The Berm

Today, Alien Facts social media feeds show a picture from Google Earth of a pyramid shaped structure near Area 51. The structure is a berm in a facility for experiments with explosives. See this thread on


  • I see, so the pyramid construction simply came to be, as a result of the displaced soil excavated when carving the funnel entrance to the facility?

  • Yes, that could be the source of the soil, as what looks like tunnel entrances are visible in the photographs. Looks like a safe place to hunker behind when experiments with explosives were conducted there. That could be a purpose the construction serves. While these reasons suggest the construction was built not to access an energy source or something similarly spectacular, Area 51 is indeed located on a significant parallel on the Earth grid, the 37th Parallel North.

    Many legendary locations lie on or near that parallel.

  • Is it a coincidence or design that many man made constructions of importance sit on this Earth Grid of 37 degrees-The White House,Dulce Base,Pentagon.

    If by design, it would be interesting to track the decision makers/architects that made these decisions so long ago. Thereafter, what gave these decision makers foresight to select these specific plots?

  • Obviously, the design of Freemasons in the U.S. Federal Government. Those constructions were planned by Freemasons. That is history they celebrate for students and tourists, not kept a secret.

    Blogger Recluse wrote this post about the 37th Parallel North.

    Just as famous (or infamous) as the 37th Parallel North is the All Important 33rd Parallel North. Blogger Recluse wrote about legends associated with that Latitude.

  • Your comprehensive research as ever Reanemus leads me to consider that because of time/history claims could be made for 32nd 34th 35th parallel north.etc etc

    However I believe there is an argument of the significance that extraterrestrial beings hold for the 37th parallel. Could it be connected to some type of a guidance system? Not least because of the disproportionate amount of sightings and activity such as cattle mutilations.

    Does the 37th parallel have equal interest for intergalactic travellers on other planets?

  • Yes, it could be connected to some type of a guidance system. Remember Lacerta said the crafts that crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico used some sort of magnetic navigation technology unprepared for use in Earth's magnetic field with varying strengths in different locations. Could it affect crafts in other ways? Perhaps, it makes the crafts more likely to become visible. Another idea is perhaps hyper-dimensional portals open above that latitude. In that case, would it make more sense to place the hyper-dimensional portals closer to 19.5 degrees and 90 degrees?

    I do not know if the 37th parallel has equal interest for intergalactic travelers on other planets. I suggest looking for maps and globes of other planets with lines of latitude drawn on them and search for significant sites along that band. However, I can say that vortices formed near 19.5 degrees latitude on other planets. Richard Hoagland was saying exactly that for decades. This page has pictures that show vortices at 19.5 degrees latitude on other planets and the Sun.

    Chuck Zukowski literally wrote the book about the Alien Highway. Visit Chuck Zukowski's website.

  • Ah yes, I do recall that detail on the Lacerta Files video. It is entirely possible then, that latitude points are in very simple terms, similar to our land based motorways(freeways) that span continents.

  • The incidence of activity on 19.5 degrees moves the above assumption towards intergalactic freeways.

  • In 1996 Nevada Governor Bob Miller officially renamed Nevada State Highway 375 the Extraterrestrial Highway because of its proximity to Area 51. The Nevada Division of Tourism created a travel itinerary for possible extraterrestrial life forms in an effort to promote tourism.

    Astronomers discovered something they call a Galactic or Intergalactic Freeway or Highway.

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