Is the Moon Hollow

Many suggest the moon is hollow and that alien bases exist on the dark side of the moon. The moon resonated like a bell on two occasions which led NASA scientists to believe the moon may be hollow. There are other theories that support this notion. Who can add value to these thoughts?



  • I do not know if the Moon is hollow, but it certainly contains caverns like lava tubes.  Jeff Roberts suggested that the Moon is hollow.  See this article:  <link></link>

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  • The published research of Mark Carlotto shows what appears to some as an entrance into the Moon in the crater Paracelsus C on the far side of the Moon.

    Rick Sterling discussed this in an interview.

    Do those images really indicate artificial structures on the far side of the Moon?

  • Crikey the article titled Analysis of Unusual Structures on the Far Side Of the moon seems very credible with detailed analysis supported by extensive knowledge of the moons terrain.

    Most interesting that the two structures supported by images in the Crater Paracelsus.

    With China and Russia seemingly ahead in ambitions to create a presence on the moon, you wonder if analysts have calculated the potential economic value of such a venture, in addition to the strategic value.

  • This morning, George Noory interviewed Constance Victoria Briggs about if the Moon is hollow.

  • This idea fascinates me. Its location and exact relationship between the sun and earth allows one to consider that the moon was towed into its current position in the distant past.

    It would make Earth such a significant project for a race, to perform such a task . Some seriously advanced civilisation would have been required to conclude such a project.

  • Alex Collier wrote that Earth's Moon and Mars's smaller moon were towed from a star system in Ursa Minor. Richard Hoagland wrote that a Kardashev Type II Civilization arranged the Solar System.

    Quote: "For over twenty years, The Enterprise Mission has pursued an extraordinary scientific and political hypothesis …

    That the Earth orbits the Sun, not as "the only lush oasis amid a host of lifeless other worlds …" but as, potentially, the lone planetary survivor of a long-forgotten ancient solar system epoch, shaped by "an extraordinarily advanced, Type II ET Civilization-- which, after literally remaking this entire planetary system … collapsed in a catastrophic, ancient War--"

    Another Quote: "As Enterprise, across more than thirty years, has assembled more and more compelling evidence supporting this radical idea … the science behind the even larger hypothesis -- that this entire solar system was, somehow, in the dim and distant past, deliberately "rearranged" to support the existence of human life itself -- has also quietly evolved …." from:

    I pasted this URL in another discussion, but please visit the page again. Please also see this other page on

    This page is long and full of pictures. I pasted the URL in another discussion.

  • Interesting reference to the Kardashev scale and if true gives some perspective. Type 2 Civilisation having the ability to "arrange a Solar System" wow

    In the article posted above, I like the assumption by Richard Hoagland regarding a viewpoint to the subject of disclosure, where it was suggested a declaration that "there is evidence of a civilisation that existed long ago on Mars" being a palatable way of tackling disclosure in the first instance.

  • The way Richard Hoagland says disclosure should happen is similar to some science fiction stories. Arthur C. Clarke's books tell about monuments found on the Moon. Richard Hoagland has referenced Arthur C. Clarke's books in an interview in 2011.

    Richard Hoagland commented on what he called NASA's "creeping disclosure," in 2015.

    The idea of disclosure beginning with artifacts and ruins discovered on Mars is basically the story in the introduction prologue in the beginning of the video game Mass Effect.

  • It is an interesting approach to actual disclosure although I suspect not palatable as it may be over shadowed by the exposure of the fact that NASA has known all along that there is proof of extraterrestrial existence. But then is there any way to overcome the fact the truth has been disguised for so long?

    Perhaps it may take a sense of perspective, such as a cataclysmic event occurring on earth related to global warming or perhaps even the prediction of destruction of the parts of the US such as those mentioned by Al Bielek to introduce full disclosure?

  • I wonder if there was any collusion between Richard Hoagland and Brandenburg in their independent, but almost identical conclusions in respect of nuclear explosions in Mars in the distant past?

  • Yes. Richard Hoagland and Dr. John Brandenburg have met each other. Both have worked for NASA in the past in different capacities. Richard Hoagland has cited Dr. John Brandenburg's work. Dr. John Brandenburg has been on Richard Hoagland's show.

    I have not watched or listened to any of that show. Seems interesting anyway.

    This article tells about both Richard Hoagland and Dr. John Brandenburg.

    However, they may disagree about the technology of civilizations they say built monuments on Mars. Dr. John Brandenburg said a Bronze Age culture built the monuments. Richard Hoagland said a Kardashev Type II Civilization built the monuments. Suppose if the Pyramids of Egypt were built with only Bronze Age tools, then the same would apply to Mars. Dr. John Brandenburg said the thermonuclear devices were dropped by somebody not from Mars. Who were they?

  • If the images of the sphinx on Mars are accurate, it makes for a powerful link to Earth and Mars. Almost as though a civilisation is repeating its historical origins/history/style of worship or even technology/hall of records -if Edgar Cayce is to be believed.

    Does Dr John Brandenburg support his claims that the thermonuclear devices were dropped by some entity not from Mars. To me that sounds a tricky one to identify.

  • The History of our Solar System may be something we could learn come disclosure. Perhaps our governments have been told the answers to a few questions

    1) Which civilisation nuked Mars?

    2) Which civilisation destroyed a planet in our solar system causing the asteroid belt to be formed?

    There are so many questions to be answered that are more profound than the unanswered questions just relating to Earth.

  • Perhaps we could try to estimate a time line for the following important events affecting our universe.

    Universe creation?

    Moon towed into Earth's Orbit?

    Earth terraforming event?

    Mars Thermonuclear war?

    Planet destroyed creating the asteroid belt?

    There may be other critical events missed off this list to consider

    Progressing this idea, I suppose the next question is who is responsible for each event?

  • I do not have the answers to all those questions. Those events may have simply been natural events.

    Alternative answers about the Moon my be found in the lectures of Alex Collier.

    Alex Collier said, "The moon was purposely put into the tail of a planetary asteroid, which brought it across the galaxy to our solar system, more than 11,000 years ago."

    I do not know if any of that is true. I do not know what to make of Alex Collier. This article by Phil Whitaker is titled "The Truth About Alex Collier."

    That article mentioned that ridiculous conspiracy theory from 2016 about human trafficking out of the nonexistent basement of a restaurant without a basement. The article says Alex Collier (real name Ralph Amigron) worked for the CIA. Suspicious?

  • For me the time line for placing the moon in its position suggested by Alex Collier sounds completely wrong. Perhaps if there was an additional nought added to the figure it would be slightly more plausible.

    I am not convinced at all, by the Ralph Amigron tales !

  • What do you make of the video embedded into the post "Nasa and Russia have photos of gigantic structures towering miles high" ?

    The Giant impact theory goes totally against the theory of the moon being an artificial satellite towed into place. The coincidence of the moons positioning, size and specific influence of Earth make it virtually impossible to suggest an impact theory, rather than it being towed into position by an intelligent species.

  • I can hardly see much in that video, but it does indeed show something towering above the craters. The video is still great quality for a handheld device. Commenters on YouTube mention something called the "Tower of Souls" mentioned by John Lear and something called the "Soul trap". The title of claim 7 is true. NASA and Russia have photos of gigantic structures towering miles high on the Moon. I remember seeing those images shown in documentaries on television and the Internet.

    Here are some more articles with those photos.

    Not all of the anomalies found on Google Earth-Moon and shown on YouTube are genuine.

    Projecting the Moon's progress linearly back in time would put the Moon inside the Earth only 1.4 billion years ago. Scientists know from other evidence that the Moon has been with us much longer. The Moon's rate of retreat has changed over time. What caused that for the current distance between Earth and the Moon?

  • Author Steve Andrews wrote about what Alex Collier and David Icke said about the Moon.

    Steve Andrews also wrote this article about Alex Collier.

    Apparently, Vissaeus from Andromeda quoted Nineteenth Century American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  • Below is an article extracted from THE TIMES UK edition dated today, which explores the possibility of water on the lunar surface. If Nasa,s confirmation of water on the moon is confirmed would this detract from theory that the moon is an artificial object that is made of a thick shell of titanium?

    From the Sea of Tranquillity to the Ocean of Storms, the dusty lunar environment has never seemed the easiest of places for future explorers to get a drink, despite the names of its best-known landmarks.

    Now, 11 years after scientists first saw evidence of water at the lunar surface, two studies raised the possibility yesterday that it may be more widespread, and more plentiful, than thought. Indeed, they say they have found proof that it exists beyond the permanently shadowed polar regions.

    “We had indications that H2O, the familiar water we know, might be present on the sunlit side of the moon,” announced Paul Hertz, director of the astrophysics division in Nasa’s science mission directorate, following new flights of discovery by the space agency’s airborne Sofia observatory.

    NASA confirms there is water on the moon

    “Now we know it is there, this discovery challenges our understanding of the lunar surface and raises intriguing questions about resources relevant for deep space exploration.”

    The findings are pertinent to Nasa’s Artemis programme, which will establish a sustainable human presence on the moon by the end of the decade, starting with landing the first woman and the next man on the lunar surface in 2024 to prepare for the next giant leap — onward missions to Mars.

    Russia and China have also declared plans for establishing lunar bases.

    Water represents not only life support for astronauts, but also for growing crops and for manufacturing rocket fuel. Extracting it from the moon, and other sources such as asteroids, can ease significantly the costs and logistical challenges of transporting it from Earth. “This discovery reveals that water might be distributed across the lunar surface and not limited to the shadows of the lunar poles,” Jacob Bleacher, chief exploration scientist for Nasa’s human exploration and operations mission directorate, said.

    In a separate study using data from Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, researchers found that ice-rich areas near the moon’s north and south poles may contain about 20 per cent more water than suspected.

    “We believe this will help expand the possible landing sites for future lunar missions seeking water, opening up real estate previously considered off limits for being bone dry,” Paul Hayne, an astrophysicist and planetary scientist at the University of Colorado, said.

    Sofia — the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy — is a modified Boeing 747 aircraft that flies above 99 per cent of the Earth’s water vapour to get a clear view of the universe with its 9ft infrared telescope.

    The Sahara has 100 times as much water as the moon. Casey Honniball, a postdoctoral fellow at Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland, who led the Sofia study, said: “To be clear, these are not puddles of water.” The discovery raises questions about how water is created and how it persists on the harsh, airless lunar surface, said Nasa. Studies will be needed to shed further light on the presence of water. “This will bring us a significant step closer towards Nasa’s goal of a sustainable, long-term presence on the moon, making it possible to eventually explore Mars and beyond,” Nasa said.

    There are, researchers will insist, lots of good scientific reasons to be extremely excited about water on the moon. Yet their bosses at Nasa will still find their minds drifting to a different reason to be excited: the economic one (Tom Whipple writes).

    For every extra kilogram you want to transport to the moon, it is estimated it will cost anything between $10,000 and $100,000 to get it there — whether it is a sophisticated sensor or a bottle of Evian. If we want to make lunar bases viable, ideally we would like not to have to take our water with us.

    This is the promise offered by the signals reported yesterday. The existence of water is not that much of a surprise. But the findings show it may be more abundant and more widely spread than we had suspected. Around even shallow craters at the moon’s poles, where the sun has not touched the lunar soil for a billion years, may lie stores of ice for the taking.

    Water is not only useful to astronauts, who will need it to live in any colony, but also to those who want to go further. A key reason that Nasa is looking to colonise the moon is to use it as a refuelling depot and launchpad. With only a sixth of the gravity of the Earth, the moon can be a staging post for rockets to Mars and beyond — provided, that is, it has its own rocket fuel.

    That is what these finds offer. Water is hydrogen and oxygen. Use solar power to split it into its component parts, and you can make rocket fuel.

    Exploring the solar system just became a significantly more practical proposition.

  • I heard about that announcement this morning.

    Quote: "The first study used data from NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), which is a modified Boeing 747 jet that possesses an infrared telescope designed to studies objects in space without the drawbacks of being Earthbound. While observing a sunlit crater on the lunar surface using the instrument, scientists were able to definitively spot a specific spectral signature which could have only come from water. They theorize that the material is "stored within glasses or in voids between grains sheltered from the harsh lunar environment" which allows it to remain on the surface of the moon."

    "Stored within glasses." Did they say they found glasses of water on the Moon? Probably not. Richard Hoagland wrote something about opals or opalescent glass on the Moon years ago.

    Quote: ""Opalescent glass" ... hydrated silicon dioxide ... contains, as previously noted, relatively high percentages of water; and water ... on the Moon ... is virtually nonexistent -- being present (in Apollo and Russian returned samples, and in remote sensing lunar surface measurements carried out by India's pioneering Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiting mission) in amounts measured in "parts per million" ... as opposed to the "3 to 15% water" (up to a million times larger ...) present in most opal-type stones on Earth!"

    The link to that article by Richard Hoagland is on this page.

    This news sounded spookily similar to what some science fiction authors have written. The region of the Moon that the scientists observed contains the craters Tycho and Clavius, the location of Clavius Base in the film and novel 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. The more recent novel Solar Warden: Alien Secrets by Ian Douglass describes a fictional Lunar base inside a lava tube filled with water ice.

    The Trump/Pence administration's plans for the Artemis Program, Lunar Gateway, and Space Force all sound eerily similar to plans in a study by the U.S. Military in 1959 named Project Horizon declassified in 2014. Official history says that base was not constructed, but it seems eerily similar to what Alex Collier and Secret Space Program whistle blowers claim. Alex Collier talked about lakes in structures and facilities on and underneath the Lunar surface. Some may perceive confirmation of lunar water as proof of something artificial.

  • In this video from the Conscious Life Expo, David Wilcock said as described in the Law of One a catastrophe wiped out Mars approximately 200,000 years ago, and a planet exploded more like 800,000 years ago.

    If this could be confirmed, it could help estimate a time line.

  • Does this coincide theory that Dr John Brandenburg put forward with regards to suggested timelines for the two thermonuclear explosions on Mars?

  • No, Dr. John Brandenburg said that happened 180 million years ago. Keep in mind David got that information from a book of channeled information allegedly from an entity claiming to be Ra. This made me want to look back at the comments on Alien Facts' post on Facebook from November 15. Phillip Francis shared a video about Electric Universe Theory. That was an explanation for Valles Marineris in Mars's southern hemisphere, not the two regions in Mars' northern hemisphere Dr. John Brandenburg said were bombed. Some versions of the story told of conflict between the North and South, other versions tell of extrasolar invaders. An episode of Ancient Aliens suggested that Lord Indra's Vajra was an electric weapon that created Valles Marineris. Jupiter is called Indra in Vedic astrology. Ivan William Martynjak said, "Anunnaki" and Alexander Amore asked, "Draconian?". That would match the symbolism of Marduk and the Mushushu. Randy Cramer/ Captain Kaye's story of seventeen years on Mars culminated in a climactic battle at the Martian North Pole to repel a Draconian invasion. in 1984 the U.S. Military tricked a psychic to project to Mars to approximately 1 million B.C. The confused psychic described planetary catastrophe. All this information is probably making the task of plotting a timeline more difficult, not easier.

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