Hayu Marca Punku

Ever watched these clips from History's Ancient Aliens?

Ever wondered about the legends of Amaru Meru and Emperor Pachacuti and their legendary disks?

Dimensional doors are said to exist in the Andes like in the Markawasi Stone Forest. Inti Punku, Hayu Marca Punku, and three portals at Machu Picchu are all said to be Stargate portals.

Sacred sites in the Andes are aligned along the Way of Viracocha as explained in this article by Dave Truman.

Is Hayu Marca Punku a Stargate? Do declassified FBI documents prove it works?

Amaru Meru used a golden disk called the "Key to the Gods of the Seven Rays".

Did the same concept also appear in Pre-Columbian Peru?

Jerry Wills told Linda Moulton Howe he traveled through the Doorway of Aramu Muru in Peru to exit the Universe and return.

Is this analogous to experiments at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland to test Lisa Randall's theory? Are the Eridanus Supervoid and the mysterious cold spot in the Cosmic Microwave Background evidence?

Any chance the beings the declassified FBI documents say visited Earth could be the same nonviolent Extraterrestrial Intelligence from the contiguous Universe that were helping Edgar Mitchell and Terri Mansfield bring Zero Point Energy to Earth as revealed in John Podesta's leaked emails in 2016?



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