Answering Skeptics that Extraterrestrials Exist

This section looks to focus on evidence and events that support the idea of extraterrestrial existence


  • Many have been asked how can your prove extraterrestrials exist? Here is my list of topics to consider when addressing skeptics.

    A gap in human evolution and its origins

    UFO sightings and abductions

    Official Government Whistleblowers eg Paul Hellyer and Dmitry Medvedev

    Revealed black ops- eg Project Bluebook

    Mysterious deaths of prominent ufologists

    Unexplained constructions on Mars and the Moon

    Genuine Crop Circles

    Mathematical equations and advanced technology relating to pyramid constructions on Earth

    Unexplained Nazca Lines

    Roswell Incident

    Pentagon released videos Gimbal and GoFast

    What is your top 10?

  • My top 10 topics to prove extraterrestrial existence for sceptics:

    Cosmogenic Abiogenesis is the theory that complex replicating organic molecules formed in the protoplanetary nebula before they formed in prebiotic liquid water oceans on Earth and elsewhere.

    Lithopanspermia is the theory that replicating organic molecules and perhaps whole organisms with complete genomes were spread across space in asteroids and comets to Earth and elsewhere.

    The Murchison Meteorite is older than the Solar System and contains nucleobases that could be proof of both Cosmogenic Abiogenesis and Lithopanspermia.

    Professor Monica Grady is certain life exists on Europa. In some ways Europa is better suited to hosting life than Earth. Mass extinction events would have been less frequent on Europa.

    Mars could hide primitive microorganisms. The results of Gilbert V. Levin's labeled release experiment could be proof.

    Billions of years ago, there could have been life in oceans on Venus before they were boiled away.

    Biosignature gases can be detected in atmospheres of extrasolar planets.

    Techno signatures can be detected around distant stars.

    The real Black Knight Satellite was a Bracewell Probe, not a thermal blanket dropped from the International Space Station photographed and mistakenly labeled the Black Knight Satellite.

    Some indigenous histories explicitly tell true stories about beings that came from the stars.

    The next time sceptics ask you to prove extraterrestrials exist, tell them these ten facts, then tell everybody how they react please.

  • Excellent list Reanemus. For the sake of social media I may have to simplify some of your superb observations when posting.

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