Alien Type: Akart

Page 39 of the translated secret Russian alien races book pdf describes Akart from the constellation Sextans.

” This race comes from constellation Sextans . They crashed one of their ships near the town of Varginha in Brazil in 1996. 2 Of the occupants are under USA custody (they paid a huge amount of money for them. According to the arb they have the fastest ships among all alien races. Last seen on Earth February -2002. near Varginha, Brazil again! “

That is the true story of the Varginha Incident.

Number one on this list.

Quote: "Shortly after midnight on January 20, 1996, reports of a strange, glowing craft “crashing to the ground” were received by authorities in Varginha, Brazil.[10] Unknown to residents at the time was that the Brazilian military was also tracking a UFO entering their airspace.

As bizarre as these events undoubtedly were, even weirder were the reports that emergency departments began receiving of a “strange creature” roaming around the area. Originally treating the reports as a hoax or prank, the authorities (or those representing them) were said to be as surprised as the locals when they came face-to-face with the “dazed and confused” otherworldly being.

The extraterrestrial was quickly captured and held before the Brazilian military took possession of it. From there, the trail goes cold, and those suspected of having performed studies and eventual autopsies on the creature deny any involvement. Whether intentionally or not, the incident is now widely regarded as a hoax."

This video describes the case.

Most accounts of the case do not name the species or their origin until the translated secret Russian book of alien faces named them Akartians from the planet Akart in the constellation Sextans. This blog describes the Akart alien race.

PIPERON made a video about the Akartians.

Jane Leu Rekas included that video in a blog post with a sketch and a link to the story of the Brazilian farmer Artur Berlet's trip to a planet named Acart. Is Acart the same as Akart? The descriptions of the people seem too different to be the same.

Both the book and PIPERON's video say the Akartians have the fastest ships. Page 106 contains a photo of an AKART ship that crashed in Klisura, Bulgaria in 1971 and the USSR's attempt at recreating an alien ship.

Artists' Depictions of Akartians

Look, a cartoonist depicted an Akartian with an arm around former President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff. The Varginha incident has become so iconic that now in Brazil cartoon aliens are depicted with three cranial ridges.


  • Good to see you have ventured into expanding the breadth of discussion on the forum . Great Stuff Reanemus.

    Brazil has become quite a hotspot in recent times for UFO activity it seems! I looked up the distance between Mage and Varginha in Brazil 401Km apparently. I wonder if the path between the two sits on a lay line? or are the locations a mere conicidence?

  • Does Brazil have a tradition of ley line legends? These pages contain ley line maps of South America.

    The South Atlantic Anomaly is said to be a Vile Vortex.

    Quote: "The creatures have been seen, on and off, since the original incident. Many of the locals claim that the creatures are living in caves, located in the woods/forests just outside of the city" from

    That corresponds with what the book of alien races said about them having been seen again in 2002.

    There is a fake video on the Internet of a creature with cranial ridges climbing out of a hole.

    Did the creator of that hoax model the creature on the Akartians?

    Often, they are simply called Varginha E.B.E.s.

    The most curious picture of an Akartian is the one included in the translated secret book of Extraterrestrial races.

    That looks like a real photograph from a night vision trail camera trap. Can anyone tell if the image is authentic and say more about the true origin of the image?

  • It is interesting you speak of Ley Lines again Reanemus. I cannot remember if we discussed Ley lines in relation to Pyramid structures on Earth? but it reminds me to contact a specialist on the subject who is connected on instagram to alien facts. I will report back on that.

  • Yes, we did. Good to know there are specialists on Instagram. Any chance anyone on Instagram knows when the beings seen in Varginha, Brazil were first referred to as Akart?

  • Whilst my initial line of questioning was not specific enough, here is a very helpful response below from thegeobiologist.

    "Not quite sure what data you are looking for here. The Pyramids are often on intersections of many Leys, including the more powerful ones. There is a strong node at Giza for example but I have only roughly mapped the direction of the two main alignments that cross there. It takes some time to do this and I have certainly not done all the Pyramids around the World. Some also do not have these energies running through them any more as they have been depowered and the lines have moved. The extreme emotion of human sacrifice for example would move the lines away."

    Rory's instagram details are simply thegeobiologist for anyone that wishing to explore his fascinating content and knowledge further.

  • Rory's Instagram @thegeobiologist is fascinating! Well worth a look!

    Would Rory Duff agree that the origin of Akart is in Sextans as this post suggests?

    In that post and others Rory mentioned something called the Cabal spelled with a capital C. I have seen the Cabal mentioned by others including COBRA, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla. Is that a QAnon thing?

    I am curious about PIPERON's video about the Akartians. The video mentions something about something called The Star Council and a mission to trigger awakening. Who is the Star Council? Are they the same as the Council mentioned in the book? The book did not say anything about Akart having been involved with the Council, but it might make sense. The Varginha incident involved something that crashed to the ground. A bright loud crash after midnight could trigger awakening. PIPERON did research on the Internet for the information in the videos. PIPERON's video depicts the Akartians as benevolent and sympathetic unlike most other stories about the Varginha Incident.

    Look at the title of this Pinterest board

    Is that what happened? The book says the Brazilian Military sold out 2 occupants to the USA.

  • The earliest References to the Akart race that I can see is the abduction of Arthur Berlet in 1958.

    It would be really great to know where the original ARB info on them came from, and when.

  • edited December 2020

    I have read the story of Artur Berlet. Initially, I imagined his abductors looked like the beings allegedly seen in 1996, but that is not the description given in the account. They were described as tall and pale, and they wore clothes. The beings allegedly seen in 1996 were described as naked. Jane Leu Rekas included a link to Artur Berlet's story in the post about Akart on suggesting Acart to be the same as Akart, but I still think they must be different planets.

    Would it be possible to contact Dante using the e-mail address on page 2 to ask about from when and where the original info came?

  • May be worth a go contacting Dante. Yes I have searched for Acart aswell, seems to be the same thing.

  • Really? I do not remember if Artur Berlet mentioned the planet was located in Sextans, of course neither did any testimonies from the Varginha Incident except the secret Russian book and PIPERON's video. Artur Berlet described Acart as a sort of cosmopolitan place where migrants from other worlds settled explaining the population density, but Artur Berlet did not describe any of the people as looking like those allegedly seen in 1996 with horns and red eyes. Artur Berlet could communicate with the Akartian speaking German. Interestingly, Barney Hill mentioned a German Officer on board the craft in the Hill's abduction experience. This brings to mind those rumors of secret German UFOs. Besides, the beings allegedly encountered in 1996 were said to emit a buzzing sound like in other close encounter cases with other different but similar types of beings. Listen to PIPERON's video. Sounds like PIPERON included that detail in the presumably artificial voice used to narrate the video. PIPERON's video mentioned something called The Star Council. Artur Berlet described the system of Government on Acart as consisting of a Governor titled The Son of The Sun and a Council of Nine members. Seems similar. Are they the same? So, do you still think Acart and Akart are the same?

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