What if the "disclosure" of aliens in the gov't is a psyop?

What if there are advance civilizations but they have evolved past the monetary system and that freaks out the earth governments that have such a zeal in controlling people through a monetary system, that they've made "aliens" synonymous with monsters so far as saying scary reptilians are the ones responsible so they can be absolved from blame from all the terrible things they've done, and to have people fear interference when in reality the aliens have been trying to extend an olive branch?

Idk it just been on my mind lately and the govt's hobby seems to be just messing with people's perceptions.


  • A truly advanced civilization would probably have evolved past the monetary system.  Others have theorized that the monetary system is of alien origin.

  • I've never heard it the other way around. Do you know what article talks about it?

  • I do not know of any article that talks about it, so I just spent an hour searching.  The human desire for gold could be thought of as the result of Anunnaki engineering to acquire gold to supply the Anunnaki's demand.  Another theory is that capitalism is the creation of an artificial intelligence from the future working to bring about its creation.

  • Oh I see. But weren't the Anunnaki interested in gold as a material to use? I would think that maybe future humans want to keep the capitalism going lol because most of the encounters with aliens always have the alien 'smh' moment when the person starts talking about the monetary system on earth.

  • I just remembered the article about El Dorado on zetatalk.com talked about the origin of the obsession with gold.

    Quote:  "The obsession with Gold is not natural to man, it is a habit mankind picked up from the visitors from the 12th Planet."

    Link:  <link>http://www.zetatalk.com/myths/m04.htm</link>

  • They never did find gold in El Dorado. So I'm assuming that seeing these extraterrestrials collecting gold it made an impression that gold is quite significant. I would assume that people weren't programmed, unless the theory that we were made just to mine things for the Annunaki is correct, but maybe it was impressed upon them- flying ships from the sky, people thought they were gods, if gods covet gold then it must be something quite powerful- that might be one reasoning aside from dna/programming manipulation.

  • Perhaps the reason why they never found gold in the lake of El Dorado is because it was taken  after it was dropped in.

    I just found this article on ancient-code.com about gold and the Anunnaki.

    The comments point out why the idea of a technologically advanced civilization using slave labor to mine a specific element might not make sense.  See this comment by Whyone:

    "Maybe it wasn’t about the gold! maybe the Anunnaki just needed to create sth on this earth that made the new breed addicted to it, so that the Anunnaki would stay in controle. Hence, with the gold came greed, materialism and slavery. Before all that no species on Earth, I believe, needed to suffer starvation etc. We knew how to live according to the law of the Earth, but we lost all of that with the alien minglings with our DNA."

  • That's true, before that time people weren't concerned with hoarding resources at all. That bit about the Zulu people is intriguing. I just can't wrap my head around a species making greedy creatures just to control them lol is that what happens when you reach godhood?

  • Nick Redfern had some things to say about government disclosure in this article.

    Basically seems similar to the plot of the exposed Project Blue Beam.

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