Is there a secret base under water near Mexico?

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Today I found two articles about an alleged secret base under water near the coast of the Mexican state Tamaulipas.

I do not know if these claims are true or not.


  • Here is an article by Paul Seaburn about the base that was published during the same month.

  • An interesting concept- a race protecting communities from hurricanes. If true, what other forces of nature would afford protection by extraterrestrials ?

  • In addition to weather, Type I Civilizations on the Kardashev Scale would supposedly be able to control earthquakes and volcanoes.

  • It then begs the question on where do Earths extraterrestrial visitors sit on the Kardashev Scale?

    Although would any such intervention be allowed by the Council Of Nine if there was an Earth Threatening event?

  • If extraterrestrial visitors come from other solar systems, then they would have to be at least Type II on the Kardashev Scale.

    Elena Danaan said that the Council of Five does not follow any laws that would prevent intervention.

  • One wonders if some of well known extraterrestrial species to humanity exceed Type 2 civilisations?

    Greys ?

    Pleiadeans ?

    Reptilians ?

  • Yes to all three, but that would be an oversimplification. The real answer can get more complicated.

    According to lore and witnesses' accounts, grey aliens are genetically engineered organisms, not products of natural evolution. Some grey aliens were said to be at least partially synthetic cyborgs. Grey aliens are most often described to be like drones or workers without individuality either existing in a hive mind or following orders from individuals of different species, but some stories involve grey aliens with distinct individual personalities, so that may not always be the case. Cyborgs or cybernetic beings are likely the most advanced beings in a Type III Civilization's interstellar society. Do grey aliens belong to a Type III Civilization?

    Beings from the Pleiades Star Cluster are said to be the descendants of humanoid refugees from somewhere in the constellation Lyra who left and colonized planets in the Pleiades Star Cluster. The stars of the Pleiades Star Cluster are too new for life to have developed naturally by now on any planets that may be orbiting those stars, so if any worlds there are inhabited, they would have to have been colonized by somebody from somewhere else. Since the beings from the Pleiades Star Cluster occupy several planets in multiple neighboring solar systems, they would exceed Type II.

    Reptiles are not extraterrestrial species. Reptiles evolved on Earth 320 million years ago. Stories of reptilian beings in folklore vary as to the sophistication of the reptilian beings. Some describe reptilian beings possessing advanced technology or powerful magic, but stories from folklore describe reptilian beings living as primitive creatures in swamps. The best known case of an eyewitness's encounter with a reptilian being is Christopher Davis's encounter with the Lizard Man of Lee County, South Carolina in 1988 which characterized the creature like a monster of the swamp similar to fictional lizard folk that dwell in swamps in the fantasy genre.

  • If reports are correct there are a number of grey alien species, whether the various types evolved from a common source is an interesting question. It would make sense their would be a synthetic variation of a species to take the manual strain out of daily life in addition "living beings" I guess by that I am suggesting a realistic possibility of a robotic species that is controlled by living entities.

    There are of course reports that some grey species are actually humans albeit 50,000- 60,000 years in our future. In that instance if true, you would imagine that they would fit into the living beings.

    I guess therefore one could consider discounting the validity of cybernetic species fitting into any Type of civilisation as opposed a naturally evolving species. This discussion starts to bring into question of what level of transhumanism does one consider a being, still being part of a living species that would therefore be worthy of consideration for classification.

    Whilst the Kardashev scale looks at classification of a civilisations technical advancement, I propose there should be a consideration for a scale of living species.

    Here goes

    1) Type One- Can control individual rational thought

    2) Type Two - Can control individual thought and can communicate via speech

    3) Type three- Can control thought of others and can communicate via telepathic means

    4) Type Four- Can control and manage natural energies of a planet via thought

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