Secret Bases

The Snow Saddle (Kangtega)


The snow saddle is a major mountain peak in the Himalayas in Nepal. Its submit rises to 6782 metres.


The precise location is


Latitude   27 degrees 46’ 59.88” N

Longitude 86 degrees 49’ 0.12” E


Google Earth has been instructed (presumably) by governments to black out a portion of the mountain. The party line provided for this deliberate blacking out is given loosely as disputes with China.


Conspiracy theorists believe this area, which is a hotspot for UFO sightings, is an alien base. The UFO blogger, Scott suggests that the darkened area seen on Google earth is possibly an entrance to an alien base.


The entrance on the wall of a cliff in the Kongka La Pass coincides roughly with the highest ridge of the Himalayas and is only accessible from the air.

Between December 2000 and June 7 2015 this secret entrance that has been blanked out on google Earth did not exist.


Denver Airport


Colorado has many claims to fame. It is home to strange phenomena such as a large incidences of strange cattle mutilations whereby dead cattle have perfect holes that seem to have been created to extract vital organs that were done in such a way that go way beyond surgical precision.


Near the town of Harper in the San Luis Valley there is a UFO watchtower which has been constructed as a result of the vast number of UFO sightings in the area.


Colorado is also home to Denver Airport, which attracts the most controversy in the region since it’s opening in 2006.

The construction cost was $4.8 billion, which was a colossal $2 billion over budget. It is believed that the airport is actually a cover for a massive underground base, which was constructed alongside the airport.


It is rumored that colossal secret underground tunnels exist which are waiting to house the Worlds elite when the world comes to an end. Alien theorists also suggest Alien Reptoids frequent the underground city.


A former airport construction worker claimed that the reason the airport was so far behind schedule during the construction phase was because five multi story buildings were built underneath the facility. Other construction workers also claimed to have seen entrances to bunkers and unexplained tunnels.

During construction the amount of earth removed from surrounding areas of the airport was enough to cover 32 city blocks at a depth of a quarter of a mile underground.


The fuel tanks around the airport have been calculated to hold more than 40% of fuel than any other airport in the world suggesting that the massive excess was enough to serve as a power source for the secret underground development.

There have been various claims that reptilians have been spotted around the airport complex.


Much of the airport is decorated by unusual sculptures and murals, which depict various messages. Two Murals by Leo Tanguma have been cited by conspiracy theorists as evidence of either a secret masonic apocalypse shelter, an alien colony as well as a secret CIA base. The murals named as “Peace and Harmony with Nature” and “Children of the World Dream of Peace” are the center of conspiracy theories because of their apocalyptic imagery, which references Freemason iconography. The Children of the World Dream of peace suggest children from many cultures come together to destroy swords and daggers that are sheathed in the flags of many nations. Peace and Harmony with nature features one scene showing the bountifulness and diversity of natural life, while the other depicts the extinction of animals and cultures at the hands of modern humans. Some suggest these are references to a secret alien-illuminati plot.


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