• Incredible!  Does anyone suspect that some of these whistle blowers could be disinformation agents?

  • In short, yes. I tend to pay more attention to those who have come forward, at great cost to themselves and their families. Some have been killed in suspicious circumstances!

  • My pin pal suspects that Corey Goode is a fraud, but not Randy Cramer formerly known as Captain Kaye.  Some of Corey Goode's stories sounded eerily similar to season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise as well as some other science fiction, which made me curious.

  • I have read more about Randy Cramer...I have heard a lot of criticism of Corey Goode, personally I dont know If he is a fraud, it seems his information is accurate. Not sure if you have heard the various threads linking Gene Roddenberry to the secret space programs? There is some interesting stuff on that. This article is worth a read ....

  • Wow!   I have most certainly heard some threads linking Gene Roddenberry to Andrija Puharich and the Council of Nine, the Grand Ennead of Ancient Egypt on an episode of Ancient Aliens titled 'The Council of Nine".  Do you think the Council of Five in the KGB Alien Races Book could be the same?

    Here is a link to a blog post about the Council of Nine.


  • Im not sure, is the council of nine where the Prime directive came from?

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    Chris Knowles wrote some excellent posts about Star Trek and the Council of Nine, but those pages no longer exist.  If the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon influenced an episode of Star Trek, it must have been "Assignment Earth".

  • Did Chris Knowles take them down? I know that there was a change in his blog where you couldn't see the comments on the blog post anymore.

  • All of the Secret Sun blog posts about Star Trek seem to have disappeared.

    Let us return to the subject of Secret Space Program whistle blowers.  Some of the things in the testimonies of Corey Goode and Emery Smith sound similar to things in season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise.

    "Corey says the Draco alliance is made up of a central reptilian group, but also an insectoid race, and some other 'engineered' races."  "Smith recollected working with insectoids (Ant and Preying Mantis looking entities), human looking (Arcturian) extraterrestrials, Simians (intelligent ape-like beings), Reptilians and even rock-like beings"  Corey Goode has also spoken about aquatic beings and Blue Avian beings.  This sure does match the descriptions of the six Xindi species in Star Trek.

    Corey Goode's stories involve planet sized sphere shaped mega structures that sure do remind me of the spheres reconfiguring space in season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise.  The Sphere Builders were trans-dimensional beings that the Xindi called The Guardians.  In Corey Goode's stories the Secret Space Program called the Sphere Being Alliance the Ancient Builder race, and the Inner-Earth Alliance Council called the Sphere Being Alliance the Guardians.  There may be more similarities.

    So, could these whistle blowers be disinformation agents ripping off the cancelled Star Trek prequel or was this another case of soft disclosure?  "Corey says that at one time, they did have a plan to have a fake alien invasion scenario via secret space program assets, [known to some as Project Blue Beam]."  Project Blue Beam is basically the plot of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation titled "Devil's Due".

  • I believe they are disinformation agents. I believe their purpose is to discredit people who do have experiences and information. Before people who did come forward with information were ridiculed and ostracized, and now these people are being paid to do so and can't even be criticized for it? Something isn't right with that. This sorta discourages people from coming forward. I believe Corey Goode is a perfect example of that.

  • I have listened to Corey Goode and Emery Smith tell their stories in interviews with Jimmy Church, but I have not paid to watch their streaming shows.  Anyway, the descriptions of creatures in their stories have inspired some amazing illustrations.

  • Would you consider James Rink of a credible secret space program whistleblower?  I did not see that name on the list of whistleblowers.

  • Hi Reanemus

    I had not come across his details before you highlighted him. He is now a link on the twitter alien facts account. Will look to research a little more and see if we can cross reference/validate his credentials over the next day or so.

    Thanks yet again for the heads up

  • Gary McKinnon seems to have a credible backstory to his secret space program disclosures, in that the US were so determined to have Gary extradited to stand trial for his success in hacking the NSA.

    This desire to bring Gary to justice by the US authorities must suggest Gary’s claims are true.

  • The story of Gary McKinnon is on this webpage.

    An interview with Gary McKinnon is in the website's video section.

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