• I got a little confused on this when the reference "Sun Streak" came up. According to declassified Defence Intelligence agency documents, the Sun Streak program was put together to develop an operational psychoenergetics capability. (Some type of a remote viewing) Apparently this programme was based at Fort Meade,Maryland and Menlo Park, New York.

  • I already knew little about Mount Hayes, Alaska from an update to this blog post.

    Quote: "An anonymous individual submitted the following comment after the post appeared:

    "Five base locations" most likely refers to the alleged UFO bases Pat Price remote viewed and showed to Hal Puthoff in 1973, (in addition to Jack Houck's one in Brazil). I'm sure you know the story - it's well documented in Richard Dolan's "UFOs and the National Security State Volume 2" on page 68. Price told Puthoff that there were four major UFO bases on the planet. There were supposedly located at Mt. Perdido in the Pyrenees Mountains, Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, Mount Hayes in Alaska, and Mount Ziel in Australia. Interestingly, in a lecture in the early 2000s Puthoff stated that someone from Australia was called who confirmed that the location Price found was a hot spot for UFO sightings. Puthoff begins the story at 3:31 in this video I'd be interested to hear what you think about UFOs supposedly being frequently sighted near Mount Ziel, Keith. Thanks for the post.""

    I had already pasted the URL in a link in a comment on the discussion titled 'Secret Bases". Apparently, government agencies allegedly used remote viewing to spy on secret bases.

  • Is there any details surrounding the base at Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe?

  • There are stories of vanishings on Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe. Legends have surrounded the base of the highest peak in Zimbabwe for centuries. I intend to start a new discussion about Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe in the Secret Bases Category. The secret Bases Category should soon have discussions about all five mountains listed.

  • Sounds a great idea Reanemus

  • Further to the above discussion it has been an easy decision to alter your status on this forum. I have amended your permissions accordingly to include administrator and moderator. Just a small thank you for your continued and valued contribution to this forum since its inception a year ago.

  • Thanks. That explains those white squares.

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