• Thanks Reanemus

    It is certainly worth a mention on the Alien Fact social media feeds

  • I am glad to see it still on the social media feeds today since there are all those rumors spread about a suppression campaign. I was wondering if the recent weakening of the Earth's magnetic field in the South Atlantic Anomaly could have caused a spacecraft to fall over Brazil.. That is assuming it was in fact a spacecraft crash.

    Quote from the European Space Agency: "At surface level, the South Atlantic Anomaly presents no cause for alarm. However, satellites and other spacecraft flying through the area are more likely to experience technical malfunctions as the magnetic field is weaker in this region, so charged particles can penetrate the altitudes of low-Earth orbit satellites." Source:

  • A fascinating possible explanation, although you would imagine the probable sophistication of an extraterrestrial craft would make allowances for such anomalies.

    It may be a welcome distraction for Brazil that is suffering from a torrid number of coronavirus cases, second only to the USA.

    I have looked around and sadly have yet to find any further developing details of the crash other than the few initial reports, which is consistent with a suppression campaign.

  • After multiple people described seeing blue, yellow, and red objects over the sky in Magé, videos associated with the incident mysteriously disappeared.

    Even though there are often supposed UFO sightingsacross the world all the time, the removal and disappearance of videos with the tag #MageUFO has led to a number of conspiracies arising.

    After numerous complaints on the UFO subreddit of removing images and comments, a moderator explained, “I see a lot of stupidity in this thread, so let me just make it absolutely clear: mods here do not censor. If a post is stupid or offensive it will be removed. If it is a hoax, we’ll remove it.”

    Things go deeper after people began noticing something strange on Google Maps. It appears that there is a part of Magé which is blurred out on Google Maps. The glitch has lead to people delving further down the rabbit hole.

  • Extraterrestrial crafts generate their own magnetic fields around their outer hulls to protect their occupants and equipment from cosmic radiation according to what I have read.

    The glitch that blurred out a part of Magé on Google Maps was caused by a shiny metal roof reflecting light from the Sun directly at the camera lens on the airplane or satellite that took the photograph. The same method of using shiny metal roofs to saturate a digital camera's light sensors was used at Area 51 to counter spy satellites.

  • Interesting insight Reanemus.

    I took the liberty to post the Mage event on the alien facts social media feeds which has produced some interesting results. The feed on the alien facts Instagram account has had its popularity suppressed for this particular post. I am in a position to review internally that the post had received 1,995 favourable responses (likes) although it publicly states that only 91 have appreciated the information. Then again there may be other explanations for these anomalies?

  • I do not use Instagram since it was bought by Facebook, so I do not know how it is supposed to work. I looked at the page anyway today without signing up or logging in, and it now says that the post has 101 likes. Another explanation is that 1,094 fake accounts liked the post too.

  • It may well be, I am also deficient on how social media works, having not been active until this project started.

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