Whistle Blowers

When a government official that has access to classified documents and declares that at least 4 species ofAliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years, it makes you sit up. I'm talking about Paul Hellyer who was the Canadian Defence Minister.


  • I note that the serpo.org website has been pulled down although I have managed to locate most of the material at oocities.org

    Would be interested in theories as to the demise of serpo.org ?

  • That may have happened before.  Early last year serpo.org was pulled down off the internet, but later I found it up again.  Perhaps someone neglected to renew the domain registration.  The same thing has happened with Richard C. Hoagland's Enterprise Mission website.

    Author Len Kasten wrote a book titled Secret Journey to Planet Serpo.  If you can no longer read the story for free on serpo.org, then you could buy the book instead.

    I did not buy the book since I had already read the releases on the serpo.org website.  See Len Kasten's page on innertraditions.com.


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    When Paul Hellyer declared that at least 4 species of aliens had been visiting Earth for thousands of years, was he referring to the Ebens and the 4 species they created?

    It has been mentioned before that serpo.org was a disinformation campaign. Could the demise of serpo.org indicate that the disinformation campaign has been terminated. See this forum thread on abovetopsecret.com from 2007.

    On June 15, 2009 DoomsdayRex wrote, "Serpo seems to have been a disinformation campaign conducted by the infamous Richard Doty in order to sell a book. Doty is responsible for the MJ-12 hoax and Paul Bennewitz's breakdown."

    I have been wondering if the Yellow Book mentioned on serpo.org could be the same thing as the Chronovisor from the Project Pegasus Stories.

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