The Council of Five - Protectors or merely Observers?

Very little is known about The council of five, previously nine, according to the Alien Races book.

From the book "According to several alien races the "Council of 5" (at the time "Council of 9") has monitored Human evolution since primordial times, since Humans were only a 1 cell marine organism and throughout all natural evolution, when Humans became primate-like creatures and beyond * after the Anunakene, aka Anunnakl, interference...).

"According to those same alien races all evolutionary sequences in all planets have a beginning and an end (with the exception of minor details due mostly to radical weather changes).

After the Anunakene tampered with the DNA of "primates" and created Humans, the "Council of 5" decided to not only monitor but also to protect us, as they realized that one day Humans would be able to Join other alien races in development and enlightenment."

It has been said that after the Annunaki interfered with natural evolution to create us, the Reptilians had a go at tweaking our DNA aswell.

As with most of this subject, this begs more questions.

If the Council function as protectors, why is it the Maitre (Tall Greys) and Draco Reptilians have had so much influence in our development, unchecked it seems?

The Maitre, its said, is a violent race that is being prevented from colonising us by the Council of Five - what do we know about that?



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