The Lacerta Files Interviews

Remember the Lacerta Files Interviews? Here is the English translation transcript.

Part of the interview translated to Spanish is on this page.

An audio version in English is on YouTube.

Notice the cover image is from an excellent episode of Doctor Who that tells a similar story in fiction. That is Neve McIntosh covered in special effects makeup to play Restac in the excellent Doctor Who episodes "The Hungry Earth" and "Cold Blood".

Lacerta is not an extraterrestrial alien. The interview tells the story of the first alien war between two advanced alien species 65 million years ago. Lacerta said that 14 alien species were active on Earth in 1999.


  • All of The Lacerta Files are on too.

    Has anyone here ever used

  • I have never used . Having just read the article it seems the author is a little cynical of the Lacerta Files.

    Do you consider a useful source?

  • I consider a useful source for fun information about popular fiction. The website also contains wikis about nonfiction, but Wikipedia exists for nonfiction. Honestly, there seems to be much redundancy in wikis. For example,,,, and more contain pages about the same topics covered on this website. Look at more of and notice that wiki covers more of the same obscure topics covered on this website than the other examples.

  • After checking Alien-Facts' social media today, I recognize the image in the most recent post.

    The image is also on this page. I recognize some of the drawings in the list of fourteen. 1 through 4 look like what are now called "Grays". 5 is Orthon who George Adamski met in the California desert. 6 is the beings described in the case of Antonio Villas Boas. 7 is one of the three eyed giant beings seen in the Voronezh Encounter in Russia. Notice the symbol on the belt. That is the same symbol associated with UMMO. However, the symbol is the only thing that suggests a link between UMMO and the Voronezh Encounter. The UMMO symbol resembles the sigil of Uranus. 8 is the Jawas from Star Wars. 9 is what Calvin Parker encountered in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1973. 10 and 11 look like furry hominids. 13 is one of the Hopkinsville "Goblins" that scared the Sutton Family in Kelly, Kentucky in 1955. 14 looks like some drawings of a Chupacabra. Image search results for "Chupacabra" often yield varying images probably adding to confusion about legendary monsters.

    Do you really think that image shows all fourteen alien species Lacerta spoke of? 1 is from the Roswell Incident. Lacerta explained the Roswell Incident in the second interview.

    I have thought about who the three species from beyond this universe could be. I think they could be the nonviolent ETI from a contiguous universe mentioned in John Podesta's leaked e-mails with Edgar Mitchell, the Octorians from one of PIPERON's videos, and the Targzissians.

    Do you agree?

  • Sadly its impossible currently to confirm that, although it is a comforting coincidence to suggest to separate sources coming to similar conclusions.

  • Lacerta asked Ole K., " Are you familiar with your "quantum tunnel effect"?". I found this article about quantum tunneling and opening portals by Joseph P. Farrell, the author of The Giza Death Star.

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