Kapustin Yar

Russia's equivalent to Area 51. It is suggested that Kapustin Yar is the key base for re-engineering projects. Some say that previously crashed alien craft are housed at Kapustin Yar as a result of a dog fight with Russian fighters on 3rd June 1960.


  • I remember that story from the episode of History's UFO Files about UFOs in Russia.  The idea that fighters from any nation on Earth in 1960 could crash alien craft makes it seem unlikely that the alien craft was particularly advanced.  The Alien Races Book has a drawing of five recovered alien ships in a hangar at Kapustin Yar.

  • This webpage about UFO and alien encounters behind the Iron Curtain mentions Kapustin Yar.

    Quote:"A crashed UFO on the Island of Zelyony near Rostov-on-Don was recovered by Soviet troops and taken to a secret base in Rostov in June 1941. From there it would arrive at Kapustin Yar – a base similar to such American facilities as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base or even Area 51."

    Ignore the pictures that are obviously collages.

  • One wonders on the similarities that exist between Area 51 and Kapustin Yar? But then perhaps there is a greater question on whether disclosure will originate from Russia or USA? Or is it even possible there could be collaboration on disclosure?

  • I wonder if Kapustin Yar still holds the wreckage of the Akart craft recovered in Bulgaria in 1971.  According to the KGB Alien Races book, the Akart have the fastest spacecraft and scientists were unable to fully reverse engineer it by the time the book was written. 

    Remember that hot microphone moment when Dmitri  Medvedev seemed to disclose knowledge of extraterrestrials?  Conspiracy theorists have accused Russia and the U.S.A. of secretly collaborating in the cover-up during the cold War, so collaboration on disclosure would have to be part of that plan if it ever existed.

  • Thank you for reminding me about Dmitri Medvedev, Reanemus. As a result I have just posted the video of Dmitri Medvedev making the statement in the video section on Alien-facts, which I managed to find on YouTube.

  • You are welcome.

  • I found that drawing on a German language webpage about Kapustin Yar.

    Not knowing much German, I cannot say more.  That is the picture I mentioned earlier.  If Pravda-tv.com is the same as the old Soviet propaganda newspaper, why would someone want anyone to think that Russia still has recovered UFO wreckage hidden in some hangar?

  • Very Interesting Reanemus. I managed to translate the rest of the article which resulted uncovering details of an underground city. It reminds me very much of the suspected city in the grounds of Denver airport.

  • There are many creepy legends about the Ural Mountains, and the region seems to receive more than its fair share of meteor impacts.  The unsolved tragedy at Dyatlov pass happened in the Ural Mountains.

    Allegedly, an ancient relief map the Ural Mountains was found dated to be 90 million to 120 million years old.  According to zetatalk.com, the Zetas had a explanation for the Ural Map.

  • Thanks Reanemus

    I will carry on investigating Mount Yamantau and see if there are any further facts available surrounding the base.

  • You are welcome.

    Wikipedia compares Mount Yamantau in Russia to Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, U.S.A., not Area 51, so, immediately I was reminded of the television series Stargate: SG1.

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