Non Military Organisations with Extraterrestrial Links

Which non military organisations have links with extraterrestrial entities?


  • Would you consider religions like Aetherius, the Khao Kala Hill Group, Ummo cults, Unarius, and Valley of the Dawn as non military organizations? I suppose some of their members could be military veterans. On a more sinister note, some of those religions could have been secretly started by militaries as secret projects to test the limits of belief.

  • Does Scientology have some extraterrestrial belief systems in its structure?

  • Yes, but Scientology only reveals their extraterrestrial belief systems to members after they have attained the highest levels (after paying a great amount of money). They say that if you know about the Galactic Overlord Xenu before you are ready, you get pneumonia. An episode of the crude cartoon South Park leaked the story to the world in colorful animation. I saw it. Writers of older religions' texts underestimated timescales. Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard did the opposite, overestimated the ages of Hawaii's volcanoes. L. Ron Hubbard was in the U.S. Navy. Scientology's organizational structure is modelled on the Navy's.

  • Crikey wonderful insight Reanemus thanks and the perfect example of the category discussion. I wonder if Tom Cruise caught pneumonia in his ascendence to the top?

  • I learned this from A&E's series Going Clear after I had already seen the episode of South Park. That episode was the reason why the chef character Chef disappeared when the late great actor and singer Isaac Hayes left quit the show. Creators Parker and Stone were harassed and stalked by members of Scientology after the episode aired. Scientology considers everything L. Ron. Hubbard ever wrote as sacred text including science fiction books like Battlefield Earth. Remember L. Ron Hubbard was with Jack Parsons during a working said to be the cause of UFO sightings in the 20th Century.

  • Is it them that allegedly opened a portal?

  • That is what the Collins Elite believe according to what an informant called Richard Duke told Nick Redfern. See the quotes from Final Events by Nick Redfern in parts of this series posted by Recluse.

    More recently, in July of this year, Christopher Knowles wrote this blog post about Jack Parsons.

  • Yes, according to this article from the Book of Thoth Website on Whitley Strieber's website, in 1946 L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons reopened a portal Crowley had created in 1918.

    I already pasted that URL in an earlier discussion.

    This article by Brian Anderson about Jack Parsons and alleged portal opening contains concise and helpful information.

    Does any of this explain the origins of any extraterrestrial belief systems in Scientology's structure?

  • We have probably overlooked one of the most famous organisations with massive links to many things that have extraterrestrial links-The Freemasons

    History suggests that the Masons have had more than a loose link to NASA. Nasa's origins are said to have been influenced by the masons.

    The Masons have left their mark at Denver airport where many suggest a secret underground base with extraterrestrial links exists.

    Any other?

  • Are Freemasons considered non military? Their membership includes military veterans, but is the organization considered a military? That could be the case if Freemasons trace their lineage back to the military order of the Knights Templar. Legends of their extraterrestrial links probably originate in their reverence of the stars Sirius possibly going all the way back to ancient mystery cults.

    Have you seen this article by Stephanie Relfe and Michael Relfe?

    You may have also seen this pin.

    I cannot think of any other non military organizations proven to have links with extraterrestrial entities. Of course, there are many rumors about governments and corporations.

  • Not sure of any military agenda. I recall being invited 3 times to join the masons in my past, although politely declining on each occasion. For no other reason than the sponsers politely declining my request of what to expect along the masonic pathway.

    Your reference to the Knights Templar immediately reminds me of the plot line to the Da Vinci Code. It was said that the Knights Templar were the custodians of the blood line for Christ. If the suggestions that christ was an avatar have any validity, then that could lead one to suggest that the Knights Templar were ultimately protecting the origins of extraterrestrial links.

  • The Knights Templar amassed a great amount of Ancient Middle Eastern treasure during the Crusades. Could some of that treasure have been clues to knowledge of history? The Knights Templar were said to venerate St. John the Baptist. Oddly enough, St. Johns' Day and St. Johns' Eve are significant dates in the modern history of UFOs. The origin of the name John can be traced back to the name Jonah and further back to Oannes the Greek name for Uanna, an Upkallu in Mesopotamian mythology said by some to be an ancient alien. Allen H. Greenfield wrote about this in the books Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts and Secret Rituals of the Men In Black. This post on contains a quote from and a link to Secret Rituals of the Men in Black by Allen H. Greenfield.

    These two articles tell the legend of Oannes and how Carl Sagan spoke about the legend in his book Intelligent Life in the Universe launched in 1966.

    Jason Colavito does not agree.

    Carl Sagan and Frank Drake were members of the Order of the Dolphin who proposed SETI.

    Was the Order of the Dolphin a non military organization proven to have had links with extraterrestrial entities? If that is the case, then they were secretly communicating with extraterrestrial entities while claiming they had found none. According to the account of Oscar given by researcher Forest Crawford in the Spring, 1991 issue of "UFO JOURNAL OF FACTS" in The Secrets of the Mojave, Frank Drake was in charge of a crash retrieval operation.

    I do not know if the story is true or not. I found the story in Doug Webber's blog.

    Frank Drake is most famous for the Drake Equation. Frank Drake proposed Project OZMA, named after a princess in the books written by Frank L. Baum. Frank Drake pointed telescopes at Eridanus and Cetus looking for signs of intelligent life and beamed radio messages toward those two constellations. Perhaps Frank Drake was aware of something if the legends are true.

  • Is the Findhorn Foundation a non military organization with links to extraterrestrial entities?

    Found in a link on Recluse's blog.

    Quote from a website not found in a link in that blog.

    "Yes, aliens. The official Findhorn website states: 'The Findhorn Community was begun in 1962 by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. All three had followed disciplined spiritual paths for many years and had been specifically trained to follow God’s will'. But 1962 was merely when Peter, Eileen and Dorothy moved to Findhorn. The Findhorn Community’s true origins lie in the 1950s, in the maelstrom of post-war fringe ideas and philosophies which eventually settled out as what we now call the ‘New Age’. Central to Findhorn’s origins lies a secret which the current leaders of the community would very much like to play down; flying saucers. For all their talk of the Community being formed by the guidance of God one of the core beliefs held by Findhorn’s founders in the ’50s and 60s was that flying saucers existed, existed and their occupants were in psychic contact with them. It was also an article of faith that physical contact with the saucers was not only possible, it was certain."

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