I finished reading a book titled Solar Warden: Alien Secrets by Ian Douglass also known as William H. Keith. I found the book in the fiction section of a book store, and the book includes that disclaimer all fiction books have. I immediately recognized the ships on the cover art. The book incorporates much of modern UFO lore. Has anyone else here read it?


  • See the front cover art and synopsis on that website. The book was released July, 9, 2020. Anyone else recognize that ship? That is the USSS Hillenkoetter.

    The illustrative rendering is dated 2015. The book is based on the legends that came before. I wonder if Gary McKinnon and Corey Goode have said anything about the book. The book includes quotes from Gary McKinnon. Was the book ever mentioned on internet shows like Cosmic Disclosure?

  • What did you think of the book you mentioned above?

    I have been in contact with Gary Mckinnon on a number of occasions during the past year. If we have a couple of questions that we consider are inside Gary's knowledge base and experience, I will happily forward them direct to his personal email.

  • Solar Warden: Alien Secrets by Ian Douglass excellently combines the legends and lore of modern ufology with the military subgenre of science fiction. Most well known legends and lore of modern ufology are mentioned in the book forming a great part of the plot. Readers who may have visited this website would probably already be familiar with those stories. Anyone else wonder what those who claim to be real veterans of Solar Warden like Corey Goode might have to say about the book?

    I would not be surprised to hear that Gary McKinnon was told about his quotations above chapters. The name Solar Warden came from Gary McKinnon's hacks of the Pentagon. Some might ask about how the cover art looks compared to the alleged photograph of the USSS Hillenkoetter.

    Come to think of it, it seems odd that disclosure oriented whistleblower websites seem to have nothing to say about Solar Warden: Alien Secrets since the book was released this year. They already made claims of soft disclosure in just about every other science fiction franchise.

  • Perhaps we could open up and explore the Solar Warden topic a little more by opening another category here?

  • The forum already has a category titled Secret Space Programs. Supposedly, Solar Warden was the name of a secret space program. Want some of the Internet stories of Solar Warden?

  • Yes a great idea. I am confident that there is a lot of factual information on this subject. I am quite of supporter of Gary McKinnon and strongly believe his recorded experiences are factual and accurate.

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