Former NASA scientist Gilbert V. Levin said they found life on Mars in the 1970s.

According to Gilbert Levin, Viking's microbial life detection experiment yielded positive results, but the findings were dismissed and never repeated in subsequent missions to Mars.  So, the public was convinced that evidence of life has never been found on Mars, but they still expect to find evidence of microbes on Mars in the future without sending the equipment to do the experiment to find it on the next mission to Mars.  Anyone suspect a cover-up?


  • There is a thread of belief that life on Mars thrived in the distant past. Some point to the opinion that a nuclear event bought closure to life. When starting to formulate the alien fact website it was considered to use the facial image that was identified on Mars as part of the branding. However we felt the image would give a narrow narrative to the vast subject.

  • The possible microbe fossils seen in the Allen Hills meteorite could be convincing evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars.  Dr. John Brandenburg's theory of a nuclear event on Mars based on isotope ratios seems solid.  Have you ever looked at Viking's photograph of the facial image at Cydonia upside down?

  • The Martian Metorite that landed in the 80,s (ALH 84001) we are told is more than 4 Billion years old with some commentating that this constitutes evidence of the oldest life-form!

    Some skeptics noted however, that the carbonate globules and organic molecules seen in the meteorite might have formed without the need for Martian microbes.

    The physicist you referred to has if I recall had mixed reviews. I think he used Nasa,s own data in giving the valid opinion that there were a couple of massive nuclear explosions? but the mainstream were of the view that Dr Brandenburg went a little "off the rails"

    No never looked at the image at Cydonia from that perspective. Will take a look.

  • NASA is still looking for microfossils on Mars.

    This new rover is equipped to search for evidence of life on Mars in the ancient past, but it seems NASA did not take Gilbert V. Levin's advice to repeat the Labeled Release experiment with its 2020 Mars lander.  Gilbert V. Levin wrote, "NASA has already announced that its 2020 Mars lander will not contain a life-detection test. " on

    I suppose there could be some value to looking for microfossils on Mars if the missions in the 1970s did not produce enough evidence of the presence of life on Mars to convince anyone else.

  • Its interesting as we often see the standard NASA posts in respect to Mars and its reasearch ambitions which is palatable for general distribution as opposed perhaps the more black ops projects that probably run alongside the research programmes that are detailed in your postings. However, the announced research will I am sure prove invaluable to any colonization ambitions that may be considered for the future.

  • That is something to keep in mind next time I hear a story alleging secret colonies on Mars in the present.  Michael Relfe claimed that the base on Mars he served in will be built in the future, which would necessitate the use of time travel technologies like jump rooms to get to the base excellently hidden in the future.  Other SSP whistle blowers claimed that they could breathe in the Martian atmosphere indicating it may not be so inhospitable to life after all.

    Earlier this week, an entomologist claimed to see insects in rover photographs, probably more pareidolia again.  I have seen claims that the rover photographs are staged on barren regions on Earth with false color filters added.  That would explain those anomalies that look like birds and crabs would be mistakes overlooked by editors.

  • Have you come across any detail to support the theory that there were a number of colossal nuclear explosions in the past on Mars?

  • Richard C. Hoagland and Dr. John Brandenburg suggest that the high concentrations of Xenon 129 in Mars's atmosphere indicate nuclear fission in the past on Mars, but the isotope could also have been produced by cosmic radiation bombarding the planet's surface.  I found an informative article, but the publish date makes me suspicious.

  • Yeah there seems to be a fair amount of commentary around suggesting a number of nuclear explosions on Mars terminated life in the distant past.

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