How would you react if there was full disclosure that aliens exist and they are among us?

Some suggest that humans would take the news in their stride. Others suggest that there would be world chaos. What do you think?


  • The answer to this question is simple. Let there be light, after all knowledge is power.

    We are not children and deserve to be treated as adults, let us all be seen to stand as one.

  • Do you think disclosure of extraterrestrial life could have an impact on religion around the globe?

    Billions around the world follow various religious formats some very strictly. Disclosure of extraterrestrial life may have a profound effect on these beliefs.

    However, the author of Chariots of the Gods (Eric Von Daniken) believes religious belief and extraterrestrial life can co exist.

    So I guess the jury is out on this?

  • Extraterrestrial life not only co-exists with but is fundamentally central to some religious beliefs.

    The Khao Kala Hill Group claim to contact Buddhist extraterrestrials.  The contact cases of the 1950s led to the creation of George King's Aetherius Society.  Frank Stranges, the author of the books about Valliant Thor from Venus, was a Christian minister.  Extraterrestrial contact religions may even go back centuries.  Some examples would be Theosophy, the I AM Movement cult of Mt. Shasta, and the New Church of Emmanuelle Swedenborg.  Books like Chariots of the Gods would seem to suggest that the oldest and most popular religions were always alien UFO cargo cults.

    Some stories about extraterrestrials describe them following their own religions.  Did finding life on Earth have an effect on their beliefs?

  • Perhaps the effects of disclosure may have a more profound effect with some of the mainstream religions. The two major Islamic Faiths come to mind as well as the Catholic faith.

    I recall visiting Ireland frequently many years ago and became to better understand the term 'god-fearing and can only imagine what spin the local priests would make in respect of disclosure. Saying that Eric Von Dainiken states clearly in Chariots of The Gods that his extraterrestrial beliefs and his belief in God sit side by side for him. Only time will tell I guess.

    Yes on the flip side I do recall that the contributors of mention religion being practiced by the Eben's who worshipped a "Supreme Being"

  • Right, disclosure is more likely to affect mainstream religions more profoundly than fringe cults.  See this article by William Henry written in 2016.

    Before St. Patrick, Ireland was the land of the fairy faith.  Many writers have noticed the similarities between ancient fairy lore and modern alien lore. mentioned secret meetings in remote locations of extraterrestrial diplomats with priests representing the Vatican.  By now you have probably seen all the sensational articles about the Vatican preparing for extraterrestrials as if they secretly knew all about them for a long time.

  • I have yet to come across the articles surrounding the Vatican preparing for extraterrestrials. I will have a look around accordingly.

  • See this article on written by Elizabeth Howell and published on April 30, 2018.

  • One wonders if the Vatican has a protocol for the eventuality of a formal release of alien existence to the world catholic population. Will these plans be coordinated with the CIA and other security institutions around the globe ? There could be 1.3billion Catholics that may have significant doubts as to their religious upbringing!

    Do any other religions have such a protocol?

  • I do not know the answers to those questions.

  • Ignoring most of the click bait about aliens and the Vatican, there is some truly bizarre content on the internet about Popes having had meetings with aliens and spooks.

    Quote: "The Vatican’s history of diplomatic relations with extraterrestrials, conducted secretly while coordinating with the US military, also involved non-official channels. One of these included the famous contactee, George Adamski.

    Adamski claims to have been a contactee with a “Nordic” human-looking extraterrestrial group. He regularly briefed Pentagon officials about his contacts that began in 1952. In addition, Adamski says he secretly met with Pope John XXIII in 1963. UFO Researchers such as Desmond Leslie have reviewed Adamski’s claims in this regard, and found them to be factually correct." from

    According to President Ronald Reagan's briefing in George Adamski was a disinformation agent.  Allegedly, Pope John XXIII sought an audience with Professor George Adamski.  Allegedly, the same Pope John XXIII conversed twenty minutes with an extraterrestrial in July of 1961.

    See this blog post.

    See this extended version of the translated KGB book of alien races.

    Two video versions of that book mention a hand written note that mention a Pope and Castro met with either Maître or Maitreya.

    Andrija Puharich met with Pope John Paul II.  Did they speak about the Council of Nine?  See this blog post for the photograph.

    More recently, and mentioned Pope Benedict XVI meeting someone from the Serpo exchange program.

    It would seem that the fundamentalist Evangelical protocol is to demonize ETs.

  • You have surpassed yourself Reanemus. Some really interesting thoughts to explore thank you.

    It seems apparent that Popes have been up to their neck in accessing the truth about extraterrestrial existence. The overall impact on religion come disclosure, could go one way or another with society in my view.

    What will be fairly difficult to navigate is the word from the pulpit as opposed to the word from the Bible as an example. Plenty of references in the Bible and other religious texts will be argued by religious leaders that the truth has always been there for all to see (depending on ones interpretation).

    I do recall on the SERPO website that Ebens practice some type of religion so perhaps there is room to blend the concept in the fullness of time?

    On Another Note :

    I am not sure if you receive the alien facts newsletter? Your continued efforts to research and share great content for the Alien Facts community has been duly noted again. Thank you as always for providing such breadth and depth to the broad subject matter of the Alien Facts brand.

  • Here are three more articles that hint that current Pope Francis may be aware of the existence of extraterrestrials.

    According to the KGB book of alien races, races Ramay and Jefok were transmitting a message to Popes and Islamic leaders for centuries.  Could the alien race from Zeta Reticule in the KGB book of alien races be the Ebens?  If so, it may explain why Eben religion is said to resemble Catholicism.  Did those aliens from Zeta Reticule introduce monotheism to humans during Egypt's 18th Dynasty?  See these articles.

    The story in the "Tulli Papyrus" resembles what is said to have had happened above Fatima, Portugal in 1917, obviously a classic UFO, but the Vatican still controls that story.

    Outlook locked out.  I ought to find a different free e-mail service.

  • Ohh no Reanemus hope you resolve the issue. I hope you have'nt suffered from prying parties! I have a story to share in that respect. I live in an isolated place in Southern Spain and have two routers covering the household to access the internet with no other properties in the vicinity (and certainly no other routers have been identified on my electronic devices in all my years here)

    A few months ago, late at night I was working on my Ipad upstairs on the alien facts site. I changed routers to access the stronger internet signal. On this particular evening instead of my usual identification router showing up, a string of 45 characters appeared instead. I walked onto my balcony that overlooks what can be described as a track rather than a road. You can imagine my surprise when a very large black limousine type of vehicle was parked outside my front gate.(tractors are more the usual traffic type I encounter) The vehicle sped off after a couple of minutes.

    On another note I would imagine the Vatican may encounter a number of difficulties when extraterrestrial existence hits the mainstream. Do they have a plan to cover off this eventuality?

    I noted in the content of the link you kindly provided that Tuli Papyrus has a an authenticity issue so would easily be debunked by parties.

  • My e-mail issue was not as thrilling as yours seems.  I rarely use e-mail only to register accounts and get newsletters, so I do not know what I did wrong or not do right.

    I expect that somebody would immediately ask the Vatican about what happened in Portugal in the years 1916 and 1917.  That miracle obviously has much in common with modern UFO lore and ancient folklore.  There are rumors that the Vatican changed parts of the story and silenced witnesses.  See this opinion.

    Could the Jesuit astronomers on television documentaries be part of some plan?

    I provided the link to an article about the Tuli Papyrus because Alberto Tulli was a museum director for the Vatican.  Perhaps the original hieratic manuscript was secretly acquired and hidden away in the Vatican's legendary secret archives.  This indicates that the Vatican had an interest in this sort of thing as early as 1933.

  • Vatican prepares conference on extraterrestrial life

    A conference with an extraordinary theme will be held at the Vatican on February 12: The Universe and Possible Encounters with Other Civilizations. 

    As is known, Catholicism represents one of the most important religious currents in the world, it has an ancient and modern cultural heritage.

    Accumulated information from several centuries suggests that UFO students know that this organization knows more than it needs to recognize encounters with alien races and the existence of unknown flying objects.

    From 2 March 2020, the Vatican will allow several researchers from various countries to access information from the end of Pope Pius XII’s pontificate, that is, from 1958 to the present day.

    The Vatican is considered one of the most important centers of historical collection in the world. It has about 150 thousand documents, 650 different files in an extension of 85 linear kilometers of shelves, which are said to allow to know 8 centuries of history.

    Everything suggests that there may be an opening for the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe and, possibly, be in our world.

    On February 12, the conference will be held under the title: The Universe and Possible Encounters with Other Civilizations, sponsored by Nazionale Ufological Center, an Italian organization that has members related to the Vatican and the Italian government.

    It will be presented by Vladimiro Bibolotti, a freelance journalist, aware of the UFO phenomenon since 1975, and a member of this Center since 1995, of which he was president until 2019.

    Bibolotti has an experience that accredits him as a specialist in ufology. He also has connections that connect him to the Vatican.

    Bibolotti mentioned in 2014 that:

    “if massive contact occurs or the existence of extraterrestrial life is revealed, all religions would have to join new scenarios, in addition to creating another worldview”.

  • Just found this related article above, which suggests that the Catholic church may be intensifying its thoughts on the subject of extraterrestrial existence -perhaps a pre curser to disclosure!

  • Something to look forward to.

    Dr. Michael Salla wrote about Popes on his website in 2013.

    The final page in the Russian secret alien races book added by Dante shows two photographs of the stage used for Pope Francis's visit to Brazil in July 2013.  The projection on the background is a picture of a caiman, a type of crocodile native to Brazil.  Why did Dante include it in the book?

    Could all this buzz about Catholic disclosure have anything to do with the message from Ramay and Jefok in the book under the chapter titled "SHE" about Artemis/Diana.  The 1946 U.S. Army experiment Project Diana features in some legends.  Could any of this have anything to do with NASA's new Artemis Program?

  • Fascinating contents in the Russian Secret Alien Race Book Reanemus. Thank you for posting.

  • You are welcome.  This website already has a link to that book on the page about alien types.  I would like to ask more questions about that book when more people become familiar with it.

  • Look at these three webpages from

    Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry known for the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter theme park.  See their website for more information about them.

    It seems like their religion's protocol is to continue denial.

  • Good to see you are around Reanemus during these difficult times. Some interesting views on the links above although if one considered an idea that Jesus, whilst likely to have existed, could possibly have been of extraterrestrial origin, it may put a different perspective on the discussion?

  • Well, the circumstances that led to the birth of Jesus were unusual, but not unique among religious figures in history.  What do you make of this article?

    This story may seem eerily familiar to anyone who saw the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rightful Heir".  I have read on a blog post that the Project Blue Beam story is the same as the plot of the episode "Devil's Due".  Unfortunately, that post no longer exist, but it could come back.

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