UFO’s vs Inter/extra dimensional craft

Is there any info out there on sightings of what could be described as inter/extra dimensional craft, rather than classic UFO sightings?


  • Thank you, I have come across theories that some of the cryptids, like bigfoot have been encountered as well as UFO's lights etc. Perhaps they are dwellers in alternative dimensions. Or, just a thought, perhaps like the underground dwelling so called perfectly evolved, reptilians, Bigfoot is a super intelligent naturally evolved neanderthal, left to its own devices in terms of natural evolution - working on the basis that, as we are now, (human 2020) we are a result of a combined ET experiment out of a petrie dish started by the Annunaki?

  • You are welcome. I have heard those theories, and others that contradict them with little to no basis in known facts or legends. Honestly, we cannot be certain until someone sequences samples of these beings' DNA. The theory that links UFOs, cryptids, and alternative dimensions is the idea that certain points on the world grid are what John Keel called "window areas" where unknown craft can utilize vortex portals for travel and legendary beings can manifest what can be described as magic.

  • Fascinating, thank you. I will do research on John Keel and these vortex portals.

  • You are welcome.

  • Early this morning, I listened to part of what Andrew Collins said on Coast to Coast AM.

    Here is a break down of the contents of Andrew Collins's newest book titled Origins of the Gods.

    Andrew Collins previously wrote some of the same things about UFOs as multidimensional sentient intelligent living plasma entities in his earlier books titled Alien Energy and LightQuest.

    Does anybody here agree with Andrew Collins?

  • I read the comments regarding Crop Circles and considered the Crop Circle phenomenon in recent times has been almost non existent. Has anyone seen any recent credible reports of new formations in recent weeks?

  • The reason is because the current season is now spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Crop circles usually appear in summer. A similar phenomenon of patterns that appear in ice and snow has sometimes been observed in winter. No, nobody has seen any credible reports of new formations in recent weeks as any crops have not yet grown tall enough to be suitable canvasses for the artists or the seeds of such crops have yet to be sown.

  • Ahh thank you, your comments make perfect sense.

  • You are welcome. The 2022 Crop circle season just began today in the U.K.

    The design was reportedly discovered over the weekend in a field of rapeseed near Winchester, U.K. Th design looks fairly simple, consisting of five small circles and a large circle connecting the four outer circles surrounding a central circle. The design looks simple enough to have been made with boards, rope, and stakes. If the formation was made by trampling plants down in such a manner, it would be easy to tell with a closer look. The fact that the pattern appeared in a field of rapeseed is especially interesting to keep in mind. Mustard flowers are delicate. If the plants were trampled, then the flowers would be crushed. If the flowers are intact, then the plants' stems would have been bent or cut somehow. No mentions of unidentified flying objects or inter/extra dimensional craft.

    While checking Twitter, I noticed that on March 29 you replied to a tweet about James Semivan explaining the inter-dimensional aspects of unidentified aerial phenomenon origin with a video showing one of Samantha's sculptures standing in a road. Excellent spooky art! Honestly, I did not understand what James Semivan said in the audio clip included with the tweet. Honestly, much of what James Semivan said in that audio clip does not make sense. Why would creatures disguise themselves as different creatures? Are they trying to frame each other for crimes? Should James Semivan be trusted? James Semivan was a co-founder of To The Stars Academy. Should anybody who was involved with To The Stars Academy be trusted? Reminds me of an interview George Knapp did over one week ago with Barry Fitzgerald.

    If that was true, encounters with deceptive beings would have become rare in the Iron Age.

  • I would be interested to find any research that substantiates these claims. Without wanting to be too controversial I wonder if similar effects occur in those that have chosen to allow MRNA technology to be inserted into their bodies that are said to contain graphene which I understand is a product of carbon. Could this technology have an effect on extraterrestrial visitations?

  • MRNA stands for messenger ribonucleic acid, single stranded molecules of ribonucleic acid involved in protein synthesis. MRNA carries codes from DNA in cells' nuclei to ribosomes in cells' cytoplasm. Graphene oxide, the oxidized form of graphene, is a single-atomic-layered material formed by the oxidization of graphite. No idea if technology made of those compounds could have an effect on extraterrestrial visitations.

  • Wow, many thanks for the MRNA definition- It has been quoted many many times over the past two years, although I have never come across its actual definition.

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