Extraterrestrial Events that have affected Earth?

Have there been events on Earth that seem to have an extraterrestrial origin?


  • Yes.  The Tunguska explosion on June 30, 1908 is commonly believed to have been caused by the explosion of a large meteoroid.  The translated Russian alien races book has a version of the event.  I wonder if it could be true.

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    Speaking of Russia I have had a kind request today to expand the secret base section and submit a piece on Kapustin Yar on the website. It is rather timely as the second spy novel I am currently crafting has bought the plot line to that very base. Any knowledge you may have would be well received as ever!

    My current understanding is that Kapustin Yar is similar to Area 51 in many respects. It is suggested that the base holds two extraterrestrial craft that is been a critical to their re-engineering programme.

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