Legends of Secret Bases in Mt. Ziel and Pine Gap in Australia

I have found some blogs that mention alleged secret bases in Mt. Ziel and Pine Gap in Australia.

Here is a quote:  "An anonymous individual submitted the following comment after the post appeared:

"Five base locations" most likely refers to the alleged UFO bases Pat Price remote viewed and showed to Hal Puthoff in 1973, (in addition to Jack Houck's one in Brazil). I'm sure you know the story - it's well documented in Richard Dolan's "UFOs and the National Security State Volume 2" on page 68. Price told Puthoff that there were four major UFO bases on the planet. There were supposedly located at Mt. Perdido in the Pyrenees Mountains, Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, Mount Hayes in Alaska, and Mount Ziel in Australia. Interestingly, in a lecture in the early 2000s Puthoff stated that someone from Australia was called who confirmed that the location Price found was a hot spot for UFO sightings. Puthoff begins the story at 3:31 in this video https://youtu.be/LPYFMkxw830?list=PL9101FF5CCA48AE61&t=211 I'd be interested to hear what you think about UFOs supposedly being frequently sighted near Mount Ziel, Keith. Thanks for the post."

I watched the video presentation, which was part 7 of a talk Hal Puthoff gave at The Arlington Institute, on 1 February 2012. In part, Puthoff stated:

"Pat Price volunteered that he'd found several UFO bases on the planet, and one of them was in Australia. So, somebody in the Agency, called the station chief without telling him why he was asking. He said, can you tell me what's going on over there in the Mount whatever, I forget what it was now, area. And the guy said you mean where all the UFOs coming down."

The reference in Dolan's book includes the following text; speaking of Pat Price:

"He told Puthoff that there were four major underground alien bases, each within a different mountain range...The main purpose of the bases he stated, were to 'reinforce B.T.L. implants, transport of new recruits and overall maintenance function'...

"...The inhabitants of the bases looked like normal human beings, said Price, although the heart, lungs, blood and eyes were different. The four sites were protected from discovery and had very advanced technology. Price also said the inhabitants of these bases used 'thought transfer for mental control of us.'

"...The fourth site was at Mount Ziel, in Australia's Northern Territory. This base had the most personnel, including many from the other three sites, 'like a rest and recreation area.' While viewing this location, Price thought he was detected, so he 'left' and then returned. he noted the base was also the 'homo sapiens introduction point.'"" from an update to this blog by Keith Basterfield:

A photograph purported to be of an extraterrestrial has been circulating on the internet for some time with the names of the locations Pine Gap and Mt. Ziel in Australia typed in a box of text in the bottom left corner.

I remember reading a story on the internet about a secret weapon at Pine Gap firing upon a Sphere Being Alliance craft and subsequently disabled by the Sphere Being Alliance redirecting the energy back at the weapon damaging its mechanical components.  I would quote the story and provide an URL, but the blog I read it on has been removed.

So, the names of these locations appear in stories about alien contact, conflict, and conspiracy.  Could they all be true?


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