CNN has a travel article about a hill in Thailand alleged to be the site of alien contact.

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Yesterday, Paul Seaburn wrote an article on titled "Thailand’s Area 51 is Home to Cooperating ETs from Two Different Planets".  CNN recently promoted Khao Kala Hill, Thailand as a tourist attraction.  Local police stormed the headquarters of a group who claimed to be in contact with aliens on Khao Kala Hill twice in August.  So, is this story a real, or could it be another doomsday cult experiment?

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  • Great thanks I will take a look and see also If I can source any third party reports. Cheers

  • We have reached out to a facebook group that operates in the area you mentioned. Will see what responses are received. In particular if they have any activity that is worthy to place on the video section of this website. Will respond accordingly

  • Hi Reanemus

    Following on from your query, we have had a response from a UFO group in the Khao Kala Hill region, who have sent videos to Alien Facts. On this occasion we have decided not to post the content as the images on the first video which are suggested as extraterrestrials are very vague and flakey and hard to verify . The second video has a large emphasis on Dharma and provides more of a generic insight into Dharma rather than any factual detail relating to Alien Facts general content. We will however keep an eye out on other groups that may be in the area that have access to more interesting and conclusive content. Regards

  • Well, that was interesting.  Honestly, I did not know what to think of whatever was happening on that hill, but I wonder why it received so much attention in the press.  Thanks.

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