Crop Circle Phenomenon

Looking forward to opinions for this subject. Much has been spoken about formations that have been seen as messages from extraterrestrials by many, although hoaxers have tainted this subject in recent years using footboards.

Analysis of the nodes of corn that have been affected to create the patterns in recent years, have managed to distinguish the hoaxers from patterns formed by unexplained means.



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    Anomalous crop circles may have been produced with microwave beams that pop the stiff plant nodes.  Ignore the formations in corn.  Look at the formations in mustard with the delicate flowers intact.  If the anomalous formations in mustard were made with Doug and Dave's footboard method, the flowers would have been crushed.

    There is a particular symbol in a crop circle seen in Furze Knoll near Beck Hampton, Wiltshire, England reported on the 20th of June, 2008 that I noticed in the top left corner of what could be a Mayan artifact or hoax that looks like an Amarna period ancient Egyptian holy family portrait.

    <img src=,+nr+Beckhampton,+Wiltshire.+Reported+20th+June+2008.jpg>

    <img src="">


    Are they real?  What do they mean?

  • When I saw the photograph of the crop circle in France, I recognized it looks like a Templar Cross. Others noticed the similarity to the symbol too. Apparently it attracted pilgrims. See this article.

    I do not know if that formation had any thing to do with aliens. Is there a connection between aliens and the Knights Templar? The Templar Cross is a variation of a symbol called a solar cross. Another variation of the solar cross was made in a crop circle in England in 2015.

  • Interesting Reanemus.

    I have not come across any connection with extraterrestrials and the Knights Templar though.

  • You know about how the Freemasons are alleged to hold secret knowledge of extraterrestrial influence in antiquity. Freemasons have claimed that their order can be traced back to the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were said to venerate St. John the Baptist. Oddly enough, St. Johns' Day and St. Johns' Eve are significant dates in the modern history of UFOs. The origin of the name John can be traced back to the name Jonah and further back to Oannes the Greek name for Uanna, an Upkallu in Mesopotamian mythology said by some to be an ancient alien.

  • I was aware of Freemasons origins could be traced back to the Knights Templer, although the latter reference to the lineage of John was unknown.

  • Allen H. Greenfield wrote about this in the books Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts and Secret Rituals of the Men In Black. This post on contains a quote from and a link to Secret Rituals of the Men in Black by Allen H. Greenfield.

    After the Templar Order was suppressed, some of their properties and members were taken over by the rival Order of the Knights Hospitaller now known as the Knights of Malta. One of the authors of The Day After Roswell, Colonel Phillip J. Corso was a member of the Sovereign Order of St. John who claim to be the "true" successor organization of the Knights Hospitallers. See this weblog post.

    Templar related themes seem to have appeared often in these stories.

  • Thanks Reanemus, very interesting about the Motorola connection.

  • The crop circle that appeared west of Munich in Bavaria, Germany on 26 July, 2020 looks like both the eight pointed Star of Ishtar and something called a "Starship coil". A similar formation was photographed in July 2011. I had previously pasted this URL in a different discussion on this forum, but it is probably more relevant in this one.

    After a solar cross symbol, the symbol of the Annunaki Utu/Shamash, was found in France on 5 July 2020, I suppose it is appropriate that the symbol of his sister appeared too. These posts on contain information about and pictures of the symbols.

  • Alien facts has been fairly active on social media surrounding the spate of crop circles appearing recently, resulting in a number of queries from the general public as to the significance of these patterns. Your comments of the pattern uncovered in Bavaria is the first suggestion of some type of explanation. Great stuff thanks Reanemus.

  • See this article by Andreas Muller from 2013 published again on another website in 2014.

    Quote: "Credo Mutwa About Hoaxing and Hoaxers

    “They (the Gods) don’t destroy the plants. They bend them so that after a time the plant can recover – they don’t want to destroy. This is why those men who say that these are forgeries are wrong. How can somebody fake some thing like this without damaging the plants? You can’t! It also takes those who try it many, many hours to do this…“"

  • I recall Giorgio Tsoukalos studying this phenomenon on the History Channel, where his investigations were able to differentiate between the fake designs created by boards as opposed to those being created by unknown phenomenons. A bright metallic orbit seems be the catalyst for the creation of the "authentic patterns" The orbs of light were suggested by some as some sort of a stylus that generates the patterns.

    I was intrigued late last year by the detail of Arecibo response pattern, so much so that I decided to replicate the message as a piece of art, that now adorns a wall in my kitchen.

  • There is a short video of a luminous orb flying in and out of a field before stalks fell. That video was shown on the History Channel. The technology used to create authentic patterns may be something like a laser printer, but on a larger scale.

    Great artwork!

  • This article says that the creator of two crop circles in 2002 came from the constellation Hercules.

    The author wrote some strange things about Quetzalcoatl and Jesus Christ. Others have assumed that the three spots in the formation in Crabwood represent Orion's Belt. Another article included Crabwood with Chilbolton as the two most important crop messages ever decoded.

    The author of that article linked those formations to Zeta Reticulum and Orion, not Hercules. The image the author said was an ancient painting found in a cave in Uzbekistan may not be so ancient.

    The drawing was made in 1967.

    The Arecibo Message was beamed in the direction of M13 in Hercules, so it would make sense that the responses would come from Hercules.

  • Some great detective work here Reanemus.

    It is interesting is that greys don't appear to be the friendliest of known alien species at times.

    It does lead me on to further questions

    1) Does any interactive relationship exist between different alien species?

    2) Is the Annunaki race deemed more powerful than say the greys or nordics as an example?

    3) Which species makes claims to earth? Conversely which species makes claims of ownership of the Moon?

  • If the binary code message interpreted was from an extraterrestrial source, it would seem the authors are advocates of full disclosure !

  • Interestingly, the way the binary disc was made and read is similar to how compact discs are made and read. Did Colonel Phillip Corso say compact discs were found at Roswell?

  • Crikey an interesting suggestion. Compact discs in a musical sense did not appear until the beginning of the eighties if I recall. so a long lead in time on that innovation ?

    Computer floppy discs I am not sure, although the my first computers had such an obvious visual reference to binary code when operating.

  • The article from 2011 explains, "The cipher starts at the center of the disk and spirals outward counter-clockwise, this is also the same read pattern that a compact disc or DVD uses." from:

    The article shows an example of how lasers read CDs and DVDs. The original article on still has all the pictures. Some of the pictures are no longer visible in the copy on Floppy discs contain binary code in magnetic storage media.

  • It makes me want to consider the population sizes of various alien species when reviewing the above post. Lots of different figures being quoted by different authors. had suggestions on population sizes also, if I recall correctly.

    Perhaps we could try an attempt to quantify the estimated size of each species?

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    I did too the first time I read that article. The authors said that the response came from Zeta Reticulum. How did they come to that conclusion? That would be inconsistent with because the population of Serpo was said to be much lower than the number encoded into the reply formation at Chilbolton. The average height of the alien may be consistent with the descriptions of the Ebens, but the population of over 12 billion is inconsistent with the information on stating a population of 650,000 Ebens. The solar system chart in the response shows one star not two and nine planets not six as described on Of course, may just be fiction. Richard Hoagland had a different idea about the origin of the response in this long article.

    In the article, Richard Hoagland tells how Dr. Carl Sagan was involved with the Arecibo Message. Posting 5 on says Dr. Carl Sagan was involved with the Serpo project. Copied here.

    So, did any of those authors write the truth?

    The Arecibo message was transmitted again from Crimea to Cygnus and Sagitta in 1999.

    The closest of those stars is Gliese 777 52 light-years away. So, it seems unlikely to have been received before 2001. Two species mentioned on are said to be from the Cygnus Arm. Other sources on the Internet tell about many different alien species from Cygnus. Curious about how many?

    The translated secret Russian book of alien races has population size estimated for two species. Tengri-Tengri were said to have a population of 10 million. X5-TYKUT were estimated to number less than 300. Some of the books on describe extremely populated planets. Artur Berlet said the population of Acart was 20 billion. Stefan Denaerde wrote that the population density of Iarga was twenty times greater than Holland's and at least one hundred times greater than Earth's.

  • Yeah its slightly dis heartening when we expose conflicting reports. One must certainly be wrong.

    Sorry for the lack of attention this weekend. The facebook and instagram accounts were compromised with the instagram account totally cleaned out as was almost the case on the facebook page, which was stopped at the last moment.

    Investigations finally managed to establish the perpetrators were based in Florida according to IP addresses. Eventually the accounts were restored. I suspect its nothing more sinister than individuals trying to gain control of the followers for the purpose of reselling opportunities, although a total pain, as so much time wasted.

    I cannot recall discussing the Tengri Tengri Race. Do you think it is worthy of a discussion?

    When we focus on population numbers and its sources, it certainly raises the thought for me that many claims are really rather flakey.

  • That is fine. I was busier than usual this weekend. That incident might have upset users of Facebook and Instagram.

    Yes. I mentioned Tengri-Tengri in discussion 35. I do think it is worthy of a discussion. Interestingly, Tengri is the name of the Deity of the blue sky worshiped in central Asia. The portrait of Tengri-Tengri in the translated secret book of alien races is CGI fan art Untitled by canderled inspired by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. The image in the book cropped out the Eighteenth Century pirate costume. I have also found a different portrait labeled Tengri-Tengri. Here is a copy of the whole page.


    ” Live on planet Tengri galactic sector 56 star system F- 1342. They live underground . Planet Tengri is home to 10 million of their species. Visited planet Earth for the first time , about 10.000 years ago. They do not need an atmosphere or water to survive. They have one space ship that can accommodate 5 million of them. Throughout time they have had several contacts with governments of Earth. “ from:

    The book says they could evacuate half the population of their planet with one space ship. In the book, A member of the TENGRI-TENGRI told a version of the events that lead to the Tunguska Explosion. Must have been one of their several contacts with governments of Earth. The book does not say anything linking them to crop circles.

  • I wonder what resources the occupants of Tengri actually need to survive, if an atmosphere and water are not necessary?

    I was trying to quantify in my head the size of craft that would be required to carry 5 million occupants!

  • That is all the information available about Planet Tengri. The occupants' biology is not explained. Perhaps they are synthetic like X5-TYKUT. The book does not say anything about their size. If they can live underground without an atmosphere and water, could their space ship perhaps be a hollowed out asteroid or planetesimal?

  • In your above suggestion, it immediately made me think of the hollow moon theory.

  • That is what Alex Collier said about Earth's Moon and Phobos, one of Mars's moons. Alex Collier said they were towed from a binary star system in Ursa Minor. There are no binary star pairs listed in the list of stars in Ursa Minor on Wikipedia.

  • Could it be that any planet that has a moon in its vicinity, which results in a positive effect to that planet is likely to be artificial? Although one would have to consider additional coincidences that such a placement creates before solidifying such an idea.

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