• Interesting Reanemus. It slightly reminds me of the supposed Montauk project based at Montauk Air Force Base where psychological warfare techniques mixed up with exotic subjects such as time travel.

    If my memory serves me subjects were placed in an adapted chair, although I cannot recall any details of outcomes as far as results-successful or otherwise.

  • Thanks for the link "Close Encounters of the PSYOPs Kind Part 1v" above Reanemus -an interesting read.

  • I heard the legend of the Montauk project chair from radio interviews and television documentaries. Netflix's popular series Stranger Things is based on the Montauk legends.

    All four parts of Recluse's "Close Encounters of the PSYOPs Kind" series are interesting reads. For more of those blog posts see Recluse's blog at visupview.blogspot.com. I also recommend Frank Zero and Jeremy Knight's blog at 0knight.wordpress.com. See this blog post.

    Frank Zero and Steven Snider host a podcast titled The Farm on thefarmpodcast.com and their Youtube channel.

  • Please view this article posted by Alejandro Rojas about when reporter Linda Moulton Howe met Sgt. Richard Doty in 1983.

    Author Mike Clelland noted how the document Richard Doty showed Linda Moulton Howe could have been taken from the 1980 movie Hangar 18. If you do not mind spoilers, please view this blog posted by Mike Clelland.

    1980 was the year when the first book on the Roswell subject, Charles Berlitz and William Moore’s The Roswell Incident was published. Also, in 1980 the terms “MJ-Twelve" and “Majestic Twelve" were quietly inserted into the UFO community. If you do not mind spoilers, please view this article by Robbie Graham.

    All of what Richard Doty showed Linda Moulton Howe was in the Conspiracy Reports of William Cooper and John Lear. Can all of this be traced back to the faked Aquarius Documents? Why else would the AFOSI, CIA, ONI, and a Mormon film studio have identical stories about extraterrestrials?

  • Do you think this is one been many attempts to push Linda Moulton Howe down the road of a

    dis-information programme? The conflict between dis-information and disclosure may continue for some time yet !

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    Yes. That is exactly what Richard Doty did to Linda Moulton Howe. However, since neither Doty nor the U.S. Air Force would verify the document Linda Moulton Howe was shown, HBO did not make the documentary. If the documentary had been made would it have been disinformation or disclosure?

    Joel Van Der Reijden wrote this about Richard Doty.


  • This tricky line between disclosure and disinformation may continue for some time via US agencies. We always tend to focus on the US bringing forward disclosure of extraterrestrial existence.

    Does anyone know of other governments that have recently spoke of this subject?

    Could another country steal the show from the US, and formally declare extraterrestrial existence with supporting evidence?

  • Yes. Israel might be taking the lead in disclosing extraterrestrial existence. Remember in December 2020 when retired Israeli General Professor Haim Eshed said the U.S. and Israel have been in contact with extraterrestrial aliens. Notice how Israeli Professors were making the news publicly speaking about extraterrestrial aliens. You know Abraham Loeb is Israeli - American. Of course, since the U.S. and Israel are strongly allied, it seems unlikely Israel would declare extraterrestrial existence without the U.S.'s approval. That is why it would be a strange surprise to hear such news come out of Israel.

    Recently, Brazilian newspapers reported that Brazil's military dictatorship's intelligence agency investigated UFOs during the 1970s.

    In 2019, Dr. Steven Greer said a number of countries have actually cooperated with opening up their files on Sophie Shevardnadze's show on RT.

    Should Dr. Steven Greer be considered trustworthy or not?

    In January 2021 the CIA released documents related to UFOs to John Greenwald Jr.'s website.

    Why did the CIA finally make the records available after a twenty year struggle? Was the CIA trying to steal the show from the DNI by declassifying the records before the DNI can deliver the report on June 25, 2020? Is there some kind of conflict happening between the American agencies?

  • Interesting Reanemus. I have never considered that point. In many ways if there is "competitive spirit" between agencies, it is playing into the hands of the common people.

    Of course it may possibly be the pre curser to a blame game of who is responsible for hiding so much from the US tax payers, that ultimately fund them.

    That may well pass when populations move into inquisitive mode and start asking details of the various races. It would not surprise me that the whole subject of extraterrestrial existence is taught in schools within 10 years.

    I suspect there is a possibility that the NASA agency is likely to receive more scorn by the American people than the agencies come disclosure!

  • Perhaps Professor Haim Eshed took a similar stance to Paul Hellyer standing as an independent voice, rather than a formal Israeli /US collaboration?

  • Could be argued that taxes paid to the Federal Government do not fund anyone. Money paid in taxes paid to the Federal Treasury can instead be considered destroyed in order to discourage or encourage certain behaviors. Money paid out of the Federal Treasury can instead be considered newly minted money that did not exist before. That is the way it is ever since dollars became fiat currency. Conspiracy theorists say the secret government study of extraterrestrial activity and secret space programs is funded with money from the illegal drug trade. William Cooper said Project GRUDGE was funded by CIA confidential funds and money from the illicit drug trade and MJ-12 runs most of the world's illegal drug trade. The CIA is involved in the global illegal drug trade. That is fact.

    Exobiology/Astrobiology programs already exist in schools.

    The story of how Honorable Paul Hellyer came to stand as an independent voice is interesting. Paul Hellyer read The Day After Roswell by Colonel Phillip J. Corso on vacation. After finishing the book, Paul Hellyer called his contacts in the American Department of Defense and asked them to confirm if the story was true. Those who follow exopolitics.com were probably already familiar with what Haim Eshed said in 2020 and could consider the statements as confirmation. What is curious was the talk of a Galactic Federation bringing to mind contact cults of the 1950s that somehow continue in forms today. Quite a departure from the stories Richard Doty and others released into communities starting in the 1980s. Sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s something changed.

  • I do get the impression Paul Hellyer is not part of any disinformation programme.

  • The same cannot be said of Richard Doty.

    Richard Doty earned a reputation as an agent of disinformation. See this article by Steve Rose in the Guardian about the documentary Mirage Men based on the book of the same title by Mark Pilkington.

    George Knapp interviewed Richard Doty at the UFO Mega Conference in Laughlin, Nevada in 2019.



    Unfortunately, Status Error Code 500 means you and others in the European Union cannot visit those pages on that website. Sorry.

    Purportedly, Richard Doty or his superior sent William L. Moore to try to get Kal Korff to turn over an alleged movie film.

    Joel van Der Reijden analyzed the mirage men's roles in Roswell and Majestic Twelve.



  • I guess there is the potential it could put disinformation agents in a slightly precarious situation come some form of disclosure in June. Although in Richard Dotys case not necessarily that difficult as he passed away some 5 months ago!

  • On Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, Tim Swartz shared his latest work on Dulce, New Mexico titled Dulce Warriors on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

    Tim Swartz revealed the tragedy of what was done to Paul Bennewitz. Timothy Green Beckley felt the whole macabre saga of the rumors about Dulce, New Mexico started with Paul Bennewitz in 1979.

    The rumors are disturbing, but what was done to Paul Bennewitz is sad, tragic, and infuriating.

  • It is disturbing when elements of society refer to human advancement-as genetic experiments which mess with the alien/human species in an attempt to create "a perfect soldier"

    I contend that such experiments rather than being labelled 'advancement" are actually a backward step for humanity.

  • Here is an article by Mark Whittington asking, "Who is the real Richard Doty?"

    Here is another article about Richard Doty and story elements of MJ-12 by author Ryan Dube.

  • It has been suggested there have been so many disinformation agents surrounding the extraterrestrial story, which actually was a major catalyst to start the Alien Facts project. But it was and will always be tricky to try and report/ comment on just the facts. I guess thats why this forum is such a powerful tool to allow conversations that question any facts posted.

    Perhaps we could consider compiling a list of people/facts that seem credible in the alien facts space. I will start by suggesting that Paul Hellyer that passed away recently should be placed into the credible space as too Gary Mackinnon of NSA/NASA hacking fame.

    For balance perhaps we should also create a list of questionable people/facts presented ?

  • Yes. Questionable people presenting facts that may not be facts are easier to find than evidence supporting credible public figures' statements. I can find loads of nonsense that is not true.

  • I don't think any filter will eliminate everything that is nonsense, although a wide group of individuals with knowledge, research and in some cases experience, would I hope allow people to question supposed facts presented and knock out the most obvious nonsense.

  • Found some frames of a film taken by Paul Bennewitz at Kirtland Air Force Base.

    The frames were shared by Christian Lambright who was a guest on Coast to Coast AM in 2012.

  • Seems quite tricky to further validate the images to make real sense of them

  • Right. The images appear near the top of this page by Robert Hastings.

    Honestly, Robert Hasting's theory makes the most sense for explaining the real reasons of the disinformation campaign.

    Norio Hayakawa wrote about Richard Doty and William L. Moore.

    A thread in the Above Top Secret Forum started with a review of X Descending by Christian Lambright and includes links to the page by Robert Hastings in The UFO Chronicles and the summary of George Knapp's interview with Christian Lambright on Coast to Coast AM's website.

    Other threads in that forum include more pictures taken by Paul Bennewitz.

    This page contains more of Paul Bennewitz's photographs taken in 1978.

    The project was about using laser beams for propulsion.

    Christian Lambright stumbled upon the work of a professor at the institute involved in the project.

    What was the the true purpose of the disinformation campaign?

  • Whilst it is apparent that Richard Doty has been one of the greatest dis information agents in the Ufology field , I always wonder what level of real knowledge a dis information agent actually has to achieve his objectives. Is it that a script is just presented to him to articulate to whoever will listen, or would he have to know the true reality of a situation to be as effective as he was?

  • I do not know the answer to that question. I do not know if a script was presented to Richard Doty or if he made up the stories he told all by himself. If he presented histories as fiction, he could have been one of the most popular science fiction writers.

    I avoided looking too deeply into the tragic story of Paul Bennewitz because it is sad. The links I found yesterday are amazing. Paul Bennewitz really did film UFOs over Kirtland Air Force Base. Were they a secret government project, otherworldly visitors, or both? Was the disinformation campaign intended to distract public attention away from secret aircraft with sensational stories of extraterrestrial visitations, or were rumors of secret aircraft created as a ruse to deny acknowledging evidence of extraterrestrial visitations? The latter seems more likely than the former, because extraterrestrial visitations would be a bigger more important story than another spy plane in the U.S.'s arsenal. Christian Lambright is smart to ignore the parts of Paul Bennewitz's story that came after Richard Doty became involved spreading disinformation. What is left to examine are the films that too few have seen.

  • This article by Kevin Randle tells the history of the Project Aquarius hoax.

  • As we continue our search of facts relating to the subject of extraterrestrial existence it seems we continue to come across so many examples of disinformation. Lets hope that one day soon confirmation of extraterrestrial existence will level the playing field a little more. Is it governments feel that humanity cannot handle the truth or do they defer such confirmation for their own nefarious agenda?

  • Decades ago, think tanks told governments that humanity could not handle knowledge of past or present extraterrestrial life. No idea if those same governments feel the same way in the present.

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