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I have seen at least four different video versions of the secret Russian book of alien races by now.  The videos do not contain all the information in the entire pdf, but they do also include information from other sources too.  Want URLs?  Here are some.

See the picture of Dr. Stephen Greer at 17:41 in the video above.  Is someone implying that Dr. Stephen Greer is a secret alien agent?

These are just slideshows.  Josh Tam created an animated series titled Aliencyclopedia based on the book.

Obviously, Josh Tam put a great amount of work into creating the animated videos.


  • Thank You Reanemus, I would be interested in which of these four selected videos do you personally consider to be most profound?

  • You are welcome.  The second was the first version I saw.  I initially thought it was a hoax because I recognized some of the pictures.  The pdf and the first video allege that secret agencies may have shared the information with the entertainment industry.  I do not know if that is true.  It looks like Josh Tam's Aliencyclopedia series is not yet complete.   If we could promote it so Josh Tam's YouTube channel gets more views, Josh Tam might start making more.

    Want more video recommendations?

    Edge of Wonder made the excellent two volume Ultimate Guide to #Alien Races.

    I included some frames from PIRERON's THE STAR RACES series in earlier discussions.  I recognized some of the images from video games, television, and movie concept art.  Despite that, some of the short videos are consistent with the legends.  I do not know if it was intended to be taken as fact or fiction.

  • Hi Reanemus

    You have sparked up a small shake up of the video section. As I result of your recommendations there are two additions to the section which you kindly suggested. Thank You.

    I was able to ascertain a couple of videos we had previously posted had been mysteriously deleted when reviewing the complete video section.

  • Hi SpanishReptillian, you are welcome.  I am glad to be of help.

    Check the websites the deleted videos originally came from.  There may have been some issues with copywritten content unless there was a real suppression campaign.

  • Hi Reanemus

    One of the videos that has become unavailable is the "Unacknowledged" video we posted a couple of weeks ago, hosted by Dr Stephen Greer. It is likely that its deletion is a result of either or both the issues you have highlighted above.

  • That is interesting and suspicious.  Unacknowledged is in this listicle of five secret conspiracy documentary films.

    Quote: "Unacknowledged, 2017. Michael Mazzola

    The film Unacknowledged reveals a less improbable and more familiar topic – UFO. Built on the principle of “talking heads plus a historical chronicle”, Mike Mazzola’s painting covers the entire XX century: from supposedly the first observations of unidentified flying objects to supposedly attempts by shadow organizations to hide their existence. The main speaker and apologist for UFOs in the film is Stephen Greer, a man who built a successful career as a doctor of medicine, who left the profession in 1998 and devoted himself to collecting evidence of human contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. At the same time, he is confident in the existence of secret, government forces engaged in the study of alien technologies and severely punishing those who decide to intervene in their work.

    <img src="" alt="" width="480" height="360">

    <iframe title="Unacknowledged Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie" width="740" height="416" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Greer appears here as a knight who knows the truth, and his speeches, documents at his disposal, skillfully mounted frames by Mazzola with famous characters from the American politicum, which can be hidden, make you think. Indeed, to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, given the size of the observable Universe, is easy, and the fact that representatives of these civilizations have visited our planet is even more difficult, but quite possible. The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is confidence in the authenticity of those Greer documents. The rest of the film Unacknowledged is an example of a convincing movie on a very unconvincing topic."

    I recommend Unacknowledged to anyone unfamiliar with the facts behind the most famous UFO stories with the most credible witnesses and the most evidence.  Is there a suppression campaign?

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