Alien Types- Views on the different species and their characteristics

A potentially large subject here. I will start this section off with a starting list of Species that seem to crop up on a regular basis. Please feel free to add and give views on differentiating characteristics.


Grey skinned humoniods usually 3-4ft tall. Black almond shaped eyes. No ears 3-4 fingers including a thumb.


This species tends to have varying labels. I believe the following is a sample. Plejaren also known as Pleiadeans, but others have keep it simple and say tall whites. They tend to blond hair and blue eyes. It has been suggested that this race moved from living on the surface to underground after some natural event in the past.

Reptillians/Reptiods/ Draconians


  • Those are the three most reported alien types experienced in the modern era.  Do not forget mantis entities and the Annunaki.  All five types are featured in the Secret Russian KGB Book of Alien Species Translated by Dante Santori and his friend Petro along with many more.  I do not believe that the Earth animal like aliens are necessarily extraterrestrial.  For example, the Reptilians could instead be evolved dinosaurs that somehow escaped the K/T mass extinction event.  I read that Draconians have three spinal columns instead of one unlike any chordate on Earth, indicating that they could be something truly alien.   See this collection of 156 pictures of  alien races.  Most of the pictures in the Secret Russian KGB Book of Alien Species are included.

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