Religion and Alien Acceptance

An interesting article looking at the relationship between religion and alien acceptance.


  • Quote:  "“Members of the Brazilian religion called the Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer), for example, claim to be the spiritual descendants of a race of beings from the distant star Capella, sent by God to jumpstart Earth’s evolution.”

    Before reading the article, I did not know what that was, but it reminds me of this about  Ramay.

    Quote:  ” A very peaceful race! They tried to co- exist with us! Acording to the book they are the one’s that “created” the Mayan civilization by taking humans from different place on Earth and place them in South America. They have a very scientific temperament. They taught the mayans abouth astronomy and time . They left the mayans and the planet when this culture was at it’s highest in splendor! After they left the mayans started the sacrifices and blood offerings in their name! This race has visites us many time after that. They come from Capella , constellation Auriga. They visited last in 2001 in Bora -Bora . “


  • Could the race of beings from Cappella be this?

    The article mentioned Swedenborg, a name that appears frequently on author, Doug Webber's blogs.

    Reach out to Doug Webber for more looking at the relationship between religion and alien acceptance.

  • Hi Reanenus

    Very interesting postings Reanemus. It does beg the question if the Reptillian race has a number of subgroups in its population?

    I have been working on the latest newsletter for Alien Facts which will be out shortly. I will be telling the subscribers there are a couple of new videos available in the video section. Unacknowledged is my preferred new addition authored by Dr Steven Greer. Whilst lengthy it is well put together with a great deal of credible fascinating testimonies. Interested in your thoughts once reviewed.

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