Was an interstellar object in orbit around Earth superheated to rain down 780,000 years ago?


  • I have just reviewed the above post and note the interesting suggestion that the geomagnetic movement may have coincided with first UFO sighting. Could it be that this time period was an active period of extraterrestrial intervention, with the sole purpose to mould Earth into a place where intelligent civilisations could develop?

    "Additionally intriguing is the fact that 780,000 years ago, our planet went through its last recorded complete geomagnetic reversal. The full switch over of the north and south magnetic poles. Could this profound planetary energy shift somehow be linked to the world’s first recorded UFO and whatever events led to its destruction?"

  • Bruce R. Fenton suggested a critical failure in drive technology of a huge mobile silica network as the anomalous heating process that was the origin of Australite Tektites. Another suggestion instead: What if the anomalous heating process was some kind of weapon that destroyed the object?

    7800,000 years ago was at the end of the Calabrian Stage and the beginning of the Chibanian Stage, the Brunhes-Matuyama Reversal. Some scientists have said that meteor impacts could disturb the dynamo source of Earth's magnetic field in the planet's liquid iron outer core. Multiple impact craters were proposed as sources of the Australasian Strewn Field.

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