Pop Stars' Close Encounters

This past week two Disney Channel Pop Stars have shared stories of unidentified flying objects and contact with aliens.

Demi Lovato was in Joshua Tree with Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Steven Greer has received much patronage from Laurance Rockefeller.

Laurance Rockefeller seems to have driven John Podesta's interests.


John Podesta has exchanged emails with Tom Delonge, the guitarist of pop-punk band Blink 182.

Tom Delonge cooperated with Dr. Steven Greer.

Miley Cyrus, formerly named Destiny Hope Cyrus, recently claimed to have been chased by a UFO and made eye contact with a being.

This is not the first time Cyrus made headlines about aliens.

Cyrus is alleged to be involved with MK-UTRA.


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