About Pyramids and Possible World Grids

Do all of the mysterious megalithic pyramids lie on the lines and intersections of a global grid?  Could that explain how, when, and why they were constructed?  What do pyramids have to do with possible extraterrestrial life?  Does this possible power grid extend beyond Earth?  Do world grids exist on other objects in the Universe?


  • I found an interesting website that highlights the questions you pose. The site refers to the "62 mile wide earth energy grid corridor which circles the globe passing through Easter Island then the Nazca Lines, Cuzco and Manchu Piccu as well as the four megalithic sacred sites in Peru.

    "The grid crosses the Atlantic ocean to Dogon Country in Mali, the Giza Pyramids and the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. The Grid Line continues connecting the ancient sandstone architecture of Petra in Jordan to UR in Iraq."


  • Galacticfacets.com is an interesting website.  How are those megalithic dolmens in Montana not better known to the rest of the world?  Was another version of the Becker-Hagens Map ever made on a spherical projection globe?  I wonder if the vortex points on the map would correspond with Richard Hoagland's theories of tetrahedral hyperspace geometry.  If those theories of hyper-dimensional geometry and physics are true, they could probably explain the current configuration of solar systems and apply to the development of extremely advanced technology.

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