Alien Technology

The website has posted some basics on this section, but we would love to get more detailed views from people. As a starting point Portals Pyramids and Akashic Records have been noted on the website in this section and so could be the basis for discussion. Please feel free to expand accordingly.


  • Today, I found a physics article that could explain portals.

    Here is a quote: "While the simplest theoretical wormholes immediately collapse and disappear before anything can get through, Thorne wondered whether it might be possible for an “infinitely advanced” sci-fi civilization to stabilize a wormhole long enough for something or someone to traverse it. He figured out that such a civilization could in fact line the throat of a wormhole with “exotic material” that counteracts its tendency to collapse. The material would possess negative energy, which would deflect radiation and repulse space-time apart from itself. Sagan used the trick in Contact, attributing the invention of the exotic material to an earlier, lost civilization to avoid getting into particulars. Meanwhile, those particulars enthralled Thorne, his students and many other physicists, who spent years exploring traversable wormholes and their theoretical implications. They discovered that these wormholes can serve as time machines, invoking time-travel paradoxes — evidence that exotic material is forbidden in nature."

    Dr. Carl Sagan may have been let in on some secrets.

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