Is disclosure coming?

What are the reasons the presence of extra terrestrials on earth has been hidden, sometimes violently from the majority of humanity?

Because of technology and the impact it would have, for example free energy?

Because the same technology could see the end of diseases like Cancer, would big Pharma allow that?

Would societies really crumble? Religions and creationists be violently opposed?

Personally I subscribe to the hiding of technology that could advance humanity. What do you think?


  • Reasons for hiding aliens? maybe their advancement scares scientists. Or the existence of aliens will put holes in the stories they've programmed people into believing.

    They are definitely hiding technology, they only seem to care for the destructive part of tech. And if it's for advancement, it's usually to make a big profit out of it.

    I read somewhere that they don't want to put out a cure for cancer because cancer is such a profitable sector in medicine. I mean they def have it.

  • The idea of hidden technology would seem more terrifying than the idea of extraterrestrial life.

  • According to the transcript of the CIA meeting with Reagan and the CIA at Camp David in 1981 Reagan was advised that the (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity-EBE) technology is "probably more 1000 years more advanced.

  • That transcript is in Release 27a.

    Here is a quote from the transcript:

    "PRESIDENT: We can make atomic bombs, go to Mars and we can't understand their science?

    WM CASEY: Adviser #4?

    ADVISER #4: Mr President, their technology is probably 1,000 years more advanced than ours ... maybe even more. They have different materials to work with. Some of their materials are not found on this planet.

    PRESIDENT: What do you mean, like iron or elements?

    ADVISER #4: Yes, Mr President. We found many metals and other things that are not found on this planet. Maybe they have more than 104 elements or maybe they are different than ours.

    PRESIDENT: The hostile ones or the Ebens?

    ADVISER #4: Mr President that goes for each species although the Ebens do have similar elements as [those found on] Earth. But the Trantaloids have strange materials ... nothing like [those found on] Earth. These ALIENS CAN IMITATE HUMANS. They CAN LOOK LIKE BLOND HUMANS. However, they are not blond, but UGLY-LOOKING INSECTS.

    PRESIDENT: Insects, did you say that?

    ADVISER #4: Yes, do you have a photograph?

    The CARETAKER: Yes, hold on.

    WM CASEY: They are pretty nasty looking.

    PRESIDENT: Well, they would stand out.


    PRESIDENT: How in the world do they do that? It took a lot of makeup to make me look good in the movies. (loud laughter heard)

    ADVISER #4: Well, Mr President, I can assure you they don't use makeup, at least not like we would. They have the ability to change their bodies. As I said before, they are 1,000 years ahead of us in technology and probably every other science."

    The adviser was specifically referring to the technology of a species called the Trantaloids that supposedly came from the third planet out orbiting the star Epsilon Eridani.  A planet orbiting Epsilon Eridani has been confirmed and a second planet has been suggested.  Epsilon Eridani has been the target of several observations in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and has been suggested as a destination for interstellar travel.  Elsewhere on the internet, alleged beings from the Epsilon Eridani star system are described differently.

    Doug Webber, the author of dream-prophecy on identified Epsilon Eridani as the solar system for the planet Iarga.

    So, could all these stories be true?

  • I have put the full transcript of this on the website a week or so ago. It is the transcript of a meeting between Reagan and the CIA in March 1981 at Camp David.

  • Great!  So, were those words actually spoken at that meeting?  If the information in that transcript is true, does that mean that the rest of the information on is also true?

  • Yes its' my understanding that it is the full transcript of the meeting. I have'nt reviewed all the info on I will take a look later.

    With so much detail on related subjects coming into mainstream audience, I am of the mind that it is all part of a soft disclosure programme. There are of course so many aspects to the subject, but there will still be a small problem for the likes of NASA that have covered up and changed information for 50 or more years. Eventually I guess the security services will hope that the human race will take it in their stride, although the pillars of religion will wobble for a while !! Whether reporters will dare to question those that have lost their lives on seeking the truth on these related subjects, remains unknown.

  • The stories on make for great reading even if they are just science fiction.  Speaking of religion, Section III of Serpo Release 36 and Release 28 mention religion.  Make of it what you will.

  • You do get a sense of intrugue and excitiement when you flow through in fairness.

  • On Twitter today I came across this statement. Here it is in its entirety.

    "When I was 15 years old NASA scientist Hal Povenmire told me and my family that the OFFICIAL government plan is to disclose information about UFOs by 2025. Keep them accountable- if you are paying attention to jargon about various threatening alien races you are being fooled"

    I wonder if anyone has any details about the named scientist?

  • Yes. Hal Povenmire mapped the strewn field of Georgia tektites, assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and worked on Project Moonwatch, Project Mercury and Project Apollo.

    Ryan Bledsoe posted a photograph of his father, Chris Bledsoe, with Hal Povenmire on Reddit.

    Hal Povenmire investigated close encounter cases with Dr. J. Allen Hynek for Project Blue Book. Did somebody involved with one of those cases tweet that statement?

  • Fantastic background research surrounding the background of Hal Povenmire, Reanemus. Impressive as always. Here is the Tweet. What do you make of the statement?

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    Wow! Some governments have already disclosed some information about UFOs, but many remain convinced that governments are still holding back information. Governments have disclosed little, only acknowledging that some objects observed in flight remain unidentified. What if that little information is all that governments have on the subject? Many still suspect there is more to come. Undoubtedly, those suspicions persist because rumors about threatening alien races persist.

    Earlier today, I noticed an advertisement for Space Force which prompted me to do a web search which yielded a link to this page.

    That page was written by Shoshi Herscu over three years ago. Events that transpired since then did not happen exactly as Shoshi Herscu indicated. Did Space Force disclose anything? Shoshi Herscu wrote a book titled Mass Awakening. Les Simkin reviewed Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu.

  • If there is any truth behind the tweet, we only have to wait a further three years. A couple of years ago I would have been convinced disclosure was going to be a slow gradual process, but since global pandemic events, together with how conflict in Ukraine has unravelled, anything is possible including the potential of a short sharp statement, to the effect "extraterrestrials are real and they are amongst us"

    To a large degree humanity has accepted rhetoric from the powers that be, without any question.

    If these past couple of years are a precedent, then we could guess any convincing statement by governments will be accepted as fact by the majority.

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