Corey Goode and David Wilcock take people's money.

Today, I found a blog post by Jason Colavito dated May 16.

The second link in the blog post links to an article on by MJ Banias.

This is disturbing. Does anyone still consider Corey Goode a whistle blower?


  • Sorry I missed this discussion. Am I correct in suggesting that the History Channel has let David Wilcock go, since he started venturing into more fringe activities?

    From commentary I have observed, both David Wilcock and Corey Goode have been dramatically demoted in the credibility league in recent times.

  • I do not know. I have not watched cable/satellite channels in over a year. David Wilcock ventured into fringe activities long before appearing on the History Channel. Joel Van Der Reijden wrote this.

    David Wilcock resigned from Gaia TV. Jason Colavito wrote this blog post.

    I do not subscribe to Gaia TV, so I do not know much more about this.

  • I am not a subscriber either. I do get a sense that money derived from activities is the driving factor for David. Whilst it is no sin to make a living from the subject, David's message becomes slightly stained as the overall message, becomes mixed up with the rewards.

  • David Wilcock sounds reasonable and fairly correct as far as I can tell despite also sounding like he is speaking on a cellular telephone in this speech on YouTube.

  • I agree. Do you know when this was posted? There is a suggestion he has wavered in more recent times.

  • The video was posted to the YouTube channel Starseed Alliance on November 5, 2018. The audio was probably recorded before then. Notice how David did not name the insider. He also did not name his secret sources on early episodes of History's Ancient Aliens. The audio could have been recorded before Corey Goode and Emery Smith went public. David was critical of wars and Republican President Ronald Reagan at the beginning of the audio. David said one reason why he left Gaia TV was to appeal to an audience of American Fundamentalist Evangelical Christians. Ronald Reagan is like a saint to them, so this audio might upset them. The modular triangle craft he described sounds like a video I saw titled UFO Video 1 minuet on Vimeo. That video no longer exists. Want the pin?

    Sorry, that video no longer exists. The link preview shows a still picture. See how it shows two craft. The smaller craft fit in the hole in the larger craft and they shot up as one. It looked like CGI, but it looked awesome anyway. Notice how David mentioned something called "Babylonian money magic". Is that what he is attempting to do now? Anyway, the audio has a funny ending, so it is well worth a listen. One comment from dgunyon said this is from "The Mars Records". Did David Wilcock ever credit Michael Relfe and Stephanie Relfe? Michael Relfe came forward with a story of serving in a Twenty and Back Program well before Corey Goode did. Did they plagiarize "The Mars Records"?

  • You may want to see this blog posted by David Wilcock on December 11, 2016.

    That is only the first page in the second part of a series. What do you make of all this?

  • Crikey. What becomes apparent is full disclosure of extraterrestrial existence needs a very careful delivery channel. A huge data dump such as above would be unpalatable for most.

    Some of the detail stretched my imagination a little. Whilst being around the general subject for a while, it was overload for me, which in turn started my mind to question the validity of quite a bit of the information.

    Was it simply the presentation that made me doubt, or perhaps in the back of mind I was tussling with David Wilcock and Corey Goode's recent commercial ventures? I am not quite sure.

    The elements that provided me with a certain degree of belief were certain statements that overlapped with Gary McKinnon's comments. I have interacted with Gary on a few occasions and find his story very credible.

    Just an interesting fact check to investigate. Gary Mckinnon breached the security defences of NASA and US Military networks between February 2001 and March 2002 when he was arrested.

    When did Corey Goode first appear on the scene discussing the SSP and Solar Warden?

  • Corey Goode began disclosing information in 2009 under the pseudonym GoodETxSG. In 2014, he started revealing a great deal more information. Corey Goode's first interview on the radio show Coast to Coast AM was on September 14, 2015. One year ago there was a blog post on where the author noted how the statements of Corey Goode overlapped with Gary McKinnon's comments. Unfortunately, the site has been archived or suspended for a violation of WordPress's terms of service. Anyway, here is the pin.

  • Part I of ENDGAME was all about that conspiracy theory about human trafficking out of the nonexistent basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington D.C., much too unpleasant to share. Jason Colavito described Q-Anon as a close relative to "Pizza Gate". This article about the truth about Alex Collier/Ralph Amigron I already shared before in other discussions has a paragraph about it.

    Honestly, that paragraph made me initially reluctant to share it, but it indicates how Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla, and Alex Collier/Ralph Amigron spread the same propaganda.

  • Whilst not conclusive it could suggest the Corey Goode has the possibility of just "milking" Gary's experience.

    I guess you cannot discount a disinformation programme with Alex Collier in collusion with the CIA?

    It sometimes gets a little tricky when considering the element FACT, in the alien facts remit!

  • Possibly not only Gary's experience, but also William Tompkins who also told stories of flying Navy submarines in outer space.

    Yes, I cannot discount it. Seems like Alex Collier's books or his contacts from Andromeda might be the source of those stories about the Draco/Lyra War and the Orion Wars. Those stories seem like space opera versions of ancient myths.

  • Was it William Tompkins that stated that the Nordic alien race worked with the "good guys" here on Earth? If true I wonder how he came to that viewpoint?

  • edited December 2020

    Yes, something like that. Stephanie Relfe says the opposite. William Tompkins said they communicated to him telepathically. Blogger Doug Webber reviewed and decided to read a book entitled Selected by Extraterrestrials, by William Tompkins, who unfortunately passed away recently in 2017.

    A second volume of his work has been published this year posthumously by Dr. Michael Salla.

    This interview transcript seems to indicate that David Wilcock and Corey Goode spoke with William Tompkins on their show.

  • The actor who wore a hat that looks like it was made of bison horns and racoon tails and seized the dais in the U.S. Senate Chamber on January 6 claimed to have participated in a "super-soldier" program and a space war like Corey Goode claimed and obviously presents the QAnon belief system.

  • Has the actor ever presented any supporting evidence/detail about his participation in a "Super Soldier programme that you are aware of?

  • The actor posted a video three weeks ago titled "An Avenger's Story: Captain America". Of course, the video cannot be found as all Internet platforms and hosting services have removed everything associated with those who participated in what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Check this article for a closer look at the actor.

    Laura Eisenhower interviewed him last year. He was previously in the Navy and said he walked the Shamanic path ever since his father gave him drugs. Hallucinogenic drugs and trauma are said to be used in the militaries' "super soldier" programs. Perhaps he was brainwashed. Jules Evans wrote, " He believes he is a “star person” or “star seed” — a being from another planet, a higher being." Jules Evans also wrote, "The Q community has decided he is actually an Antifa plant, an actor, a Satanist." That is no secret. Jacob is an actor. No surprise, Jacob's Libertarianism, Shamanism, and environmentalism are not typical of Q believers who are more likely to be Republican Cristian fundamentalists who deny the reality of anthropogenic climate disruption and ecocide. Comedians mocked his demand for "organic" food in jail. Typical American Republicans favor so called "conventional" agriculture over "organic" agriculture denying real hazards for the environment and heath. Also see this article that originally appeared on The Sun.

    Quote: "Among his bonkers claims, he said the world elites have underground bases where they are developing “anti-gravity technology” and “infinite energy.”

    In the 10 minute rant, in which his views are never questioned, he also said the elites, including the “banking cartels”, are involved in “cloning and all sorts of crazy stuff” and want to create a “one world government.”

    He said Trump is like the “good cop in this global organization” who is personally responsible for the arrests of Harvey Weinstein and the leaking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails."

    Those claims seem familiar. We have seen others make similar allegations before. This is the kind of content that was on Gaia TV.

    Thelemite magician Scott Stenwick quoted Jason Colavito in his blog.

    There are plenty of stories about the U.S. Government's interest in creating psychic spies and "super soldiers". Obviously those stories inspired many popular science fiction franchises. The codename "Project Jedi" was obviously inspired by George Lucas's Star Wars.

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