Religion and Alien Acceptance

An interesting article looking at the relationship between religion and alien acceptance.


  • Quote:  "“Members of the Brazilian religion called the Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer), for example, claim to be the spiritual descendants of a race of beings from the distant star Capella, sent by God to jumpstart Earth’s evolution.”

    Before reading the article, I did not know what that was, but it reminds me of this about  Ramay.

    Quote:  ” A very peaceful race! They tried to co- exist with us! Acording to the book they are the one’s that “created” the Mayan civilization by taking humans from different place on Earth and place them in South America. They have a very scientific temperament. They taught the mayans abouth astronomy and time . They left the mayans and the planet when this culture was at it’s highest in splendor! After they left the mayans started the sacrifices and blood offerings in their name! This race has visites us many time after that. They come from Capella , constellation Auriga. They visited last in 2001 in Bora -Bora . “


  • Could the race of beings from Cappella be this?

    The article mentioned Swedenborg, a name that appears frequently on author, Doug Webber's blogs.

    Reach out to Doug Webber for more looking at the relationship between religion and alien acceptance.

  • Hi Reanenus

    Very interesting postings Reanemus. It does beg the question if the Reptillian race has a number of subgroups in its population?

    I have been working on the latest newsletter for Alien Facts which will be out shortly. I will be telling the subscribers there are a couple of new videos available in the video section. Unacknowledged is my preferred new addition authored by Dr Steven Greer. Whilst lengthy it is well put together with a great deal of credible fascinating testimonies. Interested in your thoughts once reviewed.

  • Hi, SpanishReptillian.

    Considering that reptiles go back 320 million years in Earth's fossil record, that is enough time for much strange speciation to have occurred.  According to legends on the internet, reptilian subgroups may include reptilians from Earth spread to other planets including Mars (Randy Cramer/Captain Kaye's testimony) and other star systems including Alpha Draconis, Boötes, Delta Pavonis (Septiloids mentioned on, Orion (Bellatrix Mercenaries, Rigellians, and the Black League Resistance), and Capella (PIPERON's Star Races videos on YouTube.).

    I do not know if the Equitumans of the Brazilian religion are the Ramay of the secret Russian book, the Capellian of PIPERON's animated videos, or another separate species.  All or none may be real.  Consider that Capella is four stars, not one.

    "Most of the mediums are considered the reincarnation of an extraterrestrial giant people, "the Equitumans", who supposedly landed on the Earth 32,000 years ago, and later returned in successive reincarnations in civilizations like the Hittites, the Ionians, the Dorians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Mayans etc. The Equitumans supposedly established themselves in the region of the Andes and are buried in Lake Titicaca, which was formed by a tear of the Glowing Star." from:

    The picture of a mask in PIPERON's collage looks like it is also the picture used to illustrate Al Gruualix in the secret Russian book.

    See this article.

    I finally had a chance to view all of Unacknowledged.  I had previously seen and heard Doctor Stephen Greer interviewed on various radio programs and television shows.  However, Doctor Stephen Greer has been subject of some strange accusations like this video.

    What was happening in that video?

    He claimed that humans are banned exploring further than the Moon contradicting secret Space Program whistleblowers' claims of colonies on Mars and the files Gary McKinnon hacked in 2001.  Chris Knowles wrote a blog post about Doctor Stephen Greer.  The post no longer exists, but it may reappear.  This webpage links to it.

  • There are a number of overlaps and agendas running on these subjects. In isolation, I have found it hard doubt the claims of Gary Mckinnon. I have exchanged mails with Gary on a few occasions. The details of his exploits for me are convincing.

    There are of course time line considerations and I sometimes wonder if disclosures regarding humans being barred from the moon for example may well be outdated. Has any of your investigations uncovered details of the activities that go on on the far side of the moon? In January 2019 the "Chang 4 Spacecraft" landed on the far side.

  • Very Interesting Reanemus

    In particular the Alex Collier claims surrounding an underground facility underneath the Jules Verne Crater on the Moon. I wonder is there any reports that corroborate his claims of the alleged underground facility in that area of the moon?

    It was also interesting to get the view of how low down the food chain MJ12 appeared to be, which put matters into a very interesting perspective.

    1st Level- Black Monks

    2nd Level- Blue moon

    3rd Level- Alpha 1 and (Alpha 2 (MJ12) )

  • See this.

    This page tells the same story with additional paragraphs.  Quote: "Anti-gravity anomalies on Earth were used to send equipment and hardware to the Moon. Pine Gap, Australia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean were the primary launching areas. Also, Siberia in Russia is another location.” from:

    "A recent claim about the presence of an operational Moon base was made by Dr. Michael Salla." from:

    I do not know if these corroborate his claims.  See this too.

  • It is very interesting your above post -Extraterrestrial Races according to Alex Collier. Even if partially true it suggests the complexities, power struggles and agendas of many alien races with our human race making us just a mere small bit player of a massive inter galactic game. The ultimate game of politics and a realisation of how humans are potentially so low down in the food chain!!

    On a slightly different note, but related to the ( NWO) I have received suggestions from a couple of conspiracy theorists that the current world epidemic had some intervention at inception from the New World Order, although very much lacking in supportive evidence to make it a worthy debate at this stage.

  • I had already seen parts of Alex Collier's books copied and pasted on many different webpages all over the internet before.  That page is from one of Dr. Michael Salla's websites.  Dr. Michael Salla has spoken and written about what he calls the "Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex".  Dr. Michael Salla may be able to corroborate Alex Collier's claims.  Here is a report by Dr. Michael Salla that quotes books written by Alex Collier.

    Here is another theory about the inception of the current world epidemic that involves comets, the sunspot cycle minimum, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

    Hoyle and Wickramasinghe developed the model of panspermia that also postulates that various epidemics are caused by the arrival of viruses from space.

    "More significantly, in our view, during solar minimum, new viruses, bacteria and other microscopic biological entities can penetrate the interplanetary magnetic field barrier and reach the stratosphere. Descent of such particles to ground level by means of gravitational settling might take months or years depending on size. The final descent phase through the troposphere would be mostly controlled by meteorological events. It is also of interest to note that the first descent of viral-sized particles deposited in the stratosphere will occur at places where the stratosphere is thinnest; and by this argument populated areas of China lying eastward of the Himalayan mountain range would present the best candidates. It is therefore not surprising to find that first strikes of new or renewed viral diseases are often recorded in China. We should however stress that not every minimum in the sunspot cycle would be associated with a new epidemic or new pathogen. Additional conditions need to be fulfilled, most importantly that the Earth has recently encountered a stream of cometary debris containing disease-causing dust-e.g. phages, virions, micro-organisms."

    "In the 1940’s, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) hired a young electrical engineer -- John Nelson -- in an effort to improve the reliability of HF ("short-wave") radio communications around Earth. Such radio transmissions had been observed to be, for some reason, more reliable in the "lulls" in between, than during solar activity associated with "peak" sunspot years.

    To his surprise, Nelson soon specifically correlated this rising and falling radio interference with not only sunspot cycle, but with the motions of the major planets of the solar system; he found, to his increasing astonishment, a very repeatable -- in essence, astrological correlation ... between the inexorable orbits of all the planets (but especially, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune -- which, remember, hold essentially all the solar’s system’s known angular momentum) ... and major radio-disturbing eruptions on the Sun!

    The Hyperdimensional Model finally provides a comprehensive theoretical explanation -- a "linking mechanism" -- for these, to a lot of astronomers, still embarrassing decades-old RCA observations. For, in essence what John Nelson had rediscovered was nothing short of a "Hyperdimensional Astrology" -- the ultimate, very ancient, now highly demonstrable angular momentum foundations behind the real influences of the Sun and planets on our lives." from: III

    Is this enough supporting evidence for Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe's theory?

  • Crikey Hyperdimensional physics looks a complex subject on its own, but glad you posted details nonetheless.

    Also fascinating to gain an insight on the effects the sun has on our solar system.

    Thank you very much, yet again Reanemus.

  • You are welcome.  Hyperdimensional physics could explain the ancient art of astrology.

  • The book of alien races did not name a planet of the origin of Ramay around the stars Capella in the constellation Auriga. However, the book labeled a photograph of what I recognized was called a Dragonfly Drone UFO with the word RAMAY. I found a web page that names a planet Oltissis.

  • Very interesting article Reanemus. I hope that free energy will be accessed in my life time for the masses, although I can see many obstacles being presented for such an eventuality, by a select few individuals and corporations that would stand to loose.

  • In 2007 pictures and fake videos of UFOs dubbed "Dragonfly Drones" taken in many different places were all over the Internet. When I saw the picture on the bottom of page 158 of the Alien Races Book PDF, I recognized it as the same type, but it was not one of those famous pictures. It is out of focus, the booms, net, and ring are barely visible, and no symbols can be seen. The CARET documents are now considered hoaxes. Want URLs to link to some more of those pictures and stories?

  • Very interesting Reanemus

    The subject of extra terrestrial existence and the impacts on humanity has been plagued by fake information. It would be fair to asssume that different motives exist as to the rationale of "fake news" distribution.

    Governments have led the way here and I suspect will always continue to do so, with complex agenda's behind their actions.

    The next group I would consider are those that choose to profit from the subject ( which may also include state actors). There has clearly been a commercial opportunity exploited by some who have vivid imaginations that fill the void, that is factual information.

    I believe this environment is likely to prevail until perhaps extraterrestrials reveal themselves to humanity, which would change everything. Regrettably unlikely in the foreseeable future due to arrangements with governments and extraterrestrial races. I hope I am proved wrong.

    In answer to your above question my first thought is that it may be better to deny oxygen to some of the hoaxes that exist. However there may be a different perspective to consider, which you may have before discarding the idea out of hand?

  • That page on is also on which may or may not be associated with the religion Unarius.

    Kelly Eileen Hayes mentioned Unarius along with Valley of the Dawn in the article.

  • Either way I am impressed by the connection with a number of crop circle formations and magnetic fields. Although I understand this only pertinent to a portion of the formations it is nevertheless enlightening to have explanations to some of these patterns.

  • I found the picture on the bottom of page 158 of the Alien Races Book PDF on Pinterest.

    Whatever that thing is, it looks similar to this image taken in Bakersfield, California in May, 2007.

    I also found this Portuguese language blog about exiles from Capella.

    Google translates Capella to chapel, not goat. The blog looks like it is about religion. The blog's namesake is the angelic commander said to have contacted George Van Tassel in 1952. The content of that blog post seems similar to what members of the Valley of the Dawn claim.

  • This is about the full story of the "Dragonfly Drones". The top image is on the bottom of page 158 of the Alien Races Book PDF. If that image is a hoax, then is the entire Alien Races Book also a hoax?

  • Did anyone make any sense of the text on the object?

    Does one questionable image taint the complete contents of the Alien Race Book? It would be useful if there was an explanation for its inclusion.

  • Someone by the name Isaac claimed to have made sense of what looks like text on the object.

    See the chapter titled The “Language”.

    I had already pasted a URL to an article on that says Isaac's letter is a hoax. Isaac's letter came after the first set of photographs. If the first set of photographs were real images of secret technology, were the later fake images and videos created to convince people the original images are also fake? The "Dragonfly Drones" are especially unusual because UFOs rarely ever have symbols on their exteriors. The symbols have been compared to real writing systems and fictional alphabets, but they do not match. None of those symbols can be seen in the picture on the bottom of page 158 of the Alien Races Book PDF. According to what Dante wrote in the introduction to the alien races book, the recognizable illustrations from movies and videogames do not taint the complete contents of the book. Petro's father had an explanation for their inclusion. Page 2 tells how to contact Dante with an email address and a YouTube channel that no longer exists. Would it be possible to contact Dante via email using the address

    I found this thread on about the book started on May 9, 2013 before it was published with the last comments posted in 2015.

    Sometimes the background on that website is a picture showing the CARET symbols. Some members asked about Artemis/Diana on pages 3 and 4, referring to the chapter titled "SHE". They could not have known then about NASA's Artemis Program announced in 2019. Instead, this may be linked to Project Diana in 1946 which is part of the legend of Project SIGMA and may be the namesake of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard. That chapter is about a message sent by Ramay and Jefok. The book says Ramay come from Capella. Members of the Valley of the Dawn claim to be the spiritual descendants of a race of beings from the distant star Capella.

  • Whilst Our primary focus is centred on "Facts" it is sometimes required to wade through the fiction and statements made by individuals/organisations whose primary focus seems to be providing disinformation which seems to be largely sponsored by government agencies and certain individuals that are on board the profit train!

    During the past 40 years leading governments seem to proliferate more false information than truth which is a sad reflection on the current state of humanity.

    It is very satisfying when we manage to identify the nuggets of truth of our history, existence and details of extraterrestrial existence. It certainly makes this project worthwhile.

  • Here is another page about the "Dragonfly Drones" from 2007.

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