Ex-US Military Chief warns Daily Star tabloid 'aliens tampered with nuclear weapons'.

Yesterday, the tabloid style newspaper The Daily Star published this article. The story is not news, as the events took place in 1967. Incidents of UFOs sighted over missile silos while below ground weapons systems were disabled or activated during the Cold War were mentioned in about every documentary series about UFOs. All those stories are in the book UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings.

On July 18, George Knapp interviewed Robert Hastings.

On September 19, Jeff Goodrich and Mario Woods joined George Knapp to share the UFO encounters they had while in the U.S. Air Force.

Please keep in mind media bias fact checkers rate The Daily Star UK questionable.

Robert Salas will stage a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on October 19.

In December 2020, Kevin Randle posted a two part series about UFO sightings in Montana during March 1967.


Kevin Randle said the U.S. Government conceals information about the incidents to protect National Security contradicting how the Robertson Panel and the Condon Committee concluded UFOs did not constitute a threat to National Security. Kevin Randle said the Pentagon's UAP Report effectively negates the Condon Committee.

Did extraterrestrials come close to starting a war or instead prevented wars by tampering with nuclear weapons?


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