I've seen the images of the famous face and the image of the obelisk on Mars, which to me indicates that there has been a presence there for some time. No doubt in my mind we have already got to Mars as well. Whether that was as a result of jump room technology or a secret NASA space mission or both I am not sure.


  • Dr. Andrew Basiago said, "We landed on Mars in 1964."

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    The spookiest stories about Mars are about remote viewers psychically spying on Mars's past, and how there were science fiction stories about the face and pyramids on Mars made before the Viking orbiter snapped those photographs in 1976.

  • Yep! ......Mars is a massive fascination.....the psychic Baba Vanga predicted that a colony on mars will become a nuclear power, and what we discover on mars will be horrifying. Some say we are in a time loop...there is evidence that there has already been a nuclear war on mars, perhaps we are all in one massive ground hog day?

  • Jack Kirby drew the face on Mars seventeen years before the Viking mission.


    The Dr. Who story "Pyramids of Mars" aired in 1975.  That series was so weird.

  • Yes it was, do you think it was also loaded with "soft" disclosure?

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