UFO’s vs Inter/extra dimensional craft

Is there any info out there on sightings of what could be described as inter/extra dimensional craft, rather than classic UFO sightings?


  • Thank you, I have come across theories that some of the cryptids, like bigfoot have been encountered as well as UFO's lights etc. Perhaps they are dwellers in alternative dimensions. Or, just a thought, perhaps like the underground dwelling so called perfectly evolved, reptilians, Bigfoot is a super intelligent naturally evolved neanderthal, left to its own devices in terms of natural evolution - working on the basis that, as we are now, (human 2020) we are a result of a combined ET experiment out of a petrie dish started by the Annunaki?

  • You are welcome. I have heard those theories, and others that contradict them with little to no basis in known facts or legends. Honestly, we cannot be certain until someone sequences samples of these beings' DNA. The theory that links UFOs, cryptids, and alternative dimensions is the idea that certain points on the world grid are what John Keel called "window areas" where unknown craft can utilize vortex portals for travel and legendary beings can manifest what can be described as magic.

  • Fascinating, thank you. I will do research on John Keel and these vortex portals.

  • You are welcome.

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