Another Article about the "Tic-Tac"

I just found another article about the object seen by U.S. Navy pilots from the Nimitz carrier group off the coast of California in 2004.




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    Sorry, this is not the first time that has happened when I copy and paste html links on this website.  I found the article at the top of the list in Knapp's News from October 5.  Will this link work?


    By now you have probably seen loads of articles, interviews, and videos about the 'Tic-Tac".  The thing I find most fascinating about it is that the pilots who attempted to intercept the object came from the Nimitz carrier group from the aircraft carrier named after Admiral William Chester Nimitz who was part of the Naval task force sent to Antarctica along with Admiral Richard Byrd in Operation High Jump in 1947.  According to legend, Operation High Jump had a UFO connection.


  • An interview with one of the pilots was published on December 19, 2019.

    The interview was published again on December 21, 2019.

    Oddly, he mentioned Edwards test site, an Air Force base not Navy base featured prominently in lore about UFOs, alien diplomacy, and cryptozoology.

  • Thanks for posting the links Reanemus. It is probably one of the most talked about UFO sightings in the past 15 years.

  • You are welcome.

  • Recently I was looking at and noticed that "Tic-Tac" was added as a new category of UFO shape.  Apparently these things have become more common.  Jan Harzan mentioned this in an interview with Cheryll Jones.  Quote:  "An interesting new trend is the number of "Tic Tac"-shaped UFOs that people have been reporting to MUFON in recent months (the Tic Tac shape was first revealed in military reports associated with the Pentagon program). A commercial jet pilot reported a Tic Tac UFO following his plane from below and took footage of it on his iPhone, Harzan said, and following that, two witnesses in Missouri also saw similar-looking craft." from

    The videos can be seen on

    The things appeared to have been flying slowly.  I think they could just be balloons of some kind.

  • Thanks for the posts Reanemus. They are very complimentary to the videos that have been recently uploaded in our video section.

  • You are welcome.  Now that the U.S. Navy has officially admitted that those videos are real, could they be clips of longer videos showing more bizarre sights as the pilots described?

  • I suspect we would have to go down the disclosure road a little more if further material is to be released by "the powers that be" for general consumption.

    In that eventuality I would imagine it would set us on the firm road of a full disclosure programme.

  • The title of this article suggests Charles James Hall said the Tic Tac UFOs belong to Tall White aliens. Quote: "According to him, the so-called “Tic Tac” UFO footage matches what he knows about Tall White scout craft. Thus, he has no doubt the videos are authentic and related to the beings he knew long ago."

  • I wonder if the claim by Charles Hall emanates from viewing actual video which is now public? If so he should be classified as probably the ace "UFO spotter". Or perhaps some inside contact/knowledge led to this claim? If the former true, one wonders if he has the ability to identify different craft being associated with different races, it would make him some inside specialist on the subject! It leads me to an idea of trying to identify various craft which are associated with the different races. Any ideas?

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    Yes, in Walking with the Tall Whites, Hall views actual video footage validated as authentic by the U.S. Navy. In 1965, Charles Hall was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, Nevada where he encountered the Tall Whites, and could catch a glimpse of one of their aircrafts. Hall claims the Tall Whites cooperate with the U.S. Military. The secret Russian book of alien races PDF contains a chapter titled "ALIEN SHIPS" starting on page 128 and ending on page 159 full of pictures of UFOs with some labeled with names of races. That would be a start. We could start a new discussion to identify and associate craft with races.

  • Many thanks, will take a look at the sections you mention.

  • Especially make sure to look at the pixelated picture labeled "INDUGUTK ON THE MOON" on page 129. Does that thing look like a Tic-Tac? Both ends are rounded like the mints. Looks like a floating dirigible, but if that is a photograph of the Lunar surface, it cannot be because there is no atmosphere on the Moon. If the INDUGUTK are the same Tall White aliens Charles Hall encountered that fly craft shaped like a Tic-Tac, then this could help confirm what he said in the new film.

  • Yet another article about the "Tic-Tac" by Svetlana Ekimenko was published on yesterday.

    Is this a reason to suggest objects recorded by the U.S. Navy have something to do with the Malibu Anomaly?

  • However, I am not sure if it is related, but Steven Greer quoted on twitter a few days ago "this is undoubtedly a man made anti gravity USAP craft", when referring to the New York Post article about USS Russell in July 2019

  • Yes. Dr. Steven Greer tweeted on April 27.

    The picture is the third object, described as the "Metallic Blimp", a F-18 weapon systems operator photographed with his iPhone on March 4, 2019. George Knapp posted this on April 6.

    Sorry about the error code 500.

    That image was captured on March 4, 2019 in the pilot's daily flight path over Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia. The event that involved the USS Russell took place in July 2019 off San Diego, California. That is when and where the "pyramid" shaped craft were recorded. Dr. Steven Greer tweeted the video and a link to a page on with a picture of an Independent article by Akshita Jain on April 16 with the words, "Ramping up to the Cosmic Hoax!"

    Please visit Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell's website.

    How does Dr. Steven Greer know what a man made anti gravity USAP craft looks like? Did he finally get access to those unacknowledged special access programs he spoke about? Does Dr. Steven Greer agree with what Tyler Rogoway wrote about those pictures. Quote: "In recent weeks, more official evidence has come to light. This includes recently released images taken from an F/A-18 cockpit that clearly show balloons, not strange totally unexplainable craft. A video and still images from the incident we reported on that occurred off the California coast in 2019 have also come to light. They seem to show either delta-wing-shaped drones, very similar to the ones we have discussed earlier, or, and far more likely, another type of drone that is obscured by bokeh effect, the result of a bright light source being recorded out of focus through a night-vision scope by another camera. Once again, nothing appears unexplainable here. Quite the opposite, really. " from this long article.

    Tyler Rogoway made it seem like they were dealing with voyeuristic drones doing espionage for war.

  • A valid question Reanemus

    In respect to Adversary drones its tricky. With military equipment dominating aerospace perhaps it is one of the greatest dangers humanity faces when an extraterrestrial craft are mistaken for an adversary. This point is probably more relevant now with global tensions being more apparent than previous years. It seems further aggravated when the inquisitive nature of extraterrestrial craft seems particularly extensive during military manoeuvres.

    One wonders if there are active communications between countries in these instances, especially when abrasive relationships are afoot, such as the anticipated developments in the south china sea.

  • An extraterrestrial craft may have already been mistaken for an adversary. During the Battle of Los Angeles in World War II the American Military fired upon an unidentified flying object they feared was some kind of airship from the Japanese Empire resulting in casualties. Whatever it was, it was impervious to bullets and explosive shells that seemed to bounce off the object. No aircraft of the time had such an impervious hull. Reasons to suspect the object could have been a spacecraft from another world.

  • There have been a number of extraterrestrial craft that have met their demise on Earth, presumably not as a result of defences being penetrated then?

    I do recall a suggestion that extraterrestrial craft have encountered serious problems due to a shift in the poles, although I always wondered why such advanced civilisations had not made allowances for such an event.

  • A passage from Timothy Good's book Above Top Secret quoted in the moderators end notes at the bottom of Release 26a says, "No reference to the craft's propulsion system was made in the report other than that technology utilizing MAGNETIC or GRAVITATIONAL FIELDS was involved.

    "They use the natural magnetic lines of a planet and a gravity field to move their ships from one place to another," the officer explained to Chuck Oldham. "That's how they are able to MAKE NEAR RIGHT-ANGLE TURNS."

    It was speculated that the aliens were able to cross greater distances of space within a much shorter time than we thought possible. The report further speculated that this craft (and others) had come to grief due to "magnetic faults" located in the areas where the crashes had occurred."

    That is basically the same thing Lacerta said about the Roswell Incident. Lacerta said, "This species that we are discussing - and it was always in this time period that this species used a disk-shaped craft - used a propulsion system which ran according to the normal principle of fusion, to be sure, but one that at that time employed a more than unconventional method for field alignment. This method had various advantages but also disadvantages.

    The repelling field must of course lie in the absolute correct angle to the surface of the Earth.

    This species used an alignment technology in their ships, with which the field locked into place all points of the Earth's magnetic field. Now at that time this species had just arrived on the earth and their point of origin lay on a planet with a more stable magnetic field, for which they had developed and aligned their drive. The magnetic field of the Earth is not really all that stable; it is subject to cyclical variations and it forms field eddies under unfavorable conditions.

    Whenever a ship with one of those kinds of drives gets into a field fluctuation or into an eddy that is too strong, then for a short time the repelling field can no longer align itself correctly and the ship glides uncontrolled on its flight path. The drive is operating correctly, to be sure, but the field fluctuates in all directions and because of that, the ship can crash."

    These consistent details suggest the same type of craft crashed in Aztec and Roswell.

    Who suggested a shift in the poles? Be careful. Most talk of pole shifts is pseudoscientific doomsday propaganda fearmongering nonsense. Please visit these Wikipedia pages.

    Shift of magnetic poles is not like how doomsday prophets describe it. Simply relabel the Cardinal and Ordinal points on a compass to reorient to the Magnetosphere.

  • It immediately opens a question as to travel which civilisations travel across space via worm holes/stargates and which civilisations use a more tradition form of travel albeit using advanced technology. Did the Serpo story speak of a nine month journey for the team to reach its destination?

  • Yes. The Serpo story did say it took nine months for the team to reach Zeta Reticuli and seven months to return to Earth aboard a newer spacecraft. Zeta Reticuli is over 39 lightyears away from the Sol System, therefore some form of superluminal travel must have been required for such travel times. In Release 27a, The Caretaker told President Ronald Reagan, "Well, Mr. President, the distance from Earth to SERPO is about 40 light-years. They can travel that in about nine (9) of our months. I am no scientist, but as I mentioned earlier, they can travel that great distance by means of space tunnels. They seem to be able to bend the distance from one point in space to another. Just how they do this, must be explained scientifically." Please keep in mind some facts of astronomy contradict some details in the Serpo story, indicating the Serpo story is probably fiction.

    By the way, I found yet another article about the "Tic-Tac".

    Commander David Fravor described the encounter with the "Tic-Tac" and probably had nothing to do with that photograph of a party balloon.

  • Do you think there are additional holes in the SERPO story to support the conclusion that it was fiction?

  • Yes. The SERPO story described the planet as a place like Tatooine in Star Wars, a hot dry desert world with two suns in the daytime sky. The distance separating Zeta 1 Reticuli and Zeta 2 Reticuli is about 3,750 Astronomical Units or at least 350 billion miles. That distance is equivalent to about 95 or 100 times the distance between the Sun and Pluto. Looking at the sky, from a vantage point where the planet Serpo was said to be, Zeta 1 Reticuli would appear as a bright star, not a second sun. This was all explained in the fiction book, Solar Warden: Alien Secrets by Ian Douglas, describing a more realistic fictional planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 2. For more facts about Zeta Reticuli, visit this webpage by Joe LeSearne edited by Ken Wright.

    This page on tells the story behind the SERPO story.

  • Do you think that it was Betty and Barney Hill that introduced humanity to the Zeta Reticuli star system or were there other detailed references prior to 1961?

  • No. Zeta Reticuli was first referred to as such in 1756. People have viewed Zeta Reticuli without telescopes for centuries. Please view this article by Colin Johnston published by Armagh Observatory and Planetarium and this post on by Soma Tiwari.

    This article on about the Pleiades Star Cluster includes a story from Hindu mythology that says the Goddess Svahi is embodied by Zeta Reticuli.

    Zeta Reticuli is not visible at latitudes north of 19.5 degrees North. Zeta Reticuli is visible at latitudes south of 19.5 degrees North. Observers South of that latitude can observe those stars at night.

  • Crikey we are back to the significance of 19.5 degrees



    `Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan

    Structures of Cydonia

    Mars pathfinder landing at 19.5 degrees latitude in July 97

    Red Spot on Jupiter

    One could suppose that you could make a fit of 19.5 degrees by collective selection, although it is likely there could be a specific significance that goes beyond that.

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