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I would like to make some suggestions for new categories.  Alien Facts' forum could use a section about alien types where members can discuss the biological details of various species associated with the legends, a section about alien technology for discussions about the exotic physics to explain the wonderful technology in the legends, and perhaps a section for the discussion of unexplained explosive impact events of alleged extra terrestrial origin.


  • Great Idea Reanemus. I'll post them up.

  • Thanks.  Can we also have a category to discuss crop circle phenomena?  I was delighted to see the pictures and stories about the 2001 Chilbolton agro-glyph possible response to the Arecibo transmission on this website.  I would like to start a discussion to ask questions about it since I saw some articles claiming it originated from Zeta Reticule, but the alien population estimate and the star system diagram  might not be consistent with information on

  • Thats a great idea Reanumus thanks. The arecibo response piece of art that is posted on the site is something I cobbled together in August. Personal constraints prohibit getting heavily involved for a few days however. But your idea is a subject that I have not seen discussed anywhere to date.

  • I am ready to discuss the subject of the Arecibo transmission and its response whenever you are.

  • The hoax crop circle creators have rather damaged this phenomenon in recent years, although there are plenty examples that are so sophisticated that would leave you to believe they are authentic.

    I recall it was Bower and chorley who spent time creating their own designs throughout the UK in the 90,s. There was an investigation presented on the history channel which managed to provide reasonable evidence to establish a hoax message by annalysizing the damaged crops. The crops damaged using boards was easiy distinguishable from the unexplained ceral crops damaged from other unexplained actions.

    It is interesting that a James Deardoff calculated that the chances of the 2001 response was less than 2 chances in a billion to be a hoax. However, I have not uncovered his calculation that supported this. If indeed it was a genuine response to the original message sent in 1974 you are right it damages the validity of the serpo org data.

    What is your opinion and detail on the articles you have aquired.

  • The author of this article suggests that the 2001 response was created by Zeta Reticulans.

    The average height of the alien may be consistent with the descriptions of the Ebens, but the population of over 12 billion is inconsistent with the information on stating a population of 650,000 Ebens.  The solar system chart in the response shows one star not two and nine planets not six as described on

    Dr. Carl Sagan proposed sending the transmission from Arecibo in the direction of  Messier 13 25,000 light years away in Hercules.  Dr. Carl Sagan was a member of the Order of The Dolphin that proposed project OZMA to message extraterrestrial intelligences.  According to Dr. Carl Sagan was involved with the exchange program.  Could the book and movie Contact have been a soft disclosure effort?

    More articles about the Arecibo transmission can be found in this section.

  • Excellent Reanemus I had heard of the order of the dolphin, but your mention in the post inspired me to investigate further. It seems Carl Sagan was in good company in this secret society. His old friend Frank Drake was among the members. Others include

    JBS Haldane -Evolutionary Biologist

    Melvin Calvin- Noble Prize winning chemist

    John Lilly- Neuroscientist (made a name for himself for suggesting dolphins have their own language, and perhaps where the societies name originated).

    Thanks for suggestion that the 2001 arecibo response was possibly down to Zeta Reticulans.

  • I am still not convinced that the response came from Zeta Reticule, unless most of the Eben population lived on planets Otto and Silus, not Serpo.  The author of that article stated that Reticulans are responsible for abductions and mutilations while stated that Ebens are not Grays and do not abduct.  Betty Hill was shown a star map showing Zeta Reticule indicating the Hills may have been abducted by Reticulans if their story is true.

    Perhaps the first Arecibo transmission was not really beamed to distant M13, but somewhere closer in the same region of the sky that contains Hercules.   Humans on Earth may have already been in contact with Zeta Reticule before 1974 if is true using an Eben communication device, so why would Ebens respond to a radio transmission with an agro-glyph?

    Another radio message was broadcast towards 's Luyten's  Star in Canis Minor on the anniversary of the Arecibo transmission in October 2017 from an antenna in Norway.  Why Luyten's Star?  Has somebody already found life there?

  • Hi Reanemus you are on the ball as always.I was unaware of the recent message you eluded to above, but will spend a little time researching as a result. I certainly agree all the dots do not quite add up if you converge the sources and their detail.

    It may well be an idea to design a formula that creates the building blocks of establishing some Alien Facts, eg validating data from a minimum of two independent sources as a basic, although one could suggest at the moment thats easier said than done. However, this may start becoming easier if I am correct in believing that we may be entering the first stages of a soft disclosure programme for the next couple of years, with full disclosure occurring at the end of that cycle.

    Unfortunately it is probable that the powers that be, are likely to draw a line over a large parts of the past, as it could incriminate government activities that have included cover ups especially the numbers that have lost their lives prematurely. It is quite a tricky balancing act- to manage the truth !

  • Here are two articles about the recent message to Luyten's Star.

    Quote:  "Scientists have worked to develop message protocol concepts that are fault-tolerant and contain error correction mechanisms while simultaneously making the message as easy to receive and decode as possible (think of this as anti-cryptography). Research into these areas is ongoing, but with decades to wait between phone calls, our ability to find transmissions other civilizations are sending (if any) are always going to be more near-term relevant than our ability to send and receive messages to another target. And, of course, beaming a message to a known planet that’s sending us messages already is something that would be considered in a different light than firing messages into the ether."

    Could a message from the direction of Luyten's Star have already been received and kept secret?

  • I have just looked up details surrounding Luyten's Star and by all accounts it seems to be drifting away from our Solar system. What is interesting is that the planets orbiting the star are potentially in the goldilocks zone. I note a number of messages were sent out during May 2018 via a radar antenna in Norway, although any recipient is unlikely to pick it up until 2036. One would expect a full disclosure programme by the government states to have reached a level of maturity well before then.

  • I wonder why the M13 cluster was chosen as the target of the original Arecibo transmission in 1974.  Luyten's Star seems like a better target for a Project Ozma experiment.  Relatively near G,  K, and M spectral type stars with observed planets would be the obvious candidates to choose for Project Ozma experiments .  Many famous public figures in science have advised against these kinds of projects, but it may be too late since broadcasts from Earth have already gone out to outer space since the invention of radio.

    If Carl Sagan had inside information about extraterrestrials from involvement with the secret Serpo Exchange Program, perhaps he shared that information with his fellow Order of the Dolphin member Frank Drake, the astronomer who led Project Ozma.

    "In 1960, physicists Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi proposed that extraterrestrial civilisations might be using radio signals for communication.[70]Project Ozma, led by astronomer Frank Drake, used the Tatel Telescope to search for such signals from the nearby Sun-like stars Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti. The systems were observed at the emission frequency of neutral hydrogen, 1,420 MHz (21 cm). No signals of intelligent extraterrestrial origin were detected.[71] Drake repeated the experiment in 2010, with the same negative result.[70] Despite this lack of success, Epsilon Eridani made its way into science fiction literature and television shows for many years following news of Drake's initial experiment.[72]"

    from the Wikipedia page about Epsilon Eridani

    Was Frank Drake looking for evidence of the Trantaloids mentioned on

  • I recall that Trantaloids were/are the species that are guilty of abducting Earth humans and who were supposedly genetically engineered by the EBENS. It's likely that Sagan and Frank Drake know far more than they let on.

    On another note I suspect funds may be running low at the institute that Drake founded as my in box has received a number of messages requesting financial gifts although I understand that SETI institute is finalising the installation of "LaserSETI" at the Robert Ferguson Observatory in Sonomo County, California which is likely to be a capital intensive project !

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    I asked about Trantaloids because they were supposedly from Epsilon Eridani according to, but Epsilon Eridanians are described more favorably on other websites.

    For more about mysterious radio signals from outer space see this blog.

    Why would SETI institute need your money when the institute has billionaire benefactors like Yuri Milner and other tech execs?

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen funded SETI projects during his lifetime.

    When the United States Federal Government stopped funding SETI, disclosure activist Steven Basset took it as a sign that disclosure was imminent.  Is something else going on with SETI?

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