Which UFO belongs to which Alien Race

Which alien race takes ownership to various UFO craft ?



  • Imagine aliens racing to a secret impound lot where crashed craft are kept to claim ownership.

    On September 1, 2003, kingsworld started a similar thread on the abovetopsecret.com forum.

    On May 26, 2012, MonteroReal posted, "The go'auld fly pyramids."

    Obviously a reference to the great science fiction franchise Stargate.

    While that is fiction, it is included here since this discussion is in the category titled Pyramids.

  • Great spot Reanemus, regarding "which alien fly which spaceship" although I note it is quite difficult to validate this matching process. If we solely rely on abductee sources, the data could be flaky. This subject may take time to accurately unravel.

  • On the abovetopsecret.com forum lizzardsamok explained why alien spaceships are often said to be round. Quote: "The reason is like this: round objects work well sharp points do not reason: Electricity used to make plasma shield follows round edges and does not leave surface of craft, but it will jump off at a point, losing lift and power.so any rounded shape would work, the best being a disk or sphere."

    Lacerta said, "Generally, the form of the hull for a genuine extraterrestrial ship is of no consequence, for inside the field itself there are no exterior forces that have any effect there; in general, the ships have a rounded off form and they are built without hard edges - as a disk or a cylinder - so that the field can flow more easily."

    Nikola Tesla knew all about this. Quote: "Tesla discovered that the electrostatic emission surface of a conductor will always concentrate where the surface is curved, or where it has an edge. While steeper the curve, or corner, the higher the concentration of electron emission is. Tesla also noted that an electrostatic charge will flow over the surface of a conductor rather than penetrate it. This is referred to as the Faraday Effect or skin effect discovered by Michael Faraday." from this article.

    Look at the chapter titled "ALIEN SHIPS" in the PDF version of the translated secret Russian book of alien races on pages 129 through 159. Some pages outside that chapter also show pictures of craft tagged with names of alien races. Page 43 describing SMAD shows a drawing of what pilot Haraldo Westendorf saw over Pelotas, Brazil on October 5, 1996.

    The PDF shows three photographs labeled "SMAD" in addition to the drawing. Does that mean half of their fleet was photographed? Haraldo Westendorf saw a classic flying saucer emerging from inside the giant pyramid or faceted cone shaped craft that rose sideways tipped down and departed.

    Haraldo Westendorf did not identify the craft as SMAD. How could the author of the book have known?

    Page 101 shows a drawing of recovered alien ships in Kapustin Yar and a picture labeled as alien ships monitoring activity in the Plasetsk Missile Center on January 5, 1992.

    Page 106 shows a photo of the AKART ship that crashed in Klisura, Bulgaria in 1971 and the USSR's attempt at recreating an alien ship.

    Page 111 says a Solipsi Rai ship crashed in Roswell on July 7, 1947. That contradicts what others said about the origin of whatever the thing was. Nobody else says its origin is in Cygnus.

    If you cannot download the PDF, here is a webpage version of the full text.

    The webpage includes some of the pictures.

  • Makes sense having rounded edges on extraterrestrial craft, since reading the above explanation.

  • In 2019, the US Navy filmed pyramid shaped UFOs.

    I do not know to whom they belong. The U.S. Defense Department has confirmed leaked photos and video.

    The pulse rate looks like navigational lights. Why did the U.S. Defense Department confirm leaked photos and video? Is it really all about drones sent from voyeuristic adversaries spying on the U.S. in preparation for war?

  • With our conventional view of air travel, travelling by way of a pyramid shaped craft would seem impractical.

    I agree it is interesting that US defense choose to leak another video. Perhaps they are preparing us us for disclosure.

  • Really? Space capsules are cone shaped to minimize air resistance on ascent and maximize air resistance on descent to decelerate the craft for soft landing safely on reentry. Does that not seem too dissimilar to pyramid shaped craft? Episode 5 of Season 13 of History's Ancient Aliens hinted at how the shape of the Benben stone pyramid Texts describe is reminiscent of the space capsule of an Apollo rocket.

    Quote: "Pyramid Texts describe a meteoric iron object called the Benben stone that descended from the sky, made a controlled landing, and the first creator gods walked out. The shape of the Benben stone is reminiscent of the space capsule of an Apollo rocket, suggesting the Benben was a spacecraft."

    Act 6 described the events of December 26, 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk County, England when U.S. Servicemen at Woodbridge Base were said to have found a landed craft said to be pyramid shaped. Act 6 also described the bell-shaped Keksburg UFO that resembles an enormous golden acorn. Some have said the Keksburg UFO was a failed Soviet Venera Probe that did not reach Venus.

  • Perhaps we should try to establish which alien race uses a pyramid shaped craft as opposed to the disk shaped craft?

  • According to the translated secret Russian book of alien races, race SMAD uses pyramid shaped craft.

    The Spanish language version of the book contains additional details.


    Translation: "They come from the constellation of Batteray , Planet Svok . Their ships are cone-shaped and look like humans in shape, only 6 motherships remain, colonized 20 planets of which 18 planets were inhabited by other races. First time they visited the earth was made 2,500 years ago, they are extremely interested in us and intrigued by our religious beliefs , it is a race considered like a devil."

    How did the Spanish language version of the book come to have additional information? why was this left out of the English translation. Are these additional details in the original Russian text? Has anyone other than Dante ever seen the original Russian text to confirm if it ever existed?

    Page 43 describing SMAD shows a drawing of what pilot Haraldo Westendorf saw over Pelotas, Brazil on October 5, 1996. Haraldo Westendorf saw a classic flying saucer emerging from inside the giant pyramid or faceted cone shaped craft that rose sideways tipped down and departed. If both sources are true, then together they both indicate that race SMAD uses both pyramid shaped craft and disk shaped craft. Does this indicate the pyramid shaped craft is like a carrier for disk shaped craft?

  • I get it that Pyramid structures historically have had an important part to play in the creation of an electrical grid on Earth, but a Pyramid shape vehicle as a mode of transport is hard to grasp. I guess it is the simplistic human view point of flight/effects on friction is my barrier.

    But then I am sure our foundations regarding the law of physics may need to be thrown in the trash can, when considering modes of transportation for advanced beings and anything is possible.

    But then in space different rules of physics are also likely to apply. On Earth the prominent UFO sightings largely refer to the more traditional disk shaped, could it be that it is the most efficient shape to navigate our atmosphere?

    Perhaps we should consider differentiating a mothership from smaller "scout craft" in this discussion?

  • Yes, the disk shape is the most efficient. That is what the Iargans told Stephan Denearde. See Chapter 5 of Extraterrestrial Civilization by Stephan Denearde.

    Yes, Iargan motherships carry two smaller "scout craft" called landing units.

  • Fascinating information regarding above post-UFO-contact from Planet Iarga -A must read for everyone.

  • UFO-Contact from Planet Iarga is a most fascinating webpage that is especially unique among recorded cases of contact while the detailed descriptions of alien technology and economic justice have much in common with other cases of contact. Sceptics may point out how Stephan Denaerde originally published his account as a book of science fiction in Dutch before U.S. Air Force Colonel Wendell Stevens had the book translated to English as a true story. First found them mentioned in this chapter titled "Alien messengers" on this long webpage written by Joel Van Der Reijden.


    Joel Van Der Reijden wrote that no one is interested in this material. Disagreed! This material is interesting. Colonel Wendell Stevens had other foreign cases of contact translated to English. The most famous and most popular is probably Billy Meier's incredible account of meeting the Plejarans.


    All of those stories Colonel Wendell Stevens brought to global audiences and more are on the Norwegian website galactic-server.net. Blogger Doug Webber cited stories featured on galactic-server.net as examples to prove the Theology of Emanuele Swedenborg. However, Doug Webber admitted there is strong evidence that Billy Meir is a fraud. Doug Webber posted this blog post.

    In another blog post, Doug Webber wrote that the planet Iarga orbits Epsilon Eridanus.

    Other sources place the location of the planet Iarga in Cygnus, not Eridanus.

    Including this long, detailed, and illustrated Spanish language webpage about extraterrestrial races.


    Oddly, the part about the Iargans is in English, not Spanish. The webpage says their noses are like the noses of horses. Can understand why someone might say that looking at the art by Rudolf Das. However, on Earth, horses are usually not amphibious, so they lack the adaptations to close their nostrils like aquatic mammals such as otters. The page by Besimi says Iargans are members of the Galactic Federation. A webpage listing nine members of the Galactic Federation of Light on bibliotecapleyades.org from the Planetary Activation Organization Website describes a tall species from Arcturus that resembles a horse, unlike others who described the short blue beings from there. Might explain why one illustration by Rudolf Das was labeled as such on Tumblr.

    That post came after a post explaining the Galactic Federation of Light on the same day. Anyway, the book suggests Iarga must be ten light years away from the Sol System. Arcturus is 37 light years away from the Sol System. Both 61 Cygnus and Epsilon Eridanus are more than ten light years away from the Sol System. Perhaps they would prefer the location of their home world remain unknown. PIPERON made a video that described the shapes of their ships as orbs or balls.

    Other than that, the video looks and sounds about right. Orbs and balls are round and therefore could contain the round form of the sun wheels, but there are reasons why Iargan spacecraft are disk shaped. Did PIPERON read the book? The book says the discus form of the mothership is a compromise to maximize surface area to radiate excess heat and minimize frontal area with a maximum capacity. The danger of collision with cosmic dust at relative speeds necessitates the smallest possible frontal area. The spacecraft hulls are streamlined and armor plated with special metal that functions as the electromagnet that generates a protective magnetic field to protect the occupants and their equipment from cosmic radiation. However, that would seem to attract, not repel, ferromagnetic metallic micrometeoroids, components of cosmic dust. That was the reason why the yacht became stuck to the submerged landing unit. The first paragraph of Chapter 2 describes micrometeoroid impact damage on the hull of the landing unit. The comment above the third illustration in chapter 5 mentions magnetic protection shields of other cosmic races. Serpo Release 26a describes spacecraft hull plating of electrified platinum that forms a barrier that repels all other matter to protect the hull and lower air friction to travel at high speed in any atmosphere. Some close encounter witnesses claim to have touched landed craft and described the hull as slippery. To touch something that came down from the sky is ill advised because it would probably be heated to scorching hot temperatures from ram pressure while entering the atmosphere!

  • I have yet to completely read through the complete text on UFO contact from Planet Iarga. My initial viewpoint is that the sociological structure of Planet Iarga is vaguely comparable to that of an Israeli kibbutz, which I studied during my school years, many years ago.

    What I find conflicting and in some ways a little defensive for humanities current state of affairs is the possibility that Reptilians and tall greys are sometimes noted as the designers of our religious, geopolitical and social structures. Others may argue this point even stronger and suggest that we are controlled and manipulated by some extraterrestrial entities. If these statements hold validity, then it could be argued humanity has never been given a chance to thrive. On the other hand perhaps I am making too many excuses for humanities current state of affairs!

    What is clear is that humanity is at a dangerous stage of its development and that positive extraterrestrial oversight may be required to steer us away from a self destruct pathway.

    I note the comparisons with respect to Iargan Spacecraft and those noted in the Serpo release. Could it be that the two civilisations are at a similar stage of advancement, both in technological achievements, but also sociological?

  • No, both civilizations had some technological achievements the other civilization did not have, and the Iargan Civilization must be at a superior stage of advancement in sociological achievements. On both planets, all people are treated equally and technology reduced demand for labor. National divisions and war were eliminated on Iarga before the Iargans began exploring outer space in interstellar craft. Ebens live under a military dictatorship ever since their last 100 year long war with another race ended 3,000 years ago. Daily life on Serpo is disciplined, indicating the planet is lacking freedom available on Iarga. Iargans needed freedom, justice, and efficiency to create a high level of culture. Notice the difference in population on the two planets. The Eben population numbers only 650,000, while the population of Iarga numbers in the billions despite the scarcity of land on the ocean world. That imposed the greatest demands on the Iargans planning and social systems. Both civilizations would probably be considered Type II on the Kardashev Scale.

    Serpo.org Release 26 describes a violent encounter with extraterrestrials that took place in the Soviet Union in 1985 according to a CIA report confirmed and corrected by retired KGB Major Ivan.

    The moderator's end notes in the bottom half of Release 26a contain passages from four books including Alien Base by Timothy Good. Howard Menger was told how the hull has a field around it that makes it bulletproof. Spacecraft must be bulletproof because micrometeoroids whiz by faster than speeding bullets. Serpo.org did not identify the species involved in the violent encounter in the Soviet Union in 1985, but the descriptions are similar to descriptions of entities allegedly involved in the Roswell Incident indicating they must be some type of gray beings. In 2005, Anonymous said we had not had any visitation from the Ebens since 1985, the same year as the violent encounter in the Soviet Union was said to have taken place.

  • Could humanity have been involved with subsequent exchange programmes ?

    I only pose this question as a result of the comparisons drawn in this discussion. It seems a visit to Iarga could be extremely beneficial as it is possibly more aligned to humanities management requirements. The population size on Iarga would command similar management problems as we have on Earth is the key point on this suggestion. Running a town (650,000 ) would have far different requirements than running a planet (7.8 billion souls)

  • That could be what secret space program whistleblowers were talking about. Astronomical facts contradict details on serpo.org suggesting the story is a hoax.

    The website galactic-server.net described other planets' solutions to overpopulation in at least three different stories. Planets Acart, Iarga, and Korundor all managed to efficiently provide for their populations. Acart like Iarga also has no countries and no money is used there. More comparisons can be made between Acart and Iarga. Here is the URL to the webpage with Artur Berlet's story of being taken to Acart in 1958.

    All these stories can be found on the website's link map.

    Notice how many of those stories on that website were translated to English and brought to the attention of more audiences around the world thanks to Colonel Wendell Stevens.

  • One of the greatest possibilities to open global disclosure of extraterrestrial existence could be the ability to discuss openly at forums such as the Untied Nations, alternative civilisations/ their benefits/ disadvantages of following different proven pathways of existence.

  • Stranger things have been discussed at the United Nations. Please view this long chapter of a longer article written by Joel Van Der Reijden.


  • This morning on Coast to Coast AM, Laura and Erik Rowton discussed the case of the Pentyrch UFO Incident with George Knapp.

    In 2016, an enormous peculiar pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed flying over the rural Welsh village of Pentyrch. Laura Rowton made a documentary about the Pentyrch UFO Incident.

    The description of smaller craft flying out the top of a larger pyramid shaped craft sounded nearly identical to what pilot Haraldo Westendorf saw over Pelotas, Brazil on October 5, 1996. Of course, now the series of events involving the USS Russell during July of 2019 immediately comes to mind. George Knapp mentioned the video from the USS Russell. Apparently, something may have crash landed or was shot down in Wales in 2016, possibly explaining what British military and NATO aircraft were doing there then. Were they secretly at war with SMAD?

  • If there is any substance behind the US disclosure event next month, one wonders whether the archives of such events could take on a new lease of life?

    Saying that early indications suggest that the British government will remain tight lipped on what they know. According to media reports the US seem rather more optimistic and open on the subject. The US will surely take the lead on the world if the current sentiment turns into actual facts being revealed.

  • Sadly, most other countries have little sovereignty to disclose facts when it comes to this subject.

    This story by Robert Dalling described the Pentrych UFO Incident two years later.

    Flarkey on metabunk.org is pretty sure the witnesses stumbled upon a UK Special Forces exercise.

    Would be boring if that really was the case. Soldiers constantly busy in preparation for another war. Exercise Chameleon usually takes place in a different part of Wales. Exercise Chameleon is not secret. The public can learn everything about the bi-annual training package. Information about whatever happened that night in Pentrych, Wales in February, 2016 remains classified. Anyone find it interesting that the incident took place in 2016 when Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Terri Mansfield were corresponding with John Podesta who was advising Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign? After that was leaked, Tom Delonge formed To The Stars Academy around the time when Luiz Elizondo revealed AATIP and AAWSAP to the media. In December 2017, The New York Times published the article by Leslie Kean about the programs, and the now famous gun camera footage from U.S. Navy pilots was released and later confirmed. Apparently, the U.S. disclosure event mostly concerns events of that time forward, and nothing before the Nimitz Incident in 2004 is to be acknowledged. Will anybody explain whether or not Charles Hall was telling the truth when he said "Tic-Tac" UFOs belong to Tall White Aliens? Somebody ought to ask.

  • It is likely if the powers that be fully comply with the requests, it will blow a hole in conventional thinking. I know if I was on the other side of this coin and was defending the secrecy, I would find it extremely difficult to conclude matters that would end up drawing a line over the hole subject.

  • Early this morning, George Knapp interviewed David Marler about about triangular UFOs.

    They spoke about the famous wave of triangular UFO's seen over Belgium.

    In this video, retired Belgian Air Force General Wilfried De Brouwer discussed a wave of triangular UFOs he investigated in 1989 and 1990 in addition to the controversial photograph allegedly taken in Petit-Rechain, Belgium.

    The famous photograph shows a painted model made with polystyrene suspended in the air.

    Ole K. showed the photograph taken in Petit Rechain, Belgium in 1990 to Lacerta. Lacerta said the object is genuine and in no way extraterrestrial, but instead a secret military project from the United States. The Belgians asked the Americans if the objects were some kind of secret American aircraft. The Americans told the Belgians they were not. The idea that black triangle shaped UFOs are some kind of stealth aircraft developed at Area 51 has become something of an urban legend. Does that explain all sightings of triangular UFOs? Some sightings were reported long ago making it unlikely. Edgar Fouche was the first to call the hovering silent black triangle craft TR-3.

    David Marler and Norio Hayakawa said Edgar Fouche's TR-3B is most likely a hoax.

    What about John Quincy St. Clair's patent?

    Makes me wonder about John Quincy St. Clair's other patent for a teleportation device.

    In that case, whose were they then? Do they belong to Kiily Tokurt from Vela? Page 131 of the Russian book of alien races PDF shows a picture of such a black triangle with lights on the corners and center. Seventeen days ago, Ramon 710 posted this on Reddit.

    I do not know if this is true or not.

  • Remember when Rory Duff posted this on Instagram on January 23, 2021.

    Rory Duff favors Plasma cosmology and Pearson's Quantum Gravity. Plasma Cosmology is one of many alternative cosmologies.

    This post about Quantum Gravity was published one week ago.


    One week ago, Darcy Weir and James Goodall joined Richard Syrett to discuss the history of and connection between triangular UFO sightings and top-secret military aircraft on Coast to Coast AM.

    They suggested the triangular UFOs belong to the United States military.

  • I think it is likely that a number of the triangular craft spotted are that of the US military. However, are there any reports of these triangular craft being able to defy physics? (By that I mean making 90 degree turns at vast speed). If there is, it would suggest it is being guided by something not human as I am sure a human body could not survive such rapid maneuvering.

  • Yes. There are such reports. Often, the craft are described as hovering slowly only to take off at seemingly impossible high speeds disappearing from witnesses' sights. Witnesses often describe hearing a low hum, unlike other UFOs described as flying silently. Many believe that the UFOs' ability to accelerate suddenly means they cannot carry human crews or biological crews of any kind, but with the application of exotic physics yet unknown perhaps the craft employ technology similar to what is called "inertial dampeners" in science fiction like Star Trek. Such devices would be more properly described as inertia negation.

  • Yes I have heard that any human flying in such craft would have their internal organs turned to "mush" When I have contemplated this point on a few occasions, my mind took me to the so called Arecibo response, which suggested that silicon forms part of their physiology, perhaps a constituent that facilitates being able to travel and manoeuvre at ridiculously high speeds.

  • Silicon forms part of our physiology too. In 1969, the late renown microbiologist Ben Volcani discovered the crucial role of silicon in carbon based life. His work and the work of his colleagues like Charles Mehard and Edith Carlisle showed that the presence of silicon is critical in a variety of terrestrial life forms as well as human cell structure: for instance in the binding of the cartilage and mineral aspects of bones. The Arecibo message was transmitted in 1974. Frank Drake and Carl Sagan should have known about Ben Volcani's discovery in 1969. They probably did not include the atomic number of silicon in the list of elements in the transmission because silicon is not in our DNA, but instead is in other proteins and enzymes constituting the molecules of life. Neal Sullivan demonstrated that silicon is essential in the production of DNA-polymerase, an enzyme required for DNA synthesis in diatoms. Investigator Dustin D. Brand published, "a plausible “alien” DNA chemistry, based on a careful tally of the information in the glyph, utilizing a silicon-oxygen tetrahedral molecule in place of the phosphate in our DNA (graphic, below)."


    Copied from this two part article by Richard C. Hoagland.

    The response in the crop glyph that appeared in a field outside the Chilbolton Radio Telescope Grounds in Hampshire, England in 2001 replaced the phosphate hydrogen bond depicted in the Arecibo transmission with a silicon oxygen 4 tetrahedron presumed to be part of alien DNA. How would that help organisms survive extreme g-forces due to acceleration inside craft? If their bodies have homogenous density, there is the possibility of surrounding them with a fluid of the same density to avoid deformation of their bodies. The resulting buoyant force compensates the inertial forces. That is why some speculate UFOs are filled with liquid containing aquatic occupants.

    Silicon enhances stem strength in plants, but is not considered essential for plant growth.

    Silicon is the second most abundant element in Earth's crust after oxygen.

    Silicon is below carbon in the same group as carbon in the periodic table of elements because the outermost electron shells of those atoms are half filled containing four empty spaces with which to form chemical bonds with other atoms. For this reason, science fiction authors speculate silicon could take the place carbon occupies in the chemistry of life on Earth in the chemistry of hypothetical alien life. The problem with this is that elements with higher atomic numbers appearing lower on the periodic table of elements tend to be less reactive forming fewer possible chemical bonds.

  • Do we know the physical make up of those unfortunate entities that have ended up crashing their craft on Earth? The reason for the question is to try to understand what type of physical form can withstand the extreme forces that would be encountered by an entity steering a craft at such impossible speeds

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