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The website has posted some basics on this section, but we would love to get more detailed views from people. As a starting point Portals Pyramids and Akashic Records have been noted on the website in this section and so could be the basis for discussion. Please feel free to expand accordingly.


  • Today, I found a physics article that could explain portals.

    Here is a quote: "While the simplest theoretical wormholes immediately collapse and disappear before anything can get through, Thorne wondered whether it might be possible for an “infinitely advanced” sci-fi civilization to stabilize a wormhole long enough for something or someone to traverse it. He figured out that such a civilization could in fact line the throat of a wormhole with “exotic material” that counteracts its tendency to collapse. The material would possess negative energy, which would deflect radiation and repulse space-time apart from itself. Sagan used the trick in Contact, attributing the invention of the exotic material to an earlier, lost civilization to avoid getting into particulars. Meanwhile, those particulars enthralled Thorne, his students and many other physicists, who spent years exploring traversable wormholes and their theoretical implications. They discovered that these wormholes can serve as time machines, invoking time-travel paradoxes — evidence that exotic material is forbidden in nature."

    Dr. Carl Sagan may have been let in on some secrets.

  • Attributing pyramids to aliens may deny credit to the lost ingenuity of people in antiquity on Earth, but this incredible modern contact story on attributed the construction of a pyramid to alien orders.

    I do not know if any of that is true or not.

  • Pyramids around the globe leads me to suggest that at the very least there was extraterrestrial oversight.That there has been alignment to Orion's belt on a collection of these structures around the globe is more than thought provoking.

    The statistics behind the creation and exact positioning of the great pyramid in Egypt is mind boggling. It probably represents the most mathematically precise construction on Earth!

    It is difficult to find a valid explanation of the pyramids being revealed in Antartica. It seems global warming is a huge reveal in this respect!

    Then of course pyramid structures deep in the worlds oceans continue to baffle.

  • You are right. The positioning and precision of the Great Pyramid of Giza may make 21st Century people imagine that the architects could have had computers and an orbital view of Earth.

    What about pyramids around other globes? The D&M Pyramid on Mars looks like it could be a starfish sand dune. I have seen a picture with the photograph of the Martian pyramids side by side with a photograph of the Pleiades star cluster indicating alignment. What are the odds? The sand dune idea does not explain what looks like a pyramid photographed in Earth's Moon's Ryder Crater because there is no atmosphere on Earth's Moon.

  • The global pyramid phenomenon is arguably one of the most important aspects supporting extraterrestrial existence. Not only does it create a common theme around Earth (including pyramid structures in Antartica as well as underneath our oceans),but identifying pyramid structures on other celestial bodies suggests a common thread. It would be nice to know how they worked in the past as a power grid. I am sure Earth would benefit very nicely with free energy!

  • Really, would you say pyramid structures are proof of extraterrestrial existence? That might not convince some. Another alternative theory states that the mysterious structures are the ruins of an advanced ancient civilization indigenous to Earth that could have left the planet sometime in the prehistoric past. See this quote from Vhezda1's excellent website "The question persistently posed by Out of Place Artifacts is whether they are evidence of advanced past Ancient Alien or Lost Human Civilization.

    Zechariah Sitchin and other proponents of the Ancient Astronaut Theory suggest that such artifacts are evidence of an Ancient Alien Civilization, whilst on the other end of the unacknowledged History spectrum you have Graham Hancock and others taking the position that it is evidence of an advanced Human Civilization." from:

    Author Christopher Dunn wrote books about the pyramid power grid theory. This article details the Giza power plant theory well.

  • I think I would stick my neck out here and say yes to the fact pyramids are supporting evidence to extraterrestrial existence.

    In the first instance what is the rationale to building such structures? It seems that there is a link to power here.

    Many protagonists suggest that the whilst human civilisations across the planet may have played a part in their construction, the blue prints for their design seem to favour a convergence of standardisation that one would find incredible 7,500 years ago. From China to Russia to Antartica to Egypt to Mexico to below our oceans the list is extensive.

    The oversight to construction with the alignment to Orion seen in both Mexico and Egypt suggests that at least one extraterrestrial race may have originated from that area of Orion's belt.

    Focusing a little on the Great Pyramid its location on Earth, its mass and other geographical features I believe are beyond the comprehension of human architects who would not have been able to have the foresight of the cosmic consequences of its placement.

  • The pyramids in Mexico and other central American countries were constructed differently. They were built in stages with the interiors filled with rubble. The builders eventually constructed the largest known pyramid on Earth in Mexico by building pyramids atop older pyramids

    May this be an extraterrestrial race from Orion?

    The idea of the Orion Nebula as a cosmic ‘doorway’ to ‘infinity’ called the ‘Eternity Gate’ seems similar to Mississippian Era ideology. The Mississippian cultures thought the Orion Nebula to be a slit in the sky, a portal (called an “ogee”) that allowed the soul to pass safely through the underworld during the day. See this press release.

  • It may well explain why the three Teotihuacan pyramids were aligned to Orion. The Mintaka/Alnilam and Alnitak occupants may have bought their architects in our distant past. Although the thought that they could have been originally humanoids from our future takes a bit of getting used too!

  • Teotihuacan remains mysterious. Mica, Mercury, and Pyrite found at Teotihuacan suggests unknown technology could have been there in the past. Quote from an article posted by Janice Friedman on "Curiously, when Hernan Cortes and his men conquered the Aztec empire in the sixteenth century they asked the natives who had built such a colossal city, to what the Aztec replied; We were not the builders of Teotihuacan, this city was built by the Quinanatzin, a race of giants who came from the heavens in the times of the SECOND SUN. The Aztecs were the ancient civilization that named the city Teotihuacan, but they did not know the original name of the city. Teotihuacan can be translated to City where men become gods."

    Were the Quinanatzin ever said to have come from any particular region of stars? Dr. Kathy J. Forti called in a team of intuitive expert remote viewers to learn the origins of the beings depicted on alleged artifacts (possible hoaxes) found in Ojuelos de Jalisco, Mexico. They said the beings came from the constellation Cygnus. Quote: " They are not a race of giants, but smaller grey-like beings. Their leaders are tall, and are usually depicted wearing a fencing-like mask and sometimes with wings. This race inhabited Earth for about 1000 to 2000 years going back about 12,000 to 14,000 years ago.

    They call themselves what sounds to us like “Ticahacan” but their language is mostly composed of clicks and hisses and is associated with the “snake” language. This may be why the ancient pyramid at Teotihuacan near Mexico City is called what it is. The ancients claimed they did not name it, but was named by those who came long before them. They claim Teotihuacan means “place where men become gods”." from:

    So, what was happening in Mexico so long ago?

  • Mexico seems to have been a focus of attention as was Egypt with extraterrestrial activity, if pyramid constructions are anything to go by. Whether or not they were the same race that influenced their construction remains to be seen? The Pyramid configurations have a common theme in respect of mirroring Orion's belt so it is possible I guess?

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    Mexico may well remain a focus of attention of extraterrestrial activity in modern times as well. More UFO sightings occur in Mexico than any other country. I find it interesting that Dr. Kathy J. Forti's team of intuitive expert remote viewers said the beings depicted on the Jalisco Stones came from Cygnus, because many types of extraterrestrials are said to have come from that constellation. The Kepler telescope was pointed at that area of the sky, and found many planets and Tabby's Star. How and why is there so much Mercury under Teotihuacan? According to to the Vedas, the flying craft of ancient India were powered by "Mercury vortex engines". Could it have something to do with alchemy and gold as suggested by Billy Carson? See Billy Carson's post @4biddenknowledge.

    Teotihuacan was distinct from, but contemporaneous with the classic Maya, and they fought wars against each other in the past.

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