"Art's Parts" from the Stars to the Army to the Stars Academy to the Army

Supposedly, these were pieces of debris picked up by a soldier in New Mexico in July, 1947 and kept as a secret heirloom until his son or grandson anonymously mailed the box of debris with a letter to the late radio host Art Bell who handed them over to the journalist Linda Moulton Howe.  These strange pieces of metal were nicknamed "Art's Parts".  It seems like these things may be returned to U.S. Army custody since it partnered with Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy.  See this:

and this:

So, after looking at these articles could "Art's Parts" be genuine articles?


  • Here is a link to see the letters and pictures of the fragments.

    Tom DeLong already hinted that his organization would come into possession of those specific fragments on twitter.com on December 14, 2017.

    The anonymous soldier's version of the Roswell legend is consistent with some other versions of it.

  • Yes I have seen commentary on this

  • I noticed that alien-facts.com has a Twitter.  Has alien-facts.com ever interacted with Tom DeLonge on Twitter?  Besides, would there have only been six layered pieces of Bismuth and Magnesium ever found at any allegedly unexplained crash sites?  One might expect that the Army already has some.  Could these deals have been made to keep those particular pieces away from anyone else?

  • Yes the Twitter account was created at the end of July this year. So the overall project has some way to go to reach some level of maturity. There is also a facebook and instagram page but in fairness similar messages appear in each social media platform. Alien facts hasnt had any interaction with Tom Delonge on Twitter at this juncture although it follows the posts.

    I have been fascinated this morning reading a number of posts on the website you directed me too. It certainly begs a question on how one presents alien-facts to the mainstream as opposed to the fewer numbers that drill down and search for detailed content. It may well be to look at a multiple strategy approach with the likes of facebook and instagram appealing to the more mainstream "Close encounters of the third kind" that has a palatable ring to it. Its this dilema that I guess governments contemplate on any soft disclosure programme that may be in place. Still plenty more for me to read later today. Thanks again for pointing me towards the excellent content.

  • This seems a subject that has been popular with a few individuals/ organisations that alien facts follow on its twitter feed in recent weeks. mostly relating to TTSA.

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