Extraterrestrial Events that have affected Earth?

Have there been events on Earth that seem to have an extraterrestrial origin?


  • Yes.  The Tunguska explosion on June 30, 1908 is commonly believed to have been caused by the explosion of a large meteoroid.  The translated Russian alien races book has a version of the event.  I wonder if it could be true.

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    Speaking of Russia I have had a kind request today to expand the secret base section and submit a piece on Kapustin Yar on the website. It is rather timely as the second spy novel I am currently crafting has bought the plot line to that very base. Any knowledge you may have would be well received as ever!

    My current understanding is that Kapustin Yar is similar to Area 51 in many respects. It is suggested that the base holds two extraterrestrial craft that is been a critical to their re-engineering programme.

  • One hundred and twelve years later the cause of the explosion over Tunguska remains a mystery. Today, the cause is said to probably be either a stony asteroid or an icy comet fragment. However, the book “Alien Races” contains a different version of events. This website contains a link to download the PDF book “Alien Races” by Dante Santori. The anniversary of the event is soon. Is alien-facts.com planning something to mark the occasion? I am still not certain if the book “Alien Races” is a hoax or not. However, investigations of Tunguska may provide an opportunity to find out if part of the book could be true.

    Quote from the book: ” The Tunguska “incident” was a powerful explosion that occurred in a desolate area near the Tunguska River in Russia, on June 30, 1908. It is commonly believed to have been caused by the explosion of large meteor in Earth’s atmosphere about 5-10 km (3-6 miles)high. The blast flattened an estimated 60 million trees over 2.150 square kilometers. But the Tunguska explosion did NOT have a cosmic birth and death…

    Here’s the version of events that lead to the explosion… as told by a member of the TENGRI – TENGRI :

    For 5 days and 4 nights, near what you call Tunguska , the MAITRE had been fighting

    the DORSAY . Other races were starting to choose “sides” and we’re going to get involved. Even the “Council of 5 ” was worried with the escalation and seriousness of the event… 

    On the day of that great explosion on EL – MANOUK ship came to Earth in order to try ending the conflict … the EL- MANOUK are respected wherever we may go … they are wise and impartial. With them came a PLEYADIAN ship … one of their biggest.

    The Maitre were warned by the Reptilians of the coming presence of the EL- MANOUK and Pleyadiyans… Earlier that day the Maitre had just shot down the last on of DORSAY ship …

    When the Pleyadiyans entered Earth’s atmosphere they were attacked by 3 Maitre ships and destroyed. One EL- MANOUK ship was also destroyed in space that day … And that is what happened in Tunguska “

    Also according to the TENGRI – TENGRI :

    “The Pleiadyians ship that was destroyed that day near Tunguska was not supposed to come to Earth that day …they were going to a different destination , carrying the things they do… their Holy Rocks and other materials … the EL-MANOUK asked them to help in solving the conflict …and they paid the price with the ending of this life of theirs.

    In 2003 crystals with strange symbols, inscriptions and hole were found in the Tunguska region …. further lab analysis showed that their composition is made of certain Earth minerals as well as some elements are not found on Earth. 

    (Note of myself and Petro :in late 2008 the crystals were presented to the media by a Russian scientist . After much discussion about the origin of the crystals, the matter lost interest and it is supposed that the crystals now rest in a private collection) 

    This was copied and pasted from a web page version of the book in case the computer cannot download the PDF.

    See these articles.

  • Thanks Reanemus. The event is certainly worthy of a mention on the social media channels of Alien Facts on its anniversary on Tuesday.

    It will be interesting to see if there are any worthy discussions/opinions of events come about as a result. I shall report back if any significant observations are revealed.

  • Could you conduct a poll? Ask people if they think the explosion was caused by an asteroid, a comet, a gas eruption, a spacecraft, antimatter, a black hole, or Nicola Tesla's "Death Ray"?

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