Alien Types- Views on the different species and their characteristics

A potentially large subject here. I will start this section off with a starting list of Species that seem to crop up on a regular basis. Please feel free to add and give views on differentiating characteristics.


Grey skinned humoniods usually 3-4ft tall. Black almond shaped eyes. No ears 3-4 fingers including a thumb.


This species tends to have varying labels. I believe the following is a sample. Plejaren also known as Pleiadeans, but others have keep it simple and say tall whites. They tend to blond hair and blue eyes. It has been suggested that this race moved from living on the surface to underground after some natural event in the past.

Reptillians/Reptiods/ Draconians



  • Those are the three most reported alien types experienced in the modern era.  Do not forget mantis entities and the Annunaki.  All five types are featured in the Secret Russian KGB Book of Alien Species Translated by Dante Santori and his friend Petro along with many more.  I do not believe that the Earth animal like aliens are necessarily extraterrestrial.  For example, the Reptilians could instead be evolved dinosaurs that somehow escaped the K/T mass extinction event.  I read that Draconians have three spinal columns instead of one unlike any chordate on Earth, indicating that they could be something truly alien.   See this collection of 156 pictures of  alien races.  Most of the pictures in the Secret Russian KGB Book of Alien Species are included.

  • This long article on is a list of alleged alien types and their characteristics.

    The information came from various sources that may or may not be true.

  • Very comprehensive and so interesting to discover the vast variations of some species, if indeed true. It is entirely possible, we only need to compare how the human race has evolved in the different areas of Earth.

    It would have been useful to understand a little more the sources used, to explain the various race characteristics, backgrounds and geographic origins.

  • The information in that article came from the books by Alex Collier, Robert Morning Sky, Lyssa Royal, and Richard Shaver. There might be some fiction mixed into the article.

    I can provide more URLs to similar list articles if anyone wants some more of them.

  • It would be great to see them Reanemus.

    The more conformity we can gather on each race/their characteristics the better, especially from a large pool of sources.

  • The information in "Characteristics of ET Races" is also on and

    This page lists and describes some of those alien races and more with portraits.

    The information in the pages linked to above was translated to Spanish and combined with information from the secret Russian book of alien races and other sources in this extensive page.

    Oddly, the chapter about Iarga in Cygnus was in English.

    The website included summaries of the types listed in the Russian book and more.

    Gregg Prescott has published other similar list articles on like this one from

    Notice the images from movies. That same article is also on with different pictures.

    Another list article from is on

    This one seems suspicious. The story of Planet Rizq was created by an author who called himself Dr. Malachi Z. York in 1988.

    Want blogs too? See these.

    Want art too? See the website of the artist Kesara.

    Is this pool of sources large enough?

  • Wonderful Reanemus very extensive, thank you.

    You have gathered such a comprehensive and detailed breakdown of alien species above. It will provide our followers a great basis to identify the more supportive and positive races in existence and be wary of the races that may have more of a derogatory agenda.

    If you were to select a council of five from the comprehensive lists of alien races above, that would help guide humanity on its journey, which would you choose and why?

  • You are welcome.

    That was just all I could fit in one comment. I can provide even more URLs.

    According to the alien races book, the "Council of Five" is composed of Orela, Egarot, Ginvo, Redan, and Emerther. El-Manouk co-created the alliance, but is not part of it. Was El-Manouk part of the alliance in the past? Who were the other four races no longer part of the Council? Why are they no longer members? Solipsi Rai are related to Emerther. Was Solipsi Rai a former member? A portrait by the artist Josh Crockett that looks like the mannequins in a diorama at the International UFO Museum and Research Center has been labeled as both El-Manouk and Maitre. They may or may not be similar or it could be a mistake. Annunaki allies Zeta Reticulai are often confused with Maitre and Solipsi Rai because of their appearance. The book only says that the Council monitors and protects and did not say anything about the Council helping or guiding. Both the book and one of PIPERON's THE STAR RACES videos said the occupants of the ship that crashed in Varginha, Brazil were from the planet Akart in Sextans. PIPERON's video said they volunteered for the mission and were thanked by the Star Council. Akart sounds like Acart, the name of the planet Brazillian farmer Artur Berlet said he was taken to in 1958. Acart was said to be governed with a Council. Channeled messages on the Internet mention Councils from Lyra and the Pleiades. Corey Goode claimed to have been to a Council meeting. Those Councils might be completely different entities.

    Are any of the alien races offering to help guide? Do they want anything in return?

  • On a purely transactional level it is reported that alien races have been known to exchange technological advancements for abductions of humans- the ultimate reason and benefit of an extraterrestrial abducting a human, I am not sure. If true, and put into isolation makes that extraterrestrial race involved little better than humanity, seeking a profit from a transaction.

    Just raising the subject of a council raises so many questions. I suspect many of us would hope there was a steering committee guiding the human race with a purpose of having humanities best interest at the centre of their ethos.

    I recall there have been oversight events, since humanity discovered nuclear weapons in which silos were disabled. Similarly when there have been nuclear disasters around the globe it seems to create a flurry of UFO activity. I recall reading UFO sightings at the Fukushima accident in Okuma, Japan. This activity gives an impression of concern.

    Unfortunately we cannot view this subject totally with a glass half full approach as I am sure that Alien races that exist that have an agenda that does not have humanities best interest at heart. Whether the agenda's of less friendly races is about raping and pillaging Earths minerals or the feeding off humans negative energy by inducing conflict may be even more complex to understand.

    It is perhaps for these type of reasons one hopes for human oversight by some sympathetic council of extraterrestrials is in existence!

  • That is the legend of Project SIGMA. The stories of an extraterrestrial abducting a human are like a human catching, tagging, and releasing animals as part of a scientific project.

    Distant gamma ray bursts in outer space have been detected with observatories on Earth. Explosions of nuclear weapons produce gamma radiation. The radiation produced by nuclear weapons and accidents could have been detected from outer space. Nuclear energy remains a cause of concern.

    These two articles written by Michelle Walling on may provide more information, but also may contradict other sources and known science.

    This list of known alien races and their notable attributes on contains some of the same information in other lists. Be careful clicking. That website has pop-ups.

    I do not know if any of this is true.

  • I found the list of Known Alien Races most interesting thanks for posting. How to validate the descriptions is a tricky one, if true.

  • Ever noticed confusion on the Internet about alien types?

  • Very much so. Hence the focus on the subject lately. The material that you have managed to glean if true, would suggest that a heap of extraterrestrial races have taken an interest in humanity.

    Whether or not in our lifetimes we will access a true and accurate guide to extraterrestrial races is questionable. I think your research has proved to be an invaluable focus on the subject.

    It may be the case that "fringe races" could exist that have little influence on humanity, but nevertheless are flourishing in distant parts of the galaxy.

    The races that have "and possibly do" interact with humanity currently will likely be the focus in the eventuality of disclosure.

    I found the race of "gray's" -"greys" a little confusing. Perhaps its akin to the human race where you have white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black and Australoid.

    I suppose if we were to put familiar Alien races into a more simplistic classification that seem to have had influences on humanity, I suppose I would consider 3 leading categories. Each category seems to be referred to with various tags.

    1) Greys (Grays)

    2)Nordics-(Pleiadeans), (Tall Whites), (Venusians).

    3)Reptilians- (Draconians), (Reptiloids), (Lizard Men)

    I am sure many will be critical of this over simplification, but for me it is a basic starting point.

  • Who are the "fringe races"?

    The reason you found the race of "grays" a little confusing could be that they are genetically modified organisms that have spliced genes from various sources into the DNA of batches of clones.

    Those 3 leading categories are the Trinity Federation in the TBS comedy People of Earth. I initially thought that a comedy about a support group for abductees would be insensitive, but instead the show was excellent. I watched the first two seasons. Did anyone else here like it?

    I have noticed that some are confused about Nordics and Tall Whites. Often the same illustrations are used. Videos I recommend say that Nordics and Tall Whites are different types.

    Reptilians may be species from Earth's prehistoric past instead of extraterrestrials. The word alien would apply to an alien time instead of alien planets.

  • Your post "Extraterrestrial races -the good bad and ugly refer to a number of races that appear to represent races that are rarely quoted, which could be considered as "fringe races"

    Thanks Reanemus, your explanation for the complexities surrounding "grays" make perfect sense.

    I think this section of discussion has been particularly helpful, certainly for me anyhow.

  • Really? Those races are often quoted in what I have seen on the Internet, but by different names. Michelle Walling's source for the information was Wes Penre. The article seems basically the same as Alex Collier's stories, but Michelle Walling and Wes Penre may disagree about something. Towards the end of the article, is seems more like it is about some religion. Religious words were mixed throughout the article. Were Michelle Walling and Wes Penre involved with some religion?

    Some contact stories are obscure in some countries, but more well known in other countries. Anyone here curious about them or know about some of them?

  • This article exposed three prominent alien types.

    The three prominent alien types exposed are the same three leading categories that seem to have had influences on humanity.

  • Thanks Reanemus

    The descriptions reinforce characteristics of the species highlighted. I note reference to the agenda's to each species. Perhaps we should consider this subject in a little bit more depth.

    It occurs to me, that in the eventuality of full disclosure the individual agenda's of each species and related politics would become a major focus of attention. Whether we can credibly list positive and negative attributes to each species and rationale to influencing humanity could be tricky, but useful.

    I recall in one of our discussions, where deals were made in the past and some aspects of deals with humanity were renegaded on, including the deal on human abductions in exchange for technology that was later established to have been misleading and incomplete.

    I suppose we could add a tag of a trust rating to each race?

  • That is the legend of Project SIGMA. I am curious about some aspects of the legend of Project SIGMA.

  • Was that related to the supposed deal with the Greys regarding abductions?

    It is potentially these projects of the past that could hinder disclosure ambitions. At its crudest level it could have been described as trading humans for technology. Of course in the absence of actual insight to the project, the above view could be deemed unfair and ultimately inaccurate.

  • Filmmaker Craig Campobasso's new book, The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac lists 82 species, like Honorable Paul Hellyer spoke about, with illustrations for each. This page shows six illustrations.

    Recognize the cover art's similarity to the illustration of Allgruulk from Sculptor.

    Anyone wondering about the source of the original images and if software was used to make them?

  • It’s interesting to note everyone’s interpretation of extraterrestrial race appearances . Alien Facts commissioned Samantha at who provided her own personal view of some known alien races.

  • Well done! Applaud Samantha!

  • Will do. Have tasked Samantha to develop more alien art. Her next work is titled alien travel.

  • Found another listicle. This listicle by Adriana John on lists ten.

  • mmm there are a few on that list I had not come across. One wonders how the author was able to compile the list?

  • Stories have been told and written about all ten.

    The picture titled Alien Love by Komodo-Fisher features the three leading categories.

    Reminds me of TBS's People of Earth and the comic Trying Human by Emy Bitner.

    Ever come across these pictures before?

  • Cannot say that I have.

  • Here is another list of pictures that represent different alien types.

    Anybody else recognize the images and names too? The artists deserve credit.

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