Asteroid Bennu Carries Organic Materials

Quote: "NASA is going to bounce its probe OSIRIS-REx off asteroid Bennu."

The mission looks like a scientific endeavor, but some bloggers have said the mission resembles a ritual performed on the altar of space.

Watchman Alexander may not have been accurate about the genealogy of Ancient Egyptian Deities. Geb is the father of Osiris. GEB is also the name of a Christian television channel.

So, NASA sent King Osiris to the Phoenix to bring a stone from the sky to Earth.

See these pages about the legend of the Phoenix.

The Phoenix stood on the primeval mound named Ben-Ben like the pyramid shaped capstones on the tops of pyramids and obelisks.

This stone may be of extraterrestrial origin.

A conical stone on top of a columnar pillar resembles a conical space capsule in the nosecone of a rocket. Did NASA and SpaceX copy the cult of Amon-Ra in Heliopolis, Egypt?


  • If the claims that Asteroid Bennu has had traces of the basic ingredient of life- Water at some stage in its past, even if the asteroid was previously part of another larger object. It would support claims that the universe is teeming with life.

  • Could the larger object have been a planet?

    Giorgio Tsoukalos and Rami Romany spoke about the Ben-Ben Stone in front of Pyramidions in a museum on History's Ancient Aliens.

  • I have'nt come across this subject before now. Do you have any views?

  • Really? That was a great episode. The article on suggests the Ben-Ben Stone could be a meteorite. It would not be the only meteorite considered sacred. Because the Ben-Ben Stone was an important part of the Solar cult of Heliopolis, Egypt it links to the saga of the Nine deities allegedly channeled in Glen Cove, Maine beginning in 1953 who allegedly claimed to be discarnate extraterrestrials aboard an invisible spacecraft. See this blog posted by Recluse.

    Does NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission make you wonder if the Solar cult of Heliopolis continues on in some form in NASA? Remember many famous NASA astronauts were Freemasons. Of course, this was the subject of the book The Stargate Conspiracy and the movie Stargate.

  • I do recall an episode of the history channel making the connection on the origins of NASA and the freemasons. One wonders if you have attained the highest level of freemasonry, can you access the true NASA secrets? An old friend of mine tried to recruit me a number of times many years ago, who was some type of grandmaster responsible for a number of regions in the UK. I did challenge him on related subjects, although in true masonic style nothing was revealed.

  • At least three occult societies came together when NASA was formed: Freemasons, former Nazis, and O.T.O. NASA is a publicly funded civilian science agency. If billions of dollars from the U.S. federal treasury are being used to finance elaborate rituals of certain religions, but not all the others equally, it is in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Besides, NASA is supposed to be a science agency. What business does NASA have attempting magic? Leave that to the private sector. Of course, some object to civilian agencies doing science on the basis of religious objections. A quick look at what is on the Internet reveals Flat Earth Creationists claiming NASA is perpetuating a cover-up of their cosmology as part of a Masonic plot because Ancient Greek Geographers are depicted holding the same kinds of tools used by Masons.

    Christopher Knowles writes a blog about some secret Masonic rituals allegedly being performed.

    Can you make any sense of it? If you want to contact Chris by Email, there is a message form on the right side of the page. The subject matter of that blog occasionally overlaps with xenobiology.

  • Agreed on NASA status although it seems they have never been held accountable to the people they serve. I guess we will never now as they seem to collaborate so much more with private contractors such as Bigelow Aerospace and SpaceX. I would imagine that even disclosure will not reveal their past secrets they are privy too, which presumably were obtained on the back of the US Taxpayer.

  • Yes, private contractors are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act and may keep secrets. Another reason why NASA collaborates with them is because more American politicians hold the neoliberal/libertarian belief that the private sector is superior to the public sector. SpaceX seems to get all the publicity, but Bigelow Aerospace is much more interesting. Have you seen the logo?

    Remember, Robert T. Bigelow purchased the cursed Skin Walker Ranch in Utah, a place where about every kind of paranormal activity takes place.

    Bigelow's most well publicized contribution to NASA is the inflatable module on the International Space Station. The thing seems versatile and could prove useful. Could Bigelow also be busy developing something more exotic in secret? Remember, Bigelow is from Las Vegas, Nevada, just outside Area 51.

  • I had not seen the Bigelow Aerospace logo before now, thank you. I find it interesting that Bigelow is very public in his positive views and beliefs of extraterrestrial existence and yet could be the conduit for US government research in re engineering programmes of captured UFO,s. Perhaps he is one of the US governments key outlets for carefully controlled disclosure?

  • You are welcome. Bigelow is as outspoken about these topics as Edgar Mitchell was. That is not so unusual considering that they hail from the American Southwest where these stories are often told.

  • Interesting, would you say the American Southwest has a strong belief on the whole in the existence of extraterrestrials? It could be useful in the future if alien facts do targeted posts on social media.

  • About the same as Northern Mexico. Stories of visitors from the sky go back centuries in those regions.

  • Pre disclosure it would be interesting and useful to establish population centres around the world that have the strongest extraterrestrial belief systems.

  • Japan's space agency has completed a mission similar to NASA's OSIRIS-REx Mission.

    Something seems wrong in this quote from Al Jazeera.

    "The material collected from the asteroid is believed to be unchanged since the time the universe was formed. Larger celestial bodies like Earth went through radical changes including heating and solidifying, changing the composition of the materials on their surface and below.

    But “when it comes to smaller planets or smaller asteroids, these substances were not melted, and therefore it is believed that substances from 4.6 billion years ago are still there,” Makoto Yoshikawa, the mission manager, told reporters before the capsule arrived."

    The time the Universe was formed is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years ago. The time the Solar System was formed is estimated to be 4.5 billion years ago. The substances from 4.6 billion years ago must be from the protoplanetary nebula that condensed to form the Sun at the center of the protoplanetary disc that formed into planetesimals that aggregated and conglomerated to form planets. Asteroids are said to be what remains of planetesimals that did not aggregate and conglomerate into planets. Material unchanged since the time the Universe was formed would only consist of elements with atomic numbers 1,2, and 3, therefore, only hydrogen, helium, and lithium.

    Another quote: "Scientists are especially keen to discover whether the samples contain organic matter, which could have helped seed life on Earth.

    “We still don’t know the origin of life on Earth and through this Hayabusa-2 mission, if we are able to study and understand these organic materials from Ryugu, it could be that these organic materials were the source of life on Earth,” Yoshikawa said"

    If the samples do contain organic matter, it could prove that organic compounds formed in the protoplanetary nebula before planets were completely formed.

    The name Hayabusa means Falcon in Japanese. The name Ryugu has been translated to mean Dragon Palace. I have seen comments connecting the sample return mission to the 1971 film The Andromeda Strain and people getting sick everywhere. Makes no sense to me. The capsule carrying the sample landed in Australia, and a preliminary safety inspection was conducted before the capsule was brought back to Japan. News of new virus mutation comes from Britain. Space agencies have protocols in case they find dangerous material. They must have seen enough scary movies.

    However, unlike with NASA's asteroid sample return mission, I have not yet seen or heard any allegations of ritual on the part of Japan's space agency in this mission, besides the awesome names of the asteroid and spacecraft, despite its similarity to NASA's asteroid sample return mission.

  • Your insight and knowledge is fascinating Reanemus. Do you think this could be just a case of vague reporting by Al Jazeera?

    I do recall an excerpt from the history channel series that suggested that Earth is constantly bombarded with materials from outside earths atmosphere that contain viral strains of some sort, which seemed timely with the global coverage of Covid-19. At the time I wondered if it was just some sort of deflection from reports that US agencies had considerable input to the initial infrastructure of the lab in Wuhan. My knowledge and memory is rather sketchy to add specific detail.

    The thought that organisms can survive space would suggest our universe is teeming with life however.

    I was puzzled by the reporting this of Oumuamua that was labelled as an asteroid by some earlier this year. Allegedly the first interstellar asteroid. I suppose my imagination ran wild, when news agencies described the object as cigar shaped!

  • Yes, the author may have meant to write Solar System instead of Universe. Also could be a quirky translation. That, or someone at Al Jazeera or the Government of Qatar has an official cosmology that states their universe cannot extend past the Oort Cloud in space and cannot extend past 4.6 billion years in time. Of course that does not explain stars and galaxies in the night sky.

    Do you recall the episode of Ancient Aliens titled "Aliens, Plagues, and Epidemics", episode seven in season three, first broadcast on September 8, 2011?

    That is basically what Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and Sir Fred Hoyle posited in the 1970s.

    This year Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe spoke about the theory attracting media attention.

    Look at Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe's website.

    The theory is that comets can carry frozen viral strains of some sort. The interstellar comet named 2I/Borisov, originally designated C/2019 Q4,was first spotted and discovered by Gennady Borisov in August 2019. Another comet named C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) or Comet ATLAS was discovered by the ATLAS survey on December 28, 2019 and neared the Sun on March 22, 2020 when the comet started disintegrating. Could either of those comets have been the source of a suspected falling meteorite caught on tape in many places in northeast China on October 11, 2019? Unlikely. Years 2019 and 2020 were a time of solar minimum when the Sun's magnetic field weakened allowing more galactic cosmic rays to penetrate the Solar System. Earth's magnetic field also weakened in 2020 in the area known as the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly.’ These factors could have allowed more cosmic rays to hit the South Atlantic region. This quote suggests a link between Sunspot Cycle Minima and Pandemics after Earth has recently encountered a stream of cometary debris.

    "More significantly, in our view, during solar minimum, new viruses, bacteria and other microscopic biological entities can penetrate the interplanetary magnetic field barrier and reach the stratosphere. Descent of such particles to ground level by means of gravitational settling might take months or years depending on size. The final descent phase through the troposphere would be mostly controlled by meteorological events. It is also of interest to note that the first descent of viral-sized particles deposited in the stratosphere will occur at places where the stratosphere is thinnest; and by this argument populated areas of China lying eastward of the Himalayan mountain range would present the best candidates. It is therefore not surprising to find that first strikes of new or renewed viral diseases are often recorded in China. We should however stress that not every minimum in the sunspot cycle would be associated with a new epidemic or new pathogen. Additional conditions need to be fulfilled, most importantly that the Earth has recently encountered a stream of cometary debris containing disease-causing dust-e.g. phages, virions, micro-organisms."

    It is unlikely that complete new viruses arrived. More than likely, cosmic mutagens affected genomic sequences of viruses already present in animals creating new mutant strains.

    Spores can survive the low temperatures and high radiation in outer space.

    Oumuamua may or may not be shaped like a cigar.

    Oumuamua was the first asteroid to be described as having such an elongated shape. Seems like everyone who has written about the object cannot agree on what it is or which star system it originated in. Here is a theory that could explain the elongated shape if that really is what it is.

  • I just found this article on by Inigo Monzon about how Scott Waring claimed to have seen a black pyramid on Bennu in a photograph taken by the Indian Space Research Organization.

    The article is dated November 26, 2019 and includes a link to Scott C. Waring's blog posted on July, 2, 2014.

    Interesting symbolism, a pyramid on Bennu is the reverse of the Ancient Egyptian Myth of the Phoenix landing on the pyramidal primordial mound of creation that rose from the Waters of Nun.

    I also found some Pinterest boards about Bennu and OSIRIS-REx.

    Is Scott C. Waring considered a reliable source for factual information? If there really is a black pyramid placed by aliens on the asteroid Bennu that could mean that NASA has a secret agenda behind the OSIRIS-REx Mission much more important than expensive occult cult rituals.

  • Scott Waring is certainly firmly established in our subject matter although his specialisation seems to me to be of a visual nature which many skeptics could argue could be prone to manipulation. It seems he has had a degree of commercial success via book publications and although commercialisation does not necessarily infer imaginative creativity in reporting, some purists could argue that very point.

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