Legends of Mount Nyangani in Zimbabwe

Mount Nyangani (formerly Mount Inyangani) is the highest peak in Zimbabwe. The mountain has been surrounded by legends for centuries. People disappear on the mountain. The reason is probably the terrain and weather, but the legends tell of spirits with rules that must be followed. See this article by Brent Swancer for a sampling of stories about the mountain said to swallow people.

This article did not mention aliens or secret bases, but they could explain some of these mysteries. Pat Price remote viewed secret bases in four mountains on different continents and showed them to Hal Puthoff in 1973. Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe was listed as one. Those who are familiar with both African folklore and more modern stories of ET encounters probably know the name of Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa whose initiation as an African Spiritual Healer involved an intriguing incident where he described an alien abduction in the sacred mountains of Zimbabwe as part of the initiation. See this article by vhezda1.

Could a secret base in the highest peak in Zimbabwe help to explain the incident?

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