Alleged Artifacts Found in Mexico and Other Central American Countries: Authentic or Hoaxes?

Last night/this morning, Steve Quayle was on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to announce what his team found in Mexico.

Before the broadcast, these photographs were put on the show's website.

The top image looks familiar, because it was already on this website with similar plaques allegedly from the same temple.

Are the artifacts shown in the article genuine articles? Can Steve Quayle be trusted? Please consider what Steve Quayle said on convicted fraudster Jim Bakker's show broadcast on April 6.

Steve Quayle believes aliens are fallen angels, but he kept referring to them as aliens the whole two hours last night/this morning. Steve Quayle' production company and conference held in Missouri are named after the sixth chapter of Genesis about giants and the Noachian Flood. Steve Quayle previously shared photographs of similar alleged Aztec artifacts in June 2019.

Are the alleged artifacts shown hoaxes or authentic? Many more photographs of similar items said to come from Mexico are displayed on this Facebook page.

More photographs can be viewed on this Pinterest group board.

One reason to suspect the items could be authentic is the sheer volume. There are so many artifacts, if they are hoaxes they would have to come from a secret factory hidden somewhere with forgers producing items continuously. Is that more realistic than the idea of the artifacts having been made across a period of many centuries or perhaps millennia?


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