infrastructure. Again its possible that the Catholic Church that comes tops on that idea.

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    Why would anybody argue that? Is it because of the bizarre conspiracy theories in Exo-Vaticana by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam?

  • Twisting the discussion around slightly ,you could wonder how extraterrestrial visitors view religion in the 21 century on Earth?

  • If the Catholic Church had evidence of extraterrestrial existence in the Vatican, why did Catholic scientists explore the topic at an annual conference in 2021?

    Remember when Wikileaks leaked John Podesta's emails from Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Terri Mansfield during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Campaigns? They said the Vatican was aware of extraterrestrial intelligence. Is that true?

    Please keep in mind this next article is on Tom Horn's website.

    Is it really as sinister as Tom Horn made it seem?

  • I contest that religious beliefs have been the largest contributing factor to the resistance of full disclosure of extraterrestrial existence. Some would suggest the highest echelons of NASA as well as other major agencies have strong religious belief systems that have managed the largest cover up of human history ! Are at the coming of the age where religious indoctrinations on society are becoming less intense which in turn may allow for the emergence of full disclosure of extraterrestrial existence?

  • I do not know the answer to that question. What do you make of all those stories that allege Popes and Cardinals allegedly had secret meetings with extraterrestrial visitors?

  • Yes I have seen reports that suggested a Bishop (James Francis Mc Intyre) was invited to be part of a delegation by President Eisenhower to meet extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954.

    Apparently despite being sworn to secrecy the Bishop returned to Rome reported back his findings of the meeting. His revelations prompted the Vatican to launch a secret information department codenamed SIV (Servizio Information del Vaticano) whose purpose was to investigate activities of the alien meeting.

    In later times there was said to be a meeting with the Nordic race in the Vatican Gardens near the Pontifical Acedemy of Science in the presence of Pope Pius X11. How much is true, "God only knows"!

  • Another story alleges that Pope John XXIII allegedly conversed with an extraterrestrial for twenty minutes in July of 1962.

    The KGB book of alien races includes these hand written notes: "2 km's south from the Vatican... small pink house... always for rent, never rented... they keep it there" and "The Pope and Castro met again last week... with Maitre".

    What did those notes describe? The book also includes a message from Ramay and Jefok and lists six Popes to whom the message was sent.

    The last page in the PDF shows a picture of one of the stages used by Pope Francis during his visit to Brazil in July 2013 which was added by Dante Santori and was not in the copy of the book that Dante and his late Ukrainian friend Petro found in a box in Petro's father's house in Portugal.

    Why did Dante include that picture in the PDF? What did that event have to do with the book?

    Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka wrote about a trip to the Vatican in the book American Cosmic.

    Did Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka find the greatest evidence of extraterrestrial existence in the Vatican? Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka says belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials is a religion.

    Does anybody here agree with that? Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka did many interviews on many shows.

    Alex Tsakiris's podcast may be untrustworthy for credible/verifiable information.

  • Could extraterrestrial beings feel that humanity has a profound weakness in that the human race inherently needs faith/religion as a fabric of its existence?

    Does humanity need a crutch such as religion?

  • On one of the Links you kindly posted there was reference to the "Goddess Diana also it seems is also referred to as Alixi" Does anyone know if this is a reference to some Greek Mythology or something similar.

    The Above book by Dante Santori has so many details which are worthy of discussion. I have picked just one

    Under the section Re Maitre there is an interesting statement that Reptilians want the human population never to exceed 8 billion. Below that statement is a running counter of the human population that is constantly running. I wonder as to its authenticity and more importantly how it can run in real time amongst static text?

    Without being too controversial here, could there be a link to that warning and the effect that MRNA vaccs have on the global populations? One hell of a conspiracy theory if there is, although impossible to validate as fact until arguably many years in the future.

  • I do not know how to answer those two questions you asked on March 29.

    Yes, Diana was known as Artemis to the ancient Greeks.

    A web search revealed multiple real time counters of human population. No idea as to the authenticity of the counter embedded on that page. I do not know how it can run in real time among static text. As I am not a website developer, I do not know how whoever created that page managed to embed a live population counter. The number given is close to other estimates of the current human population give or take a hundred million. I right clicked the page and selected "view source" to view the page in HTML to examine the code. There is some kind of code tag in there. I do not know how it works. This website allows users to embed a population counter on their websites.

    The number is not exactly the same as the number embedded in the web page version of the book, but it is close, with a difference of about less than fifty million. No idea how it is calculated. Perhaps it receives census data from all countries.

    No, the warning is wise as this planet's natural resources are finite. If the population of humans on Earth exceeds the planet's carrying capacity, it could result in misery for most of the world's population, as everybody would be forced to compete for dwindling resources on a polluted planet. Sad, but true. Such a bleak scenario is best avoided. You may be interested in this post.

  • I will look to ask a computer wizz friend in the UK and report back. It is a fair comment in respect of the limitations of the planets resources, although a depopulation programme is a difficult pill to swallow in its pure form for most to even contemplate. I have been a very active investor in the pharmaceutical sector for a few years now. My ongoing due diligence requires me to explore all facets of solutions in the pharma industry currently being presented to humanity, albeit solely for my own use. My research concludes rather disturbing data, which on reflection is probably best not covered and analysed on this forum.

  • Ok

    As promised, I have obtained commentary from a good friend based in London (IT specialist) concerning the World Population clock. Here is the extract of his email response regarding the likely accuracy of the world population clock.

    "I remember when I was doing my maths degree, I did a course on mathematical modelling and the fecundity algorithm was brought up. If I recall every 10 years is pretty damn accurate for the world's population. 

    I would imagine that this population clock uses, or is based on such an algorithm and averages out the values to give a constant count.

    So based on that I would say it's probably not a bad ball point figure"

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