Retired Israeli General says U.S. and Israel have been in contact with extraterrestrial aliens.



  • Thanks Reanemus I think this is worthy of a social media posting.

  • You are welcome. Last night/this morning, George Noory interviewed Michael E. Salla about this.

    I missed most of the show. Any chance you and anybody on social media listened to it? This article by Tim Binnall published on December 8 on the show's website is how I initially came across this.

    Michael Salla pointed out that Haim Eshed's claims dovetail with the reports of Dan Sherman. Was Dan Sherman the first one to start the legend of Project SIGMA traced back to the Eisenhower Administration? Professor Haim Eshed also asserted that there is a joint US/ET base on Mars echoed by President Dwight Eisenhower's great-granddaughter Laura Eisenhower. By now, you are probably well familiar with Laura Eisenhower's stories of elite Martian base recruitment from appearances on the History Channel and videos on Gaia TV. Fortunately, a caller expressed disappointment with Michael Salla's promotion of Q Anon, giving Michael Salla a chance to express his belief in existence of a Deep State interfering with what Donald Trump wants. The origins of Q Anon were traced back to a game according to the story John Brisson told Recluse Steve Snider and Jack Heart on this podcast not about agriculture despite the title.

    The page about last night's/this morning's show on Coast to Coast's website included a link to an earlier interview from March 3, 2004 when George Noory interviewed Michael Salla about President Eisenhower and aliens.

    Quote: "The Nordics wanted the US to give up their nuclear technology because it could potentially cause damage to the space/time continuum, but Eisenhower refused their request, Salla said."

    That reminded me of Alien-Facts' social media post yesterday about nuclear disasters and what the Khao Kalla Hill Group say the energy or gas aliens they say are on Pluto warned them about. Of course, if Ancient Sanskrit texts tell about nuclear disasters in the ancient past and Robert Oppenheimer certainly knew those texts, was Mauryan Emperor Ashoka' Society of Nine Unknown Men unsuccessful in keeping atomic science away from those who would misuse it?

  • William Henry posted this on December, 10, 2020. Can anyone make any sense of what William Henry has said and written?

  • The above thread seems to dart around somewhat. Perhaps we should try and attempt to quantify Details surrounding the Galactic Federation such as Its structure/government involvement?/members/objectives.

  • Sorry about the thread darts. Great idea! Both William Henry and Christopher Macklin Spoke about the Galactic Federation on Coast to Coast.

    Honestly, I have no idea what they were talking about. I was somewhat confused by what little I could listen to them say. When Haim Eshed started talking about a Galactic Federation, it was not news to some. Obviously, fans of Star Trek were familiar with the concept. Legends of alien contact had mentioned something called a Galactic Federation long before Haim Eshed spoke of it.

    See this logo.

    Bird wings on a triangle in a circle similar to this logo, a variation of a winged disc.

    Ever heard of something called the Galactic Federation of Light?

    Their logo also includes circles and triangles.

    Those who read channeled messages were already familiar with that entity. See this message from November 2020.

    Seems like the message was published shortly before Haim Eshed's revelations. Right?

    Another symbol that keeps appearing in relation to this topic appears twice in this image.

    Looks like a silver UMMO symbol on a a yellow hexagram on a purple circle encircled in a gold border encircled in a black border.

    NASA released a statement in response to Haim Eshed's comments.

    More channeled messages describe the Galactic Federation.

    The Internet reacted with skepticism to Haim Eshed's claims.

    This page describes details surrounding the Galactic Federation.

  • Having just reviewed the links above, would anyone know who Parsa reported too? back in 2018? It could help validate his credentials.

    "Parsa reported that in 2018, he "saw a vision that a bio-weapon was going to be released and it was going to hit President Trump and other people in his staff." He said he subsequently shared this info with the Secret Service in a five-page brief."

  • Sorry, I chose not to listen to Parsa speak in the first half of that show on Thursday morning. Doomsday prophecies of artificial intelligence do not interest me, as the theme has been overdone in movies and other media. I can only speak of what was in the summary on the show's website. The Secret Service would know who Parsa reported to in 2018. The Secret Service probably receives numerous tips from various willing sources. Does the Secret Service take visions seriously? There have been precedents of police departments taking tips from self described psychic mediums with mixed results. Still curious? Take a look at Parsa's Website.

    More details and links are on Parsa's guest biography on coast to Coast's website.

    Parsa did speak about Trump, but there are no mentions of Haim Eshed in the summary.

  • Cyrus Parsa submitted a document in early 2019 to the Trump Admin, it seems, based on his very extensive research on AI on the threat of a coming nano tech based biological weapon coming from China. I find listening to him quite challenging. He is linking Huwaei and the 5g network to designed by Grey Aliens. I assume he is meaning the tall malignant ones who wish to harm humanity. It reminded me of several of the bigger Movies, particularly Blade Runner the matrix and the AI film with Will Smith where robotics plan to take over. Having said that, Parsa himself has put the years of work into his theories and knows his subject matter very well, he is a learned man and appears very intelligent. He does or has offered solutions to the issues he brought forward but I didn´t go that far into the streams,

  • News reported that Trump contracted the virus after holding a ceremony for Judge Amy Coney Barret in the White House's Rose Garden. More recent news reports that Trump was faring worse than the public was lead to believe during the election campaign. Trump and others in Trump family, Trump Administration, and at least one of Trump's team of lawyers received an experimental treatment few other patients received. After receiving the drugs Trump said he felt stronger than ever. Who knows what was gong on in there?

    Fears of bioweapons aimed at presidents goes back further than 2018. See this article from the November 2012 issue of The Atlantic.

    This article from over one year ago mentions nanotech and China.

    This article tells how a controversial laboratory was funded.

    That kind of work was banned with good reason, but during the Trump Administration that kind of work was allowed. Why would they want to allow anyone to create more diseases?

    Something called electro smog, electromagnetic smog, and/or electronic smog was said to weaken and/or interfere with the immune system and was said to explain emergence of novel diseases. The new broadband is now used extensively for video streaming and video telephone conference calls.

    Tall Grey aliens are described in these summaries.

    I, Robot is the title of a movie staring Will Smith based on the book of the same title by Isaac Asimov, also the name of a company that makes the Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaners.

  • Still curious about the Galactic Federation? Looks like The Galactic Federation has a website with a message to Humanity.

    Is this the same Galactic Federation that Haim Eshed said was in contact with the Governments of Israel and the U.S.

  • Ha ha, not so sure a Galactic Federation would purchase a domain, presumably using an earth currency to that end.

  • Presumably, their ambassador Aurora Ray purchased the domain. I have seen loads of similar websites. Suspicious?

  • haha, yes very.

  • edited March 2021

    Aurora Ray also shared a message from Commander Ashtar.

    Remember Commander Ashtar and the Ashtar Galactic Command from the Vrillon Interruptions?

    Ashtar sounds like Ishtar, the name of an important Anunnaki Goddess. In 1957, Jack Kirby drew a comic book titled "WHO IS MR. ASHTAR?"

    Not surprisingly, The Galactic Federation's other official Internet portal is named Ashtar Sheran.

    This is their Pinterest page.

    I found more logos on Pinterest.

    That last one obviously looks like the seal of the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek.

    Of course, the U.S. Space Force logo looks like the Starfleet insignia. Notice a similar symbol in this elite picture.

    Notice the seven pointed star in the Commander's hand. That symbol is sometimes called a Faery Star. The author of this blog about elf lore noticed and included the picture as the header and at the bottom of this page about Lyra that includes Theosophist myths.

    The same picture was also included in this Religious Fundamentalist's blog promoting the propaganda of Project Blue Beam.

    What do you make of all this?

  • Ha, the crafted opinions I suspect originate from a humble human that is based on US soil who relies on donations to a PayPal account, rather than that of an entity who perpetrates to have a Galactic perspective.

  • George Van Tassel was likely the first to claim to receive a message from Ashtar in 1952. Since then, religions centered around The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command have come into being.

    Even if Ashtar and Vrillon do not exist, it is still a good idea to heed their advice to end the use of nuclear energy. Nuclear Proliferation has put Earth's Biosphere in a precarious position. Just look at the damage atomic power has done in Japan, the Marshal Islands, Ukraine, and other countries. Now that more is known about the dangers of atomic weapons and nuclear power plants, the messages of these entities now sound like wise sage advice. The Buddhists of Khao Kala hill preach a similar message. The alleged beings from UMMO were said to have warned about the dangers of atomic power. Warnings about the danger of atomic power were a common theme in contact narratives.

    Universe People is another of those religions. See item 5 in this listicle.

    Warnings about nanotechnology in vaccines and compulsory chipping populations are recurring themes in these religions. Are you also hearing and seeing more about this topic now? There has been more talk about that topic now more than ever, except perhaps the 1990s when "The Mark of The Beast" of Revelations was reinterpreted as a microchip. Viral nanotechnology was also a popular theme in science fiction in the 1990s. See the movie Star Trek: First Contact and the cancelled spinoff of the television series Babylon 5 titled Crusade. Themes of alien DNA and vaccines were incorporated into the plot of the plot of The X-Files episode "My Struggle II". Spooky!

    This Portuguese language blog also titled Ashtar Sheran tells about who Ashtar Sheran is according to Commander Athena.

    That page includes a warning about imposters calling themselves Ashtar and other names including Jesus Christ. So, is that blog the real deal or not? Perhaps there is none. Even if that is the case, some of the advice is good, sound, and wise and ought to be heeded. Could Haim Eshed be part of a deception? Perhaps there should exist organizations to protect biospheres from nuclear disaster.

  • Your sentiment is hard to disagree with. Nuclear power will always be described as a weapon of mass destruction. Humanities history is scattered with events where it is clear we as a race cannot be trusted with the technology. The first evidence of its effects were felt in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I recall watching the Pattie Brackett video in the video section of alien facts, where it is suggested that the Japanese race is actually dying out as a result of those two events despite it being some 75 years ago. It was suggested that the Japanese ability to procreate had been eradicated as a result of the two nuclear explosions.

    In addition it seems humanity has been unable to mange nuclear power. In this context I draw reference to the Chernobyl incident.

    It is intriguing that there seems to be a high incidence of UFO activity around nuclear installations over the past 50 years and in some cases supposed intervention. So perhaps we are being managed- akin to a parent intervening with a child when playing with dangerous objects.

    There have been plenty of conspiracy theories in recent times concerning the use of nanotech in vaccines, although I am not sure that we are that advanced yet, to instigate such a programme of human management.

    As I write this, it reminds me why the human race is still rated as zero on the Kardashev scale.

    What is your opinion of the above blog?

  • My opinion of the above blog,, is mostly mild disinterest and some suspicion. The blog is written in Portuguese, a language Google Chrome browsers can translate instantly, and the content of the blog appears to be mostly about religions and some posts about Anunnaki and Arcturus. I first found the blog from a link on to a post about exiles from Capella. The content of that post tells a story similar to what the Brazilian religion Valley of the Dawn teaches about the origins of ancient civilizations. No idea if it is fact or not.

    Page 112 of the secret Russian book of alien races says the authors' agents estimated 65% of all aliens and UFO related websites are government owned. That number is 83% in the U.S.A., 70% in Europe, and 80% in Brazil. keep those numbers in mind when viewing any website about aliens and UFOs. I have seen many exciting looking Portuguese language blogs and videos about aliens and UFOs.

    I remember seeing the picture of Commander Ashtar Sheran on Stephanie Relfe's website.

    There it is, on the homepage, under the words, "Face of the Enemy".

    Does that look like a reason to be suspicious of any website featuring pictures of Commander Ashtar Sheran? The artist Davian has created computer generated 3-D portraits of somebody called Ash'Tar'Ka'Ree.

    Any relation? Same Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command? Any connection to the Inner Earth Alliance and the high priestess named Ka Aree Corey Goode spoke about? Another artist who goes by the name Vashta Nerada made 3-D computer generated images of the high priestess Ka Aree for Corey Goode and Gaia TV to use in episodes of Cosmic Disclosure.

    Despite the work done for Corey Goode, I recommend anyone interested in art to view Vashta Nerada's Galactic art. The artist's method involves meditation, and the images are accompanied with text detailing meditation notes for the clients.

    Look at this Pinterest board.

    Looks like there are now Anime streaming series, novels, and comic books about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. How popular are those stories? Recognize the names of any of the characters?

    Haim Eshed was only quoted speaking about a Galactic Federation with which the governments of Israel and the U.S. were allegedly in contact. Seems unusual, legends of ufology typically say benevolent extraterrestrial factions contacted civilians outside governments. Of course, government agencies monitored the Contact Movement, especially the four men named George.

    One famous legend of ufology tells how a group of beings contacted President Dwight Eisenhower in February 1954 in the desert at Muroc, California now called Edwards Air Force Base. Those beings wanted to put an end to atomic testing, but President Eisenhower did not agree to that, so later an agreement was made with Gray beings at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. The Gray beings were said to have allowed atomic testing to continue under their terms. A version of the origin of the Gray species says they were mutated as the result of a nuclear war that forced all life on their former planet underground. They should know the dangers of atomic weapons more than anyone else. Was the first group of beings to contact President Dwight Eisenhower the Galactic Federation?

  • Interesting thought process Reanemus. It seems that atomic energy weaponised certainly makes alien species wary. My original thought drifts me back to our discussions around the probability that a nuclear war on Mars in the ancient past that caused total devastation via two detonations, may be only one of many examples of the destructive forces when atomic weapons have been used. There are I am sure many more similar events that have transpired over history in the universe.

    I think we have also discussed the abilities of alien species to render silos dormant during times that they were on full alert poised for creating destruction.

    It is likely there could be a huge oversight project on such facilities, by certain alien species as perhaps humanity is deemed irresponsible with such technology. But then again it was likely an alien species exploded similar weapons on Mars, if Dr John Brandernburg's arguments are to be accepted.

    Was it an error on behalf of an alien species to allow Nagaseki and the Hiroshima nuclear weapons to explode then? or did they take a long view that it would bring the second world war to an end so allowing the event to slip through the net?

    If the gray species are humanity, but from 50,000 years in the future, you wonder if they have shared their history books with us, allowing us to have foresight of escalation events, that we will confront ourselves with, down the line?

  • Others have suspected that the group of beings who allegedly contacted President Dwight Eisenhower in February 1954 in the desert at Muroc, California wanted nations on Earth disarmed so they would be defenseless in a suspected invasion scenario, but it is unknown whether or not nuclear warhead tipped missiles would have any effect on hypothetical invaders' craft. The editors of noticed similarities in multiple stories of nuclear wars on various planets.

    Some have interpreted parts of the ancient Sanskrit text The Bhagavad Gita to describe a nuclear war on Earth in antiquity and mention the vitrified ruins and radioactive skeletons found at Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan as evidence. Robert Oppenheimer was said to have quoted a passage from the Bhagavad Gita at the moment of the explosion in Trinity, New Mexico on July, 16, 1945.

    Yes, it is difficult to deny those unexplained incidents over missile silos in Air Force bases in Minot, North Dakota and Malmstrom, Montana.

    Historians now know that the Japanese Empire was ready to surrender conditionally before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, meaning atomic weapons were not necessary to change or hasten the outcome of the war, only serving to intimidate and terrorize. Look at this quote.

    "The first person to describe the Telosians was Admiral Richard Byrd. In his diaries that were published after his death, he tells of a secret North Pole mission to the home of an advanced subterranean race.

    Admiral Byrd wrote that this alien species had been living in a few secret underground cities but it was our nuclear bombs that finally drew them out to the surface. Admiral Byrd wrote,

    “Our interests rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the “Flugelrads” to your surface world to investigate what your race had done.“

    “You see, we have never interfered before in your race’s wars and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely that of atomic energy.”

    “Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be a witness here that our world does exist. You see, our culture and science is many thousands of years beyond our race. Admiral.”" from this listicle.

    Was the group of beings who contacted President Dwight Eisenhower in February 1954 in the desert at Muroc, California another group of emissaries of Telos? No, that cannot be because Admiral Byrd was said to have flown into the hole in the Pole in 1947, but in January, 1956, Admiral Byrd led another expedition to the Antarctic and allegedly impossibly beyond to the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth. See this page on for more from Admiral Byrd's secret diary.

    The whole story is incredible! Some details are suspicious. According to the diary, the disc-shaped craft were marked with swastikas and the voice on the radio spoke with a Germanic accent. Did Admiral Byrd meet the alleged secret colony of German Nazi UFO pilots? Steve Quayle spoke about Admiral Richard Byrd's diary on January 21, 2021.

    Quote: "Quayle contends that Byrd admitted seeing "Lord Lucifer, the king of the world," in Antarctica."

    The idea that a King of the World lives in an underground kingdom called Agartha comes from Tibetan Buddhism. Theosophists took many ideas from Tibetan Buddhists in addition to the obsolete hypothesis of a lost land called Lemuria. Steve Quayle has a website about the giants mentioned in Genesis 6. Siberian folklore tells tales of tribes of giants herding wooly mammoths underground. Jules Verne wrote about the professor's nephew dreamed about seeing giants herding woolly mammoths in the science fiction book Journey to the Center of the Earth. Most of what Steve Quayle said on that show sounds exactly like what Corey Goode and David Wilcock said about Antarctica. A battle over Antarctica was an event in the science fiction television series Stargate: SG1.

    According to some versions of the famous landing at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico in April, 1964, visitors from the future did share their history books with us, but did not allow foresight, as many of the predictions it contains have failed to materialize.

    Is that a reason to suspect that rumors about the Yellow Book and the rest of the claims of Dan Burisch are disinformation?

  • Interesting, if true, I wonder if the handlers of Dan Burisch are advocates of disclosure?

  • I do not know the answer to that question, so I did a web search for "handlers of Dan Burisch". The results were interesting, they state Dan has handlers, but not what the handlers advocate. Dr. Michael Salla concluded that Dan was part of a limited hangout.

    Dan spoke about something called Project Looking Glass.

    The technology of Project Looking glass seems similar to something George Van Tassel described.

    Remember George Van Tassel was likely the first to claim to receive a message from Ashtar in 1952.

    Look at this interview published today.

    Does the "Temporal War" Corey Goode spoke about in 2019 and 2020 have anything to do with the Galactic Federation Haim Eshed mentioned at the end of 2020?

  • I found more webpages about the Galactic Federation.

    Is the official website of the Galactic Federation? Look at the website's homepage.

    Look at their logo.

    Notice the logo looks like two intersecting tetrahedrons encircled between a pair of bird wings. Notice the blue and gold colors. That logo looks similar to some other logos of the Galactic Federation.

    They have a Pinterest page.

    That anime has a Tumblr.

    Clearly, stories about something called the Galactic Federation had an impact on popular culture.

  • Not sure that I am entirely convinced by the Ashtar Command Movement.

  • Same here. I was just wondering if Haim Eshed knew about it, and that was the Galactic Federation he was talking about. Possibly could be the case, as the entity is said to have been channeled since 1952 or earlier if the Goddesses of the same name in antiquity had anything to do with that entity. Haim Eshed said Donald Trump knew about alleged secret contact with extraterrestrial aliens. Besides vague teasing in that bizarre interview with Donald Trump Jr. in June 2020, Donald Trump spoke little about the subject. No surprise, as there were other issues to yell about during the election campaign. A search engine suggestion for the terms, "ashtar command and trump", yielded results that were interesting to say the least.

  • It could simply be the authors of the Ashtar command movement have taken the term 'Galactic Federation' and used it for their promotional material thinking it makes a perfect fit for branding purposes- or perhaps I am just being a little harsh !

    The Haim Eshed reference is potentially a totally different story!

  • Really? References to the Ashtar Command Galactic Federation go back to 1952, well before Star Trek premiered.

    This page explains what the galactic Federation supposedly is and mentions Commander Ashtar.

    I was initially reluctant to include that URL because the story is incredible. The page also mentions somebody called Hatonn. I have seen that name on allegedly channeled messages on the Internet. Could Hatonn be the same as Adu of Hatonn in Andromeda, a purported extraterrestrial entity with whom George Hunt Williamson claimed interaction in 1954. George Hunt Williamson also claimed interaction with another purported extraterrestrial entity called Agfa Affa of Uranus. During that same year, in 1954 Francis Swan claimed contact with extraterrestrials from a galactic federation called 'Affa'. Were they the same entity? Whoever they might or might not be, they were called a galactic federation, so the term was in use then. Governments did surveil the four contacts named George, and Francis Swan was visited by the CIA, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and Naval Intelligence, so governments must have known those people claimed to be in contact with somebody called the Galactic Federation. Could that be what Haim Eshed spoke about in December?

  • A Canadian wrestling YouTube channel interviewed Honorable Paul Hellyer and Nick Pope about Haim Eshed and the Galactic Federation.

    Is the Galactic Federation is the same as the Galactic Confederation? A civilization from Arcturus is said to be ascended master of the Galactic Confederation, according to this article by Nicolae Chiriac.

    The article says the Galactic Confederation is also called the Galactic Federation.

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